New Intelligent Design…BaaaD Science

“We often refuse to accept an idea merely because the tone of voice in which it has been expressed is unsympathetic to us.” Nietzsche

The creationist and Intelligent Design pushers continue their desperate fight against science and rationalism. The recent sample I came across is filled with doublespeak and lies disguised as truths. It will be available the end of this month from Tate Publishing Co.There will three books in the series and they carve up Evolution and call it the ‘old physics of cause and effect.’ Seemingly aimed at the High School market, the excerpts I read made me more confused than I already am:)

Chapter 3 Book 1 The Quest for Right
The Agency of Revitalization

“The fact-finding investigation concentrates on the importance of the earth’s inner heat and reveals the hitherto unknown mechanism of said heat. The surprise findings, taken from the pages of the Bible, tighten the reins on those theorists who permitted their imaginations to slip past the boundaries of true science, beyond the pale of investigation. The vain assertions of geologists are pitted against classical physics, the old physics of cause and effect, and the scientific record of creation, the Bible.”

And this, from Chapter 4 Book 3
Filing Fictions Away
” The outlined premises, based on the dictates of classical physics, justify the disposition that the scientific record of creation, heretofore considered religious dogma by obstructionists and not worthy of scientific regard, remains intact as a responsible and verifiable truth; the evidence upholds the fact that the moon was formed within a 24-hour period only 6000 years ago. The conceptional errors of Baldwin are annulled by the bona fide truths presented by the investigation.”

Now of course I have only read excerpts from the authors page, and I may be wrong, but it seems to me that he is saying that magic is the new science. This is going to screw up more teen-age brains than all the pot in California.

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