Thought Crime, Hate Crime, Doublespeak, etc., etc.

“The symbol of the race ought to be a human being carrying an ax, for every human being has one concealed about him somewhere, and is always seeking the opportunity to grind it.” Mark Twain


Excerpted from the ‘International Covenant 0n Civil and Political Rights‘ (ICCPR) of United Nations. The US is a signatory, in 1992, to this international agreement on human rights.

Article 18, paragraph 1
Everyone will have the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion….there is more, but it dwells on religion. The parts I am interested in are thought and conscience.
Article 19, paragraph 1
Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions (thought) without interference….The thought part is my interjection.

In today’s world, the US government does not recognize these principles anymore. We are evolving into a state that will not allow thought to differ from the stated goals of the Federal Government. If you disagree with the President too loudly, they’ll get you, and they won’t need a warrant to do it. You probably won’t have the right of Habeas Corpus either.

If you express your thoughts or opinion that differ too far from mainstream thought, whatever that is, you will be penalized, whether by social ostracism out of fear of association, or job firing, or arrested for ‘disturbing civil order’, as I believe they call it in China.

As I have written before, I believe it won’t be long before the stuff I am writing now will be illegal. There are now projects underway to control expression (thought) on the Internet, in democratic countries. It is, as you know, controlled in many parts of the world now. My only crime so far, is thought.

Since the Federal Government got (seized) the right for *warrantless searches and wiretapping they have started to use it in going after civil and criminal, non-terrorist, activities. *This is specifically prohibited in our Constitution.

“The “most systematic invasion of privacy of every American citizen that has ever been taken in this country” has been taken with the expanded use of wiretapping and secret court proceedings as part of the United States’ War on Terror….

…. We have always held out the shibboleth of Big Brother as a nightmarish vision of the future that we’re going to avoid at all costs. . They (Bush and Cheney, et al) have now taken the most fateful step in the direction of that Big Brother nightmare that any president has ever allowed to occur.” Al Gore

“To this computerized dossier on your private life from commercial sources, add every piece of information that government has about you – passport application, driver’s license and bridge toll records, judicial and divorce records, complaints from nosy neighbors to the FBI, your lifetime paper trail plus the latest hidden camera surveillance – and you have the supersnoop’s dream: a ‘Total Information Awareness’ about every U.S. citizen.” William Safire. Note from me: It does not stop with Muslim’s; it is already starting on all of us. See:

Once the US Government has a law in place for ‘special circumstances’ they do not hesitate to use it for other circumstances. Me

Now one more quote from a very perceptive writer:
“One shudders at the possibility that the day may come when the mere thought of committing a crime will carry its own punishment. We already have laws against “terrorist threats,” where the mere suggestion of violence carries a prison sentence. How long before this notion becomes twisted into a law prohibiting “criminal thoughts,” where merely thinking about a violent act carries a prison sentence?” Robert A. Ross at:

A side note: I believe this is already a principle of law in the UK. See:
It is also a crime in England to “collect information, without reasonable excuse.” But, I digress.

These scenarios are scary. It’s is as we were living in pre-1991 Soviet Russia, or any of the Communist states that still hang on to it’s principle’s. We are fast evolving into a society where political correctness is the supreme law, and to break from this is thought crime.

Do you think this is a good thing?

Write your Congressperson or Senator.


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