Human Rights

How many human rights are you willing to give up before you get mad? Do you even realize at this point that you have already lost at least 5 that are outlined in the Bill of Rights of our Constitution.

Of course you know that our Constitution is the Main Law of the Land? It itemizes the laws that our representatives in Washington are not allowed to break….Ever. Their oath of office requires that they defend the Constitution against change, except by the process of amendment.

Do you know that president G.W. Bush broke those laws by signing presidential decrees, and Dick Cheney and all the people in cabinet offices and those on Capitol Hill, your Senators and Congressmen/women keep insisting that it’s legal?

I repeat….Our representatives in Washington (from the President on down) are breaking the laws that our country was founded on, that our ancestors died for.

Do you possibly still think that Washington will voluntarily give up that power, or never use it badly. You know, like against someone they want to stop or make disappear for political reasons. Do you think that it will never be used for financial gain by our politicians?

I don’t…

I know and understand that the people that attacked or helped in the assault on our country need to be captured or taken out, but not by undermining what we have stood for for over 200 years. Not by illegal torture, rendition to countries we can count on to torture. Torture does not work. People being tortured will tell their torturers anything to stop the pain.

Innocent people inevitably are swept up in these pogroms and although one of our Army generals seems to think it is OK if some innocents die, I doubt that the innocents thought so. Especially since they are denied the basic procedures of law to allow them to defend themselves. We treated the Germans and Japanese POW’s better in WWII, and they were killing 10’s of thousands of our young men.

The Second World War and the War on Terror are morally justifiable, they are “good wars” if such a thing is possible, though I suspect that it’s an oxymoron. The war in Iraq is not truly justifiable. It stands up there with Viet-Nam, and it should not cause the breaking of so many of our Constitutional laws and the corruption of our souls. And Dick Cheney and friends shouldn’t be making obscene fortunes from it.

Would you defend your country, if attacked by an overwhelming force like the Iraqis were? Knowing that the reasons for attack were bogus. I would, and probably in the same manner the Iraqi’s do.

Our country has stirred up a hornet’s nest in the Middle East and other parts of the world, not by attacking Afghanistan and the real terrorist, but by destroying Iraq

For some reason our leaders had to take out half the Constitution to fight this war. Hmm….

Shout out to my buddy Cole.


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