Answer to Life

Hi Mathew Paul,

I’m going to answer your reply in a column instead of in the leave-a-reply section because I need to blow off steam. Nothing personal, have just heard all of these platitudes before, and never really answered fully. I hope you don’t mind.

You wrote: I submit that the earth as created by God was an ideal place to live in with every blessing in it.

I submit to you…that when the earth came into being that it was (and still is, mostly) a beautiful place…but also deadly. The earth harbors deadly diseases, deadly animals, and is a cruel environment for puny humans. Man/woman have fought, for a million years (out of over 4 billion) or more, to establish their control of the environment they live in. In all those years we endured unbelievable suffering. For hundreds of thousands of years, 50% or more of our children died before they were 2 years old. People that made it to adulthood probably only lived into their 30’s, or 40’s. Near starvation was probably the norm for humans up to, probably the 1600 to 1700’s.

The earth has in its lifetime supported well over 40 billion souls, and it’s only recently that there has been some security in people’s life. This, of course, does not count Africa, which is probably a lost continent.

Where was God when the Neanderthals were fighting to live on a European continent that was largely covered with ice, 75,000 years ago? Where was God when our ancestors were barely surviving by hunting and scavenging in the African veldt, over 100,000 years ago? All of the DNA evidence, both mitochondrial, and Ychromosomal, points to Africa as humanities original home.

The fact that humans and Neanderthals have inhabited this earth for hundreds of thousands of years is not even remotely questioned in the scientific community. It is accepted fact. All, and I repeat, All, of the available physical, natural evidence on this earth supports this fact. The fundamentalist and evangelical religions, mostly in the US, are the most numerous doubters of these facts, but it doesn’t really matter…they are true facts nonetheless.

I will repeat something I think I spoke of elsewhere on this blog. As our society and science advances on this earth, religion is more and more being disproved. God is only left in the gaps, and those gaps are quickly being filled with natural facts.

You wrote: I submit that man chose to obey the enemy (rather?) than God and the present world is the result of the same.
Also: I submit that the world is under the power of the Evil One and all the sickness and mysery that we see all around are his making.

I submit to you…the world we live in has…always…had both good and bad people. There are millions or billions of people alive today, that are every bit as good and loving as are a lot of Christians, and they believe in no God, or Buddha, or any of the Brahmin Gods, or a thousand and one others. Believing in a “God” does not guarantee goodness. Witness the Catholic priest scandal of recent times…and I’ll bet you it’s gone on for 2000 years, and all over the Christian world. I have some limited personal experience with people high in the Protestant community, that is not good, and not Christian. As to the “enemy” all I know is that I do not obey any “Devil or Satan.” Any misdeeds I do are strictly my own responsibility, and I KNOW that. The “devil does not make me do it.”

I’m reminded of (are you in the US?) the recently defrocked preacher in Colorado who preached on and on about the evil of homosexuality, all the while having a homosexual relationship with a male prostitute. “The devil took hold of me.” He says. “No, lust took hold of you.” I said. We are a society that tries to shift any responsibility for our wrong actions to others. The Devil or Satan is one of those “others.”

You wrote: I submit that God in Christ came as a man and redeemed the world and the process of redemption is going on now as people choose to believe God in Christ over against the devil.

I also submit that the myseries of sin will soon come to an end and a king will rule in righteousness and peace on this earth soon.

I submit to you that Paul invented that myth of original sin, and the early Catholic priesthood invented the “trinity.” Why does God say in one breath: the son inherits the sins of the father.” 2SA: 1,19 and IS 14: 21-22, and EX 20:5 and in another; the son does not inherent the sins of the father. DE 24:16, and EZ 18:20. Why does Jesus reference his Father in Heaven, and say that only the Father knows the time of the end. MT 10:32,33 and MT 7:21 and MT 24:36.

You said: Now I wish you would give me an explanation of the existence of the earth and mankind and their present predicament. Is it going to continue endlessly without a hope or what is to be expected for the future? Please give me in black and white as to what you believe about the given issues and your reasons for doing so. I will truly appreciate your reply and jokes apart, if you give me a better expanation than what I hold which can show practical results as I produced in my life, I will whole=heartedly accept your position. Waiting earnestly for your immediate reply. Thanks in advance!

I…don’t know the explanation of the existence of us…and I wish I had the answer to the predicament of man/woman kind. But, I also do not give up reasonable, logical thought processes and submit my brain to a magical creature of myth.

My own prediction for the future is: Who knows? I suspect that man will continue to strive on. There will probably be a revolution or two in the western world, millions more will die and be born. The wealthy and the politicians of the world will continue to F__k over the rest of us. Life will go on, as it has for over a million years. Whether the world/earth will continue to be healthy for life, is up in the air, but will probably continue to deteriorate; as it always has.

What you are doing in your life is obviously working for you. Why would I want to change that for you? I have a hard enough time being responsible and caring for my own wonderful family.

No, you continue to do what gives you joy, and occasionally we will chat and gently berate each other’s lifestyle or beliefs. Peace out to you.

About the word of me
Interested in family and friends,grandchildren, photography, darkrooms, history, archaeology, scuba diving, computers, software, fast cars, journalism, writing, travel, ecology, news, science, and probably most other subjects you could think of. Did I mention family and friends?? I require iced tea or cold brewed coffee and a internet connection to be fully functional. Sometimes there are just so many words in my head they spill out.

5 Responses to Answer to Life

  1. Mathew Paul says:

    Thank you for making it absolutely clear that you do not have answers to my questions.

    All that I said was that I found answers in the Bible and that the Bible has answers if any one approaches it with out prejudice.

    As a teen-ager I began to pray and I got marvellous answers to prayer. For all my graduate and PG studies I trusted God for my needs and it worked so very well. So when I finished my studies, though I had lucrative offers from more than one place, I decided to hang my life on God answering prayers. And now a whole life-time is almost over. If God had not answered prayers, my family would have been dead long ago. But we go on living, not as beggers, but to the surprise of all who watch us, we go on rather well off. All the resources I knew for the last thirty-two years or more was God-answering-prayer.

    In this context if some one among my esteemed friends like you tell that the Bible is all wrong, it is my moral duty to tell that you are mistaken and that you are trying to tell the taste of the apple with out biting it.

    All our knowlege is in part only. No one knows every thing about every thing now. Todays’s theories could and would be challenged tomorrow. But who can challenge the life-experiences of a whole life-time?

    Wishing you all the very best as you try to find answers to these pertinent questions about life.

    Bye for now.

  2. thewordofme says:

    Hi Mathew Paul,
    I’m sorry, I thought I had made it clear that science has no answer to magic.
    I believe you are visible proof that the power of positive thinking rules in this universe. A person who goes through life with a bad attitude will always have troubles. On the other hand a person that looks on the positive side and always tries to find good and happiness….will….mostly.
    I have found my answers and I am glad that you have also found yours
    Peace to you friend.

  3. Mathew Paul says:

    “I believe you are visible proof that the power of positive thinking rules in this universe.” you said.

    Oh, no. It is not the power of positive thinking which kept me going. It is child-like trust in the God of the Bible. Positive thinking yields a lot of good, no doubt. But it does not pray your bills, will it?

    Have you found any other person any where who subsisted on positive thinking and chose to live without a regular income and a bank-balance? I bet you can not find one like that. But I have come across several who subsisted by faith in God. I am not an exception. I followed this route because I knew others who successfully went before me. I read the biography of George Mueller who fed 20,000 orphans by this method and I just tried it for myself and it worked so very well.

    In the previous post you said,”I…don’t know the explanation of the existence of us…and I wish I had the answer to the predicament of man/woman kind”

    Now you say, “I have found my answers and I am glad that you have also found yours” Which shall I believe?

    I would rather believe your first statement in the light of your other posts. And your answers are questionable, if at all you found them, as you did not prove it in any way. As for mine, I tested it with my life and stood the test for a whole life-time. And proved it without any doubt at all.

    Bye for now.

  4. thewordofme says:

    My humble apologies for not writing sooner Mathew Paul. I kind of got sidetracked here.

    You write:
    “Have you found any other person any where who subsisted on positive thinking and chose to live without a regular income and a bank-balance? I bet you can not find one like that.”

    Yes, here we call them homeless people. They exist on charity and begging in the streets occasionally. Our government frowns on them though….they’re not paying taxes and contributing to our society. But, I don’t think they choose to be there…most anyway. I have observed many times in my life, that people with the positive attitude in life generally succeed.

    You write:
    “In the previous post you said,”I…don’t know the explanation of the existence of us…and I wish I had the answer to the predicament of man/woman kind”

    Now you say, “I have found my answers and I am glad that you have also found yours” Which shall I believe?”

    I mean to say I don’t really don’t know why we exist. You believe it’s because of the Christian God. I don’t.
    I meant it when I said I’m glad you found yours. The predicament of men/women is probably caused by ignorance, politicians, lawyers, and probably bankers 🙂

    My answers at this time is: I think when I die…thats it.
    I don’t think that if I believe in a Christian..only..God that I’ll rise from the grave at some point, and live forever as long as I constantly worship a spirit being.

    The concept of Gods requiring constant worship is a primeval concept that does not have credence with me. The belief came from shamans and evil clergy type. It is a concept that needs to be exposed for what it is; pure superstition.

  5. Mathew Paul says:

    Thank you for taking time out to answer.

    Yes, I do know that positive thinking has its power.

    But I found that faith in God is so powerful that it kept me going against all odds of life.


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