One Persons Take on Creation

The following is a reply to a correspondence entered into with someone who answered one of my posts.

Hi Ms. Stegall,
I understand that correspondence is harder than setting in front of a person and talking about difficult subjects. One cannot see the other persons facial movements, hear tone of voice and such, so I just want to say upfront that if I somehow sound mean or badgering, or something I write sounds disrespectful to you, please know that it would be entirely accidental, and if you let me know what it was, I will honestly apologize.

You Write;>>”I will list my primary reason as my sole reason and that is, for the sake of circular reasoning – I am in love with my Creator because of the proof in His very Creation.”<<

What do you consider proofs of his creation? Your existence, the universe, our world, all of the above, or none of the above?

What would your Proof be? i.e., any physical proofs, or are they just feelings, or senses?

You write:>> “Let me explain: Did you ever notice that even creation sings the song of redemption?”<<

With respect and good intention, I will ask: what does that mean; it’s not meaningful at all to me. 🙂

You write:>> “There is death of the day into night and the resurrection of the morning? There is the death of the flowers into the ground in the fall and resurrection in the spring? Even so, the seasons, there is the death of what is recognized as “life” in the winter, and just as the flower, it resurrects into life again in the spring.”<<

I must confess, that perhaps because of my upbringing, I think of day into night and the changing of the seasons in a purely physical-earth goes around sun, earth rotates, way. I know that ancient peoples thought they had to pray to the gods to bring back plants, sun, and so on. Once I had been taught about what was happening physically, I never thought about it any other way. But, I do consider the changing seasons a truly beautiful thing to behold.

You write:>>” I am in love for I am loved. I not only get to read freely of this redemption but I also get to see it over and over again, every day, every season, every year.”<<

That is a beautiful thought, and I will leave it totally alone.

You write:>> “I sincerely hope this solitary reasoning does not stand isolated but is recognized to have worth within the promises found in the Bible. I fear, however, using Scripture upon which to draw my argument, I would create further unrest. So, I will comfortably place my justification of my love for my Creator in creation itself.”<<

The first sentence is unclear to me: do you mean that you hope your answers are consistent with Biblical doctrine? Again, with respect: I read other blog’s about religion and see sentences that are similar to the above and my brain goes blank.
I am very comfortable with Scripture, and hold them in respect, although I don’t believe most of it. If a Scripture is able to convey your thoughts easier–please feel free to use them with me.

Your patience with me is appreciated no end, and I value the thoughts that you write about to me. I look forward to any further answers.

Many thanks for your time.

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5 Responses to One Persons Take on Creation

  1. Wow! No offense taken, whatsoever. I have found this dialogue incredibly provoking and intellectually/spiritually stimulating. I tend to rest my words in more of an art form than a logical/reasoning form, and I ask that you forgive my ignorance if my words prompted ambiguity rather than interpretation.
    I agree that this is a conversation that would be much better over coffee and a bagel, for I am certainly not the kind to debate. I merely felt a need to respond, so I acted upon that prompting.
    Where do I start? Should I respond to every question? I’m a bit unclear of my expectations, but I will try my best.
    To begin, I must say that I am limited in my knowledge, for I am not a theologian, I’m a “professional student” as some may say. So, I will try to remain in my scope.

    re: “What do you consider proofs of his creation? Your existence, the universe, our world, all of the above, or none of the above?”

    For simplicity’s sake, I’d answer yes…all of the above. Proof of creation is in a breath, a birth, a cave, a star…yes, albeit, the universe. I understand I’m seeing things out of my worldview, but I can’t help but see the fingertips of a Creator in action when looking at the overly used example of a sunset.

    With note of “creation sings the song of redemption”…that is my artfully ambiguous verbiage coming through [*sorry]…it pretty much means, look and see how “the heavens declare His glory” [Psalm 19.1]. And I’m so glad you agree with me on the beauty of the day into night, winter into spring, I just see this not only as a scientific motion but as an allegory reinforcing truth. It’s one thing if it’s written in a book [i.e., the Bible] and another thing when it is in plain site for the world to see. I like to think that God did that just so we have no excuse, as if He’s saying, “See, I love you. Just look and see.”

    As for my closing comment, I merely meant to say that there are many reasons why I find it logical to love my Creator, but I would rest with providing just this one…so as to not write a book [which may have been the better option]…whether or not this is the same reason other’s write a like statement, I don’t know. I can only speak for myself. Now whether it is consistent with Biblical doctrine or not, according to Psalm 19.1 as referenced previously, I believe it is consistent with the Truth. However, I am so appreciative that you ask that question. Without questions like that we can easily believe anything.

    Finally, I hope I didn’t offend you saying that I could use Scripture but wouldn’t for fear of creating unrest – the intent of that statement was to say that if we defend and argument with words or statements from the source we are arguing, sometimes the validity of the argument can become the target of the argument itself…yet another example of circular reasoning. So, I avoided it for mere simplicity’s sake.

    Truly, I like your approach. Your prelude kept me open and willing to share my simple thoughts, Again, I never did well in my debate class, so forgive me if I seem out of my element. I appreciate your willingness to engage in this dialogue via the world wide web!

  2. good heavens, that was a long response! I hope you had your coffee beside you!

  3. thewordofme says:

    Hi Cathi Stegall,
    I was in the middle of writing a post when your reply came in, so I apologize for not responding quickly and appropriately to your above reply. As soon as I get time I will write a good response. In the meantime you might go to my latest post.
    Thank you so much.

  4. p.s….we’re now mutual “blog roll buddies” – it’s nice to be friends.

  5. thewordofme says:

    Thank you so much

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