The Biblical view of the World is wrong

If you are a religious person, what do you believe about the Bible? Do you believe it is 100% accurate as to real world events? In other words, if the Bible says that the whole Earth was flooded in Noah’s time, is that also your belief? If you do believe in The Flood, have you ever looked into the evidence for or against it? Do you know if science has supported the story, or disproved it?

What are your feelings about Adam and Eve being created about 6,000 years ago? Do you think that is true? Have you heard about the DNA and bloodlines from ALL of present day humanity being traced back to Africa and the relationship we ALL share with Africans? Have you heard that Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal people were certainly human and that they were living as long as 250,000 years ago for Neanderthal, and 50,000 years ago for Cro-Magnon? Did you know that ALL female bloodlines existing in the world today are traceable back to an “EVE” that lived in Africa some 160,000 years ago?

Now this DNA evidence is the same stuff that is used to put bad guys, murderers, rapists and such in prison and the electric chair. Do you think society has enough proof and is so confident that it’s true, that we can kill people based on it?

If you are an evangelical Christian today, you have to deny all of this, you have to deny radioactive dating works, despite the 10’s of thousands of times it has been proven and cross-checked with known historical dates. You have to deny most of modern day science in Biology, Archeology, Paleontology, Dendrocronology, Geology, Petrology, Botany, Embryology, Phylogeny, Anthropology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Geophysics, and probably dozens more.

The fact is that living in today’s world, evangelicals are denying a lot of the science that makes living great in our times. If you are an evangelical reading this, how do you feel about it? Do you think that science is lying about the things they discover, or misleading, or wrong? Do you think that scientists are conspiring to deny to the world any existence or proof of a Supreme Being?

Have you ever thought about the story of Job in the Bible and wondered about a God that would allow Job to suffer through what he did with no explanation or thought of the mans feelings or thought of the pure terror he must feel? Is that your loving God? How do you feel about the genocide that a loving God perpetrated on the world of Noah’s time. Man, woman, child…
What do you think about the diseases that have been the scourge of humankind for millennia? Why would a loving God subject his people to the millions of deaths and unbearable agony of some diseases that have plagued us down through time?

Have you ever thought about the Tower of Babel? According to the Bible it happened about 115-125 years after the flood, so that would put it about 2260-2270BC. Now, at that time in world history almost the entire world was populated. The US census bureau (Really) estimates the world population, around that time, as over 15 million people. People were living in Australia, Europe, China, India, Central Asia, Japan, North and South and Central America, and the Pacific Islands were mostly populated by that time. Some of the Egyptian pyramids were already standing (Egypt, by the way, has no history or evidence of a flood in Noah’s time), and the Egyptian culture was in full swing. We know for a fact that Egyptians had a language. I think we can logically assume that civilizations all over the world had their own language at that time.

Archaeologists have uncovered and dug up and analyzed the Middle East and other ancient sites for well over a hundred years. The age of Babylon is over 6,000 years. Jericho goes back 8,000 years. Japanese people (The Jomon) were inventing the world’s first pottery 11,000 years ago. Neanderthals were burying their dead 50,000 years ago. Early modern man was painting cave walls in France 30,000 years ago. American Indians were hunting Mammoths in New Mexico and Arizona 12,000 years ago. None of this jibes with Biblical history.

The science behind it is checkable, repeatable and visible, and keeps growing year after year. The longer scientists work in their fields, the more the Bible is shown to be a book of myths. It needs some major revision to bring it in line with established facts. The sun does not revolve around the Earth anymore.


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Interested in family and friends,grandchildren, photography, darkrooms, history, archaeology, scuba diving, computers, software, fast cars, journalism, writing, travel, ecology, news, science, and probably most other subjects you could think of. Did I mention family and friends?? I require iced tea or cold brewed coffee and a internet connection to be fully functional. Sometimes there are just so many words in my head they spill out.

29 Responses to The Biblical view of the World is wrong

  1. Mathew Paul says:

    Remember Christ is a risen saviour.

    Words of Jesus: “Unless you repent you will all likewise perish”(Lk.13:3).

    Prophet Amos says, “…prepare to meet your God”(Am.4:12).

  2. Reynvaan says:

    As the first commenter demonstrates, many Christians prefer, when presented with such questions, to simply quote Bible verses to say essentially “Stop! Just Stop! Don’t challenge our beliefs; accept that we are right, or you’ll go to hell forever.”

  3. Mathew Paul says:

    Hi Reynvaan,

    Words of Christ are absolute. “Heaven and earth may pass away, but my words will not…”

    You either take it or reject it. Choice is absolutely yours.

    But no one can stop the Bible. Still it is one of the best sellers. No joke!

  4. 1arabella says:

    “It cannot be true, what we do not want to be true.”

    Have you ever heard of scientists’ frauds ? Do you know letters of Charles Darwin in his late days ? How many errors do you find in the history of natural science ? Have you never suspected scientists to have their own kind of religion ? If their intention is to proof their opinions, they are certainly not likely to proof its negation.
    If you assume the flood has really happened you have to take into consideration, that the huge amount of water must have had enormous impacts on climate, shape of land and mountains etc. If you work a piece of wood under high pressure water and sand stream, you , after a certain period of time, will get very interesting C14 results, showing an age of several thousand years…
    Do research in linguistics and you get the nonneglectiable proof of one common ancient language.
    There are thousands of examples that support the bibles outstanding credibility.
    The question is, will you hear it or would you like to deny it ?
    Why is your country dependent on oil ? Ever suspected it is politics ? Maybe our belief in monkey ancestors limits our ability to make better use of our brains.

  5. thewordofme says:

    Hi Mathew Paul, Is that a given name or are you taking on attributes from the Bible?
    I get your kind of reply to my posts occasionally and I’ve always wondered what the deal was. Is your quoting scripture at me supposed to put a hex on me, or is it your attempt to ward off evil karma from yourself because you read what I wrote? If you would be kind enough to explain it, I would appreciate it.

  6. thewordofme says:

    Hi 1arabella, Charles Darwin in his later days did not reject his concepts. That is a myth that his descendent’s have answered. His whole works are available on the Internet now.

    The errors in the natural sciences are corrected as they are encountered. That is one of the great things about science, when a mistake is made or a fraud is uncovered they are quick to bring it to light and make corrections. The church on the other hand, because it is talking about the unassailable word of God has to be perfectly correct, with no mistakes right from the beginning. It is not—the Bible has mistakes—the church has been mistaken— they will not admit it.I

    In your comment about C-14 dating, are you saying that scientists are purposely trying to falsify the age results? Do you believe in a young earth? Do you believe that man was created about 6,000 years ago.

    The Bible does have credibility as being a record of places and kings and tribes extant in that short time period and in the limited geographic area.
    By their writings you shall know them. They had no concept that there was much of a world outside of their own world. To them their world was defined by what they could see from a hilltop. I doubt they could conceive of millions of souls living everywhere on earth. Their God was a construct of their culture and place.

    Religion is kind of like those reports of UFO’s. Lots of people believe in it, but no one can shown concrete, unassailable, hard proof.

  7. 1arabella says:

    Just to bring you back to the point ( which you missed)
    I do not believe in young earth. I believe, there are blind people who try to convince each other about colours.
    I believe, there are people with hidden motives and an uncomfortable conscience, who adopt certain doctrins / opinions not because of love for the truth (whatever is that?)
    but for serving their purposes, no matter if true or not.
    At university I worked in pollution statistics and learned, how to form the questions and how to twist the answers to adapt them to the exspected result .
    Got the point now ?

  8. 1arabella says:

    Darwin did not ….
    no, he did not., he explained his motivation for his concept : rebellion against his father and the common beliefs.
    In fact, the theory of evolution is a theory and richard Leakey has not proven it at all.

  9. thewordofme says:

    Hi again 1arabella, Sorry I missed your point.
    I have no hidden motive for what I profess to believe, and I seriously doubt that the hundreds of thousands of scientists who believe in evolution have as an agenda the falsifying of the results of their investigations so they can deny the existence of a God.

    The scientists that I know go about their business and pay no attention to what their findings matter to religion. If anything it is the religious right who blindside science by trying to get religious dogma into science classes in school. They are the ones who have repeatedly been shown to falsify data to realize their goals.

    Of course I did not know Mr. Darwin, so I cannot comment as to the “reason” for his formulating evolution, although the biography I’ve read on the man did not suggest this at all. The “theory of evolution” is one of the strongest scientific theories out there. It has constantly being strengthened by new findings. There have been no successful scientific challenges to it. You may want to read up on “theories” as used by science. It has a different meaning to what us civilians believe.

    It’s truly amazing what trained people can tell you about bones. They can look at a set of bones and tell you if that “being” walked upright or not. How old they were at time of death. Whether it was a male or female. Even what they ate, to some degree. We know that monkeys, gorilla’s and other great apes don’t walk upright. Leaky is finding bones of upright walkers and tool users. Time will tell.

  10. 1arabella says:

    You sound to me like someone telling me that sugar is right and salt were wrong. I suspect , you personally hate the idea to be a godcreated being, accountable towards your creator.
    To be neutral and sincere, you would simply state, I like sugar, some like salt… I put sugar on the meat, and salt on the ice-cream- do as you please, but stating the bible is wrong is narrowminded slander.
    Friedrich Engels, shortly before he died ( he was marxist and denied the existence of God) became very scared : ” And if there IS God, I will be in death shtuck.”

  11. 1arabella says:

    Time has already told. Leaky took human bones and an ape skull. If necessary, I do a research for you and find you other evidences of evolution – fraud, provided you dare face it.

  12. thewordofme says:

    Hi 1arabella, My stating that the Bible is wrong is not slander. As I understand slander it is committed against people, not things or books. Millions of people disagree with things written in books. Their disagreement is not slander, it is difference of opinion, and some times checkable facts are involved.

    As for being narrow minded, the most narrow minded people I have EVER met are active proselytizing Christians and Muslims.
    If I am God-created, and it is proven to me, I’ll be the first to acknowledge my mistake.

    I’ll look forward to seeing evidence of evolutionary fraud. I’m very open minded to science and religious proofs–proofs that are independently verifiable.

    Peace to you

  13. Mathew Paul says:

    Hi thewordofme & larabella,

    I’m glad that I sparked off a good discussion! Great. Let us pursue it till we reach some where.

    Hi the wordofme,

    I introduced myself by my real name. In my passport my surname also is included which I have omitted here.

    Why I quoted the Scripture at you, is simply that you would read them once again. There is no other motive. I am a Bible believer. I know the words have authority behind them and I know that it can speak to human hearts. You would not be able to read words with such authority else where.

    The Bible is not easy to understand always. Apparent problems are there. Hence the commentaries. No other book has so many commentaries written on like the Bible.

    It is true that there are many books written against it as well. But it has stood the test of time and it is still one of the most wanted books. Now China is opening up and they have one of the largest printing presses producing one Bible per second! That is some thing. Can any one stop it? Which other book has come any where near it? As for its translations and circulation, absolutely there is no comparison any where at all.

    I am so glad about your openness to truth. Please take a little time and look at my life and then tell me whether you can easily deny the reality of God. I have posted some of my experiences in my site .

    Bye for now.

  14. thewordofme says:

    Hi Mathew Paul. Are you any relation to Ron Paul?
    I have found that people quoting scriptures at me is just irritating. The Bible seems to have a homily for just about any situation and they seldom have an effect on me.

    I have read the Bible and continue to study religion, as I find it a fascinating subject.
    I find too many mistakes in the Bible for me to take it as a truly “inspired” work. God seems too vicious and revengeful in the writings and I simply don’t believe it.

    The Bible drama that was Paul’s invention to recharge Christianity doesn’t ring true. Because one man and one women makes a mistake in the beginning does not give a “Real God” the right or the motivation to place over 40 billion souls in jeopardy (over 40 billion souls have lived on earth—not my estimate) And God himself has said that the children do not inherit the sins of the father. But then he said just the opposite also—so who knows.

    Think about it, Adam and Eve had to live in a cave when they were kicked out of the garden. Eve had to give birth in a cave, they had to scrounge for food, and they had no medicine of any kind. Think of the loneliness they would feel. A “loving” God cuts them off, and leaves “two babes in the woods,” to their own devices.
    No a good portrait of God’s goodness..I think.

  15. Mathew Paul says:

    Hi thewordofme,

    I am desperately sorry for irritating you by quoting the scripture at you. I apologize for the same. Probably I should not do it to any other friend. ok.

    The Bible, you will remember, comes from very ancient dates from a totally different cultural situation. So naturally there are difficulties there. Basically it talks about God’s relationship with various people of diverse ways of life. What we can learn from the Bible is how we can have relationship with this God of creation. Problems are there. But there are so many positive things there. That is why it is still not being out-dated even in our advanced modern society.

    The world that we live in is under the control of the Evil One (1Jn.5:19). As a federal head of the human community, Adam chose Satan instead of God. Hence the present predicament. God in grace is now giving opportunity to each individual to choose Him through Christ who has become the second Adam – the federal head of the redeemed. This is the Biblical view. So we can not or need not blame God for the present human predicament. On the other hand, we can thank God for the provision of God’s only Son who came to redeem us.

    These are not mere theories. This is down-right practical. You can’t tell the taste of an apple with out biting it. So instead of theorizing, I would suggest that you take a few steps of ordering your life according the New Testament and see how it works in your life. This is what I have done with my life with tremendous satisfaction.

    Of all the books written in the world, the New Testament is the only book which talks about giving man a filial relation to God. If you need it, try it. Choice is absolutely yours.

    In your next blog please talk about the reasons for the wide circulation of the Bible, given the Bible is a useless book with unreliable stories which do not stand the test of times. OK.

    Bye for now.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi Mathew Paul,
    No need to apologized. I only mention it so that we can understand each other better. I have just heard most of them so much, that my brain shuts down automatically.

    Religion was invented. For 10’s of thousands of years, millions of humans had no organized religion. No doubt there were many myths about “gods” of the sun, moon, woods, etc., and such drivel. If there was a true God, what was he doing all this time up until about 1500BCE

    I realize that there were times in the history of civilization where what was written and passed around, as scripture was a force for good. In the time of Moses what was being passed around were laws that helped to advance the quality of life in those hard times. The qualities that Jesus wanted us mere mortals to emulate also made for a more gentle society.

    We live in a far different time, as you are well aware of, and the Bible is just an old story that is not too relevant anymore. Paul’s Invention of “original sin” and bringing stories together to form the drama that the Bible purports to be is silly. The drama presupposes that all people born in this poor world are somehow sinful. That children inherit the sin of their great grandparents 1000 times removed is pure drivel.

    Because I disagree with your interpretation of this old book, does this make me a pawn or operative of the devil? Because the devil depends on magic to be realized makes him nonexistent, as there is no magic.
    Since God also depends on magic to be realized, he does not exist. There has never been a documented case of real magic in all of the history of the world.

    I know well why the Bible continues to be a best seller.
    It’s late here.

  17. 1arabella says:

    Hi, thewordofme,
    I am a little busy and still on my way to get you good and reliable information, one to begin with: – Don DeYoung, Thousands… not Billions, Challenging an Icon of Evolution, Master Books, 2005, 190 Seiten, Green Forest, AR 72638, USA
    – L. Vardiman Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth, 2005, 876 Seiten, Volume 2, ICR, El Cayon, CA 92021-0667, USA

  18. thewordofme says:

    Hi 1arabella,
    Just a partial list of rebuttal sources follows. They can all be found on the web.
    The evolution paradigm has withstood nearly 150 years of scrutiny. Although the existence of evolution has been confirmed many times, as a science evolutionary theory must continue to be open to testing. At this time, however, more fruitful inquiries address the tempo and mode of evolution, various processes involved in evolution, and driving factors for evolution. Through such inquiry, the unifying theory of evolution will become an even more powerful explanation for the history of life on Earth.

    The contemporary theory of biological evolution is one of the most robust products of scientific inquiry. It is the foundation for research in many areas of biology as well as an essential element of science education.

    During the past century and a half, the earth’s crust and the fossils preserved in it have been intensively studied by geologists and paleontologists. Biologists have intensively studied the origin, structure, physiology, and genetics of living organisms. The conclusion of these studies is that the living species of animals and plants have evolved from different species that lived in the past. The scientists involved in these studies have built up the body of knowledge known as the biological theory of the origin and evolution of life. There is no currently acceptable alternative scientific theory to explain the phenomena.

    Evolution is a basic component of many aspects of anthropology (including physical anthropology, archeology, cultural anthropology, and linguistics) and is a cornerstone of modern science, being central to biology, geology, and astronomy.
    The principles of evolution have been tested repeatedly and found to be valid according to scientific criteria. Evolution should be part of the pre-college curriculum; it is the best scientific explanation of human and nonhuman biology and the key to understanding the origin and development of life.

    The theory of evolution by natural selection was first clearly formulated in 1859, and for over a century it has been tested and improved by the research of many thousands of scientists: not only by biologists and geologists, but also by chemists and physicists. From deductions based on abundant data, the theory has been developed to explain the changes that have taken place in living things over much of the Earth’s history. In its modern form, it remains the only explanation for the diversity of life on this planet that is acceptable to the scientific community.

    Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution. Insofar as the life sciences are critical to human health, well-being, and knowledge, evolutionary biology is and must be a fundamental component of an excellent science education. Moreover, awareness of current views concerning evolutionary history and mechanisms, including natural selection, is an essential part of modern literacy for all citizens.

  19. mathew says:


    Did you have time to look at my posts in my site?

    What is your comment? Arguments can never stop. Let’s come to real life and see.

    Bye for now.,

  20. Mathew Paul says:

    My faith in the Bible was cemented when I did my PG studies in Old Testament and Hebrew several years ago. For my thesis I selected passages which talked about Babylon (modern Iraq) in the prophets and worked on ‘Israel’s view of the place of Babylon in the purpose of God as revealed in the prophetic and apocalyptic books of the Bible’.

    The Bible prophets predicted a total and complete destruction of Babylon. When you know that Babylon was one of the wonders of the ancient world with its hanging-gardens, who would have believed the prophets of the OT? (Isa.13-14; Jer.50-51;See Jer.50:40). That Babylon would find the same fate as Sodom and Gomorah was their verdict. Who would have believed it then?

    The French archaeologist who escavated the site of the anciet city identified it with Babil Hill south of Bagdad. He says that there is not even a rail-way station there now. Babil Hill is on the rail-way track which leads to Bagdad. There is a wooden plaque there which reads ‘Babil Hill stop – trains stop here to pick up passengers’. What a complete fulfilment of Bible prophecy!

    Please do some studies in this area.

    The greatest proof of the Bible prophecy is the re-gathering of Israel as a nation in 1948. Who can explain the existence of that nation in any other way?

    The Bible predicts three world wars before the end of this age (Eze.21:27). Details of that war is found in Eze.38 &39.

    The exact time of the crucifixion of Christ is predicted in Dan.9:26. The study of the Bible prophecy would be very rewarding and please prepare yourself for the coming King.

    Love to hear from you, if you please.

    Bye for now.

  21. thewordofme says:

    Here are some links to pictures of city of Babylon. or

    Secular history is at odds with the Bible in some matters of Babylon. The city began at least 5000BC and had its ups and downs to be sure. Babylon is first mentioned in documents in the late 3rd millennium BC. About 2200 BC it was known as the site of a temple, and during the 21st century BC it was a subject of the nearby city of Ur.

    From the late 8th century BC until Nabopolassar expelled the Assyrians between 626 and 615 BC, the city was part of the Assyrian Empire. Nabopolassar founded the Neo-Babylonian dynasty, and his son Nebuchadnezzar II expanded the kingdom until it became an empire that embraced much of southwest Asia. The imperial capital at Babylon was refurbished with new temple and palace buildings, extensive fortification walls and gates, and paved processional ways.

    The Neo-Babylonian Empire didn’t last very long. In 539 BC, Cyrus the Great captured Babylon and incorporated Babylonia into his newly founded Persian Empire. Under the Persians, Babylon was for a time the official residence of the crown prince, until a local revolt in 482 led Xerxes I to raze the temples and ziggurat.

    Nothing left of Sodom and Gomorrah, plenty of Babylon still there.

    For nearly 2000 years Christianity has been telling the world to prepare for the second coming of Christ. Predicting over 100 times that the end was ‘next Thursday’, or some such nonsense. I remember my mom talking to some seventh day adventist in 1955 and these people were saying the end was surely coming in the next year or so, hight of the cold war then. Nuclear war was in the air.

    While all these little dramas was being concocted and played out, the rest of the Billions of people on this earth have lived their lives and been as happy or as sad as these Christians who think they have all the ‘answers.’ How mislead and conceited they are. Paul is surely laughing in his grave.

    Where was God after Adam and before Abram? Why are there no secular writings of Jesus in his lifetime? Wasn’t he going around bringing back people from the dead and preaching in front of hundreds and hundreds of people?

    Why has there been absolutely NO evidence EVER that can be handled and analyzed of a REAL God? There has never been anything but stories, never anything else.

    Many of the stories in the Bible have question marks after them. NO physical evidence of a flood. NO eyewitnesses to Jesus who wrote of him. NO evidence of the Jews wandering through the desert for 40 years. There is no evidence that the Bible is inerrant, many differing claims and discrepancies there

    Much physical evidence….against….the Bible and it’s world view. Why is that, I wonder? As the years go by since the scientific revolution started, more and more of the Bible is being questioned. Naturalists began questioning the Noachian deluge in the 1700’s. Although most religionists will not admit it a large part of the Biblical world view is being proven wrong. I predict that it will continue. I predict that the world will not end soon, in spite of Bush.

  22. Mathew Paul says:

    You rec0nstructed the history of Babylon upto 482 BC. What happened later?

    You said, “plenty of Babylon still there”. Archaeologist says, “not even a rail-way station is there”. Whom shall we believe?

    I say, arguments can go on endlessly and bring us no fruitful results. Let us see whether the Bible has any real life benefits to day. Would you be able to deny that the Bible has no benefits for real life to day after closely looking at my life? What other exxplanation can you give about my experiences in prayer?

    You predicted that the world would not end soon, in spite of Bush. Hope so. On what grounds do you say this please? Are you a prophet? Or do you predict the imagination of your heart?

  23. thewordofme says:

    Hi Mathew Paul,
    As I said..the city was razed. The links I posted were to recent photos of the city. Whether rail-lines go there are not…I don’t know. What I was commenting on was that there were many remains and some parts were restored, unlike Sodom and Gomorrah and some other cities of the Bible and prehistory, where nothing at all remains.

    You are quite right, the arguments can, and do, go on endlessly. I would not deny that the Bible has benefited some people, but so have the books: “How to win friends and influence people” and “The power of Positive Thinking.” The Bible has also been the direct cause of many misdeeds and much evil, but then so has the Koran.

    If you are happy and successful at what you do, then by all means continue.

    Am I a prophet? I detect a little sarcasm there 🙂 No, just my feeling as an astute observer of the human condition and the world 🙂 I consider it a real miracle that the world has continued despite Bush. In the imagination of my brain I picture humankind getting along, and reaching for the stars…together.

  24. Mathew Paul says:

    Thank you for the conversation.

    I’d suggest that you talk positively in your blogs. Instead of saying what is not right, tell every one what is right.OK.

    Bye for now.

  25. thewordofme says:

    Hi Mathew Paul, I talk positive when I am talking about positive things. Me talking about the Bible is expressing my own opinion and my own thoughts.
    When I talk about the science, or lack thereof, in the Bible and religion I am generally telling other peoples interpretations. I happen to agree with the scientists, you happen to agree with the Bible. Thats fine with me.
    I wish you well

  26. Mathew Paul says:

    Scientists are great men. Without them our lives would have been miserable. But they can only talk about the physical world around us.

    Do you think there is nothing more to man than just the physical?

  27. thewordofme says:

    Have you ever seen REAL Magic or Supernatural expressions?

    Be truthful now 🙂

  28. Mathew Paul says:

    Of a truth, God has been very real in my life.

    Otherwise how would you explain several of my experiences in prayer – like raising a concrete building with no money in hand or no loan sought after or no donation solicited, yet been able to complete the 700 sft. structure in thirty calender days, as direct, tangible, undeniable answers to prayer?

    Would you still think it is magic or what?

  29. Clifton E BURTON says:

    I am an Evangelical Christian but I do not believe in a universal flood. Nor do I believe that the Earth was created 10000 years ago.. I do believe in The Big Bang Theory and I believe it is consistent with the fundamental notion that God created the universe out of nothing. Not all conservative Christians interpret
    Bible cosmology in a literal fashion

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