Welcome to the World Elle

Today at 3:17 pm our little granddaughter Elle was born. She is 8 lb.12 oz. and 21in. long and the most beautiful little baby you can imagine.

She is kind of laid back, father was able to bath her about an hour after birth and she hardly fussed at all.
Mom, dad, and big brother are doing very well and there doesn’t appear to be any problems. We are blessed this day.


About the word of me
Interested in family and friends,grandchildren, photography, darkrooms, history, archaeology, scuba diving, computers, software, fast cars, journalism, writing, travel, ecology, news, science, and probably most other subjects you could think of. Did I mention family and friends?? I require iced tea or cold brewed coffee and a internet connection to be fully functional. Sometimes there are just so many words in my head they spill out.

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