Moon Eclipse

Watching and photographing the moon eclipse tonight. We have a little point and shoot digital camera and tried to do moonshots and the stupid thing would not focus on said subject.

Finally ended up pulling out the old Nikon F2 and 210mm lens and shooting on Ilford Delta 400 film. Now I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to develop the film and see if I was lucky. Haven’t tried shooting celestial subjects in about a 100 years. Got off about 12 shoots before full occlusion and then clouds moved in quickly, just before full and ended the session. Rats.

Amazing thing to watch, an eclipse, I wonder how early man/women felt when watching one…maybe seeing it for first time? It’s an amazing thing to see.

I wonder who was first in ancient times to noticed that the Earth’s shadow on the moon was curved, and from that realized that the Earth was round?

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