Gas Prices…Whats up?

OK, so Iraq is now producing more oil than it did before we trashed their country. Read this on the net, so it must be true.

The other oil producing countries in the MiddleEast seem to be producing as much. The humongous oil tankers still seem to be chugging around all over the world.

Our oil refineries on the gulf coast have had plenty of time for repair after being slammed by Katrina.

Where the hell is our $1.50 a gallon gasoline??

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Interested in family and friends,grandchildren, photography, darkrooms, history, archaeology, scuba diving, computers, software, fast cars, journalism, writing, travel, ecology, news, science, and probably most other subjects you could think of. Did I mention family and friends?? I require iced tea or cold brewed coffee and a internet connection to be fully functional. Sometimes there are just so many words in my head they spill out.

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