No Conflict in Science and Religion he says..

Again with the column, it’s just so much easier to write here, and it gives me another column :-}

You write:
>>Why can’t you see it in a slightly different light? The Bible and science deal with two totally different areas of human life. Science deals with the physical world and the Bible is about the moral world. One without the other is simply incomplete.<<

I completely agree with you. They are two worlds we are talking about. Although, science seems to be self-contained. Most scientists see no need for religion. The only real conflict happens when religious ones tries to tell someone who is schooled in the sciences that there was a worldwide flood and that the earth and universe are 6000 to 10,000 years old…and maybe a few other things. Oh, and when someone says magic is real, they tend to get a blank look on their face.

You write:
>>There is no need to find any contradiction between creation and evolution as the Bible clearly says that earth appeared first, then came plant life and it was followed by animal life. Man came to the scene only at the last stage. We see general agreement between the two. I believe that God was behind that evolutionary process which I call creation.
I say that the Bible has nothing to say about the age of the universe at all. In fact it is only logical for a Bible believer to think that the universe is indeed millions of years old. The word ‘day’ in Genesis could never be understood as twenty four hour day. We say that a day is twenty four hours on earth based on earth’s relation to our Sun. We know that day is not twenty four hours in Mars, for example. <<

I suppose there could be a chance that someone started all of this, but it was Billions of years ago, and man was probably not a special creation, just one in the long line of bi-pedal mammals. But, if we were created specially, then the one creating us had to have a creator, and so on, and so on, etc. etc.. To believe otherwise makes no logical sense. Regarding the24 hour days of creation, there are a LOT of people here in the States that will disagree with you. Not that I agree with them. A day on Mars is a few minutes longer than 24 hours. It’s year however is well over 600 days, compared to our 365. The length of day is predicated on rotation on planetary axis

You write:
>> That our universe is guided by immutable laws is unquestionable. That every action has its equal and opposite reaction is a universal law of science. This is true both in the physical and in the moral realm. Since every man failed miserably in the moral realm, God in His love has made a provision in Christ which if any one accepts would be beneficial for that individual. If some one does not want that provision, that individual is wholly responsible for his/her actions.<<

I agree with the first parts about the laws and science. I totally disagree with the fails miserably in the moral realm, but I agree about Karma part 🙂 Paul made up the part about original sin and inherited sin. God himself said that the son does not inherit the sins of the father. But, he also said the son does inherit the sins of the father, so who knows. Besides that whole “Garden of Eden” thing was a set up…A real God would have known exactly what was going to happen, so that too was probably allegory.

You write:
>>God to me is not a mere feeling. I transact business with Him on a daily basis. As for me I handed over my case to Christ and He is now responsible for me. My past is forgiven and as I continue to take advice from Him daily, I am strengthened for day to day living. This I did just as I hand over a civil case to an advocate because I can not handle it alone. If some other person can handle it alone, let him/her do it alone.

Christ to day is my advocate and I know that He is going to be my judge tomorrow. I think it is very wise on my part to hand over my case to today’s advocate who is going to be tomorrow’s judge. What do you think?<<

I applaud you.

Thank you very much for your reply. Srsly.
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7 Responses to No Conflict in Science and Religion he says..

  1. empy says:

    Thank you for your reply. I see much of the barriers are broken down. Good indeed.

    You said,

  2. empy says:

    You said, “I completely agree with you. They are two worlds we are talking about. Although, science seems to be self-contained. Most scientists see no need for religion. ”

    thewordofme, Please tell me whether anger and jealousy are part of human life or not. What about love and happiness? Are they not part of human life as well? Tell me what science has to say about these and other moral issues like murder and rape. I say, science has nothing to say about it at all. But these things are so much a part of human life that you might possibly live with out electricity and magnetism, of which science deals with, but you could not possibily live with out thinking about or being involved in the moral side of human life. How can any scientist live with out love and hatred, or with out thinking about what is good and what is not. If not religion, every human society has imposed some moral demands on every man. Science has nothing to say about it at all.

  3. empy says:

    You said, “Regarding the 24 hour days of creation, there are a LOT of people here in the States that will disagree with you.”

    thewordofme, Whether people agree with me or not is the issue here. The issue is whether the Bible necessarily says it so or not. I surely know it does not.

    You said,
    “I totally disagree with the fails miserably in the moral realm, but I agree about Karma part 🙂 Paul made up the part about original sin and inherited sin.”

    thewordofme, Have you found one man in the whole of your life who always lived upto the standards of his own conscience every time? Or have you been able to do it yourself on the first hand?

    That’s why I said that man miserably failed in the moral area of his life. The question of original sin etc. is just an explanation as to why every one fails. If you don’t agree with that, tell me why every man every where in the entire world fails at some time or other in his/her life. If your reasoning is acceptable, I will gladly go by it.

    Whether the garden of Eden was literal or allegorical does not make any difference to me as it simply explains why man behaves the way he does today.

    You said, “I applaud you.”

    Thank you so much for your appreciation. I personally invite you to join me in my pilgrimage.

  4. Ashe Nighte says:

    I disagree that science and religion can get along. Science may not intrude upon religion much, but religion definitely intrudes upon science; as one can clearly see with evolution. And I see no need for religion to be happy and fulfilled; I am an atheist who is perfectly happy.

  5. empy says:

    Ashe Nighte,

    Does science tell you any thing about being loving and compassionate to your fellow-beings? You may be an atheist, but that is your belief. Belief simply means a strongly held opinion. No one could ever live with out some kind of belief or other. You may not believe in god but that does not make you some one with out any belief at all. You surely believe that certain things are good for you and certain others are not good for you. Science can only tell you about physical things. It does not tell you how to behave.

    For an atheist, you have a conscience which tells you how to behave. It has nothing to do with science at all. Does it?

    About evolution, the Bible never says that the entire creation came into existence in one second as one should expect from such an ancient writing like the Bible. It clearly says that the creation was a process and that man came to the scene on the sixth stage. Could you not see progression there? Is it not what evolution says also? The only difference is that I see there is God behind that process while some do not.see Him there.

    Many people think that the Bible teaches that the universe was created 6000 years ago. The only thing the Bible says about the date of creation is ‘in the beginning’ and it could mean billions or trillions of years and I believe it to be so in the light of the scientific findings.

    About ‘day’ in creation narrative in Genesis, it could never mean 24 hour day as in the story there our sun and moon came only on the 4th stage! Our day is 24 hours now based on earth’s relation to the sun, is in’t it?

    I do not see any contradiction between science and the Bible at all. They are to me like my two hands. Without one I would be maimed!

    Being happy. Yes, indeed, every one is happy when wealth and health are under their control. When you don’t have those, could you be still happy all the same?

    Have a great day!

  6. shaverrhea says:

    to empy

    sorry–have to chime in here. Being a student of religion–I have found that the word “yom” in Hebrew does mean ONE day. It’s from sun up to sun down. You can ask anyone who understands Judaism and I’m sure they’d be happy to help you understand this. Furthermore–we find that there are two creation stories in this as well. One story uses YHWH and the first one doesn’t. This is HUGE when analyzing Hebrew, because this is the name of God. We also know that the first group of people may have been from the Northern Kingdom–they initially didn’t believe in saying YHWH, fearing to take God’s name in vain. The Southern Kingdom did. There are other possibilities to that as well–that’s just the one I subscribe to. However, when we analyze the text, it is clear the original writers were telling a story. It’s also known that the Genesis account of creation was a polemic against the Mesopotamian creation myth “The Enuma Elish.” With all of this said–I don’t believe creation was meant to be taken literally, but as a great story with a message that helped these people understand that God gave us a gift and we need to treat it well.
    I think Evolution can be part of that without compromising anyone’s belief in God. Just a different perspective. Shalom.

  7. empy says:


    Thanks indeed for your reflections. I too am a student of OT. In my understanding ”yom’ does not always mean a 24 hour day in Hebrew. Eg. the day of the Lord. Surely ‘yom’ can not mean 24 horus there.

    About two different creation stories, your observations are right. Different use of the names of God was given various interpretations. Yours is one. A good one, I think. To me the second story is for bringing into focus the creation of man and the personal name of God is introduced there because God is now creating human persons. The intent is to bring to our attention that God Himself is a peronal being and He looks to have fellowship with man.

    Genesis story is surely with a message. But when you realize that it is not in poetry but in straight forward Hebrew prose, I think there is more to it than just the message. I take it leterally. But my understanding of the word ‘ day’ there is a ‘geological day’ and not a 24 hour day.

    Genesis story is not against the idea of Evolution at all. It very clearly says tthat matter appeared first, then small forms of life and at last on the sixth stage only man appeared on the scene. This is exactly what Evolution is saying. But I believe God was behind this ‘evolutionary process’ which I call creation. I really do not see the reason for fight between Evolution and Creation. But when some one says that all these evolved with out God, I disagree with them.

    Do respond or walk into my blogsite and make a comment there. God bless. Shalom.

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