Do Popes Talk Directly to God?

Just a question today. Do the Popes talk directly with God; did they ever?

Anybody out there know?


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14 Responses to Do Popes Talk Directly to God?

  1. iwka says:

    Do you mean, do they pray? To God Himself? Of course.

  2. thewordofme says:

    Hi iwka, thanks for your reply

    No, I mean do they have a direct line to God that makes them infallible.

  3. iwka says:

    As far as I know this happens very rare that Popes speak ex cathedra and only if it concerns dogmatic explanations.

    Oh, if you have strength to read this is a good explanation.


  4. At first I understood you question like iwka did. Since you clairified it, the answer is no they do not.

    The church claims that under certain conditions the pope is protected from stating error. It may sound like the same thing your saying with a direct line, but your position is much closer to that of what the Apostolic writers of scripture had. The pope dosnot have nor do they claim this direct link.

    Mostly its proclaiming what isn’t correct as oppose to what is correct.

  5. thewordofme says:

    Hi again Iwka,
    Thank you for replying again. I use the newadvent for research all the time. Just didn’t look far enough. I tend to get sidetracked easily. Fascinating stuff.
    Again thanks.

  6. thewordofme says:

    Hi quickbeamoffangorn,
    How very nice to hear from you again. 🙂
    I could read for hours sometimes and still not comprehend as well as I should, because of lack of long immersion in the protocol.
    If you have a chance; what is the authority, or where does the power to discern between what is right and what is wrong come from? How would it be expressed to the Pope?
    If I’m asking too much, just ignore.

  7. chillinatthecabstand says:

    Of course they don’t or they wouldn’t contradict each other.

  8. thewordofme says:

    Hi again quickbeamoffangorn,

    You write: Mostly its proclaiming what isn’t correct as oppose to what is correct..

    Isn’t that pretty much the same thing described from the other end?

  9. thewordofme says:

    Hi again chillinatthecabstand,

    Gee…that could never happen with the Word….could it?

  10. chillinatthecabstand says:


  11. Bill,

    Good to see you posting as well.

    The first issue is that decisions that are reached by the pope are not areas of infallibility. An example is what day is Easter celebrated. There’s no infallibility involved with it. Another is say the use of altar girls for the service vs. boys only. Tied in with that one is women priests. There’s still folks within the church that hope that one day we’ll have women priests. However it’s alrady been determined that can’t happen, not because the pope doesn’t want women priest, but that Christ didn’t select any and the pope doesn’t have the authority to change it.

    Examples of infallible decisions would be like Pope St. Stephen in the 3rd century ruled that anyone can perform baptisms even if their heretics if they do so as the church intends. This is why the church acknowledges that individuals baptized outside the formal church institution are valid even when not performed by a Catholic priest.

    On the reason that what you stated and what I did are different is that one is positive(yours-which implies that new revelation can be added) and mine which is negative( which means they can only proclaim that which has already been revealed).

    On where does this come from it’s implied in Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 15:28 & 1 Timonthy 3:15 – in that case it’s a collective apostolic infallibility (which the Orthodox generally support).

    Too the above verse the Catholic church applies Luke 22:31-32 & John 21:15-17.

    But that’s as far as scripture goes. Now while scripture does explicitly state that this will continue until until He returns, one can only draw implicit inferences from it as to how that is accomplished. And that’s why there is disagreements.

    You have to address the historical record and there the papacy under their qualified terms does well. The morally corrupt medieval popes didn’t provide theological positions ( to busy being royal princes instead).

    Hope that helps otherwise I’d advise you plow through all the material at the Vatican web site. Try Vatican I council in the 1870’s for starters.

  12. thewordofme says:

    Hi quickbeamoffangorn,

    As usual you provide impeccable reference and advise…thank you.
    By the way, if I may ask. Your name; is it a reference to something in a Edger Rice Burroughs book? Or perhaps Rudyard Kipling? Just curiosity.

  13. Back in ancient times of the early net on discussion boards most folks I knew used characters from history or literary works. I’ve been a big fan of Tolkien since it was required reading at my high school back in the early 70’s. One of the characters (a very, very minor one) an ENT called Quickbeam. If you’ve read the books or saw the movie his part of the forest was destroyed by the Orcs and his anger at such clear evil actions was viewed as hasty by the other ENTs.

    After about 16 years using the handle it just stuck.

  14. thewordofme says:

    Thanks, never read Tolkien. Saw the movies, but did not catch the ref to quickbeam,

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