The Trinity is Dead

Below we find a scholars attempt to explain the concept of the Trinity. I have run across many other comparably obscure explanations in researching this subject….Not one of them I have found makes any rational sense.

“The historic formulation of the Trinity (derived from the Latin word trinitas, meaning “threeness”) seeks to circumscribe and safeguard this mystery (not explain it; that is beyond us), and it confronts us with perhaps the most difficult thought that the human mind has ever been asked to handle. It is not easy; but it is true.”

“The basic assertion of this doctrine is that the unity of the one God is complex. The three personal “subsistence’s” (as they are called) are coequal and coeternal centers of self-awareness, each being “I” in relation to two who are “you” and each partaking of the full divine essence (the “stuff” of deity, if we may dare to call it that) along with the other two.”
Packer, J. I. (1993) Concise theology: A guide to historic Christian beliefs. Wheaton, Ill.: Tyndale House.

I stand in open-mouthed awe at the ability of some to push this man-made twaddle concept down so many throats in the last 1700 or so years.
Protestant church leaders and members really need to research this matter further. Most people who believe in a trinity have to retreat into an explanation of “it’s a mystery” or “it’s unexplainable.” There is NO clear-cut theological foundation for Trinity—you see it’s so obviously made up by men…when you read of the beginnings of this hoax.

The bible describes a God who is almighty and eternal (Isaiah 44:24), who begets a Son (Hebrew 1:5, Luke 1:30-35, Matthew 3:17), anoints him with his Spirit (Acts 10:38, Matthew 3:16, Luke4:18), teaches him what to say (Luke 2:40,52, John 7:16, 12:49), raises him from the dead (Acts 3:15, 5:30) , exalts him to his right hand (Acts 2:33, Philippians 2: 9-11).

From none of the Scriptures mentioned above do I get even the slightest sense of “threeness”, and I wonder how the early church came up with the concept. Is part of Christianity “hidden” from the understanding of mere men?

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14 Responses to The Trinity is Dead

  1. vargas says:

    The trinity is the worst heresy to come out of the church. On top of that, it contradicts the personality and revelation of God. How do you form a personal relationship, walk with and draw close to a being who is an inscrutable mystery?

  2. thewordofme says:

    AMEN brother 🙂

  3. irishanglican says:

    Sorry boys, Scripture again: (And this was/is the Apostle Paul speaking)…”Let a man regard us in this manner, as servants of Christ and stewards of THE MYSTERIES OF GOD.” (1 Cor.4:1)

    The very nature of God Almighty is simply profound mystery! Look at the many different names and combination names of God in the OT also. Even there He is known on His terms!

  4. thewordofme says:

    Hi irishanglican, thanks for your reply.

    I think you may be too wrapped up in a early mythical tall tale.
    If you were to earnestly research the Bible and it’s authors, you might be savable. If you don’t do that, you will lost forever be in an illusion. 🙂

  5. irishanglican says:


    Your answer back was just another ad hom, and no substance.

  6. thewordofme says:

    Hi again irishanglican,

    OK How about this….Paul made up most of todays Christian theory. He ‘saw Jesus’ in a beam of light while on the road. I’ve meet people like that, and I don’t believe a word they say.

    God is not really mysterious. Men have been writing about Him for 2700 years and they still can’t get the story right. Men have been worshiping Him for 2700 years and they still can’t agree on how to properly think of and worship Him. God is non-existent. A myth and construct of the human mind.
    The Bible is miscellaneous scribbling that is very errant and is no way the ‘Word of God’ it is the word of man, working a very brilliant scheme to enslave said man.
    Oh Yea, The trinity is nonsense. If it can’t be explained to us humans, then it is clap-trap. It was foisted on Christianity by Catholic theologians trying to protect their jobs.

  7. irishanglican says:

    Well mate, I am a theologian, I am well into my 50’s, I have found the biblical text and narratives to be very real spiritually and ontological. And I have taken this truth along with me into combat as a Royal Marine. But I will respect your own choices. No man can argue someone into truth. This must become your own desire and argument!

    Fr. Robert…Irish

  8. thewordofme says:

    Hi again irishanglican, good to hear from you.

    I am well into my 60’s and served in the US Navy. Also of Irish descent.

    Do you look into the new evidence that is coming out practically every day or do you…just believe?

    Do you think that the evidence that proves so many of the Bibles writing wrong…is evidence…or blarney?

    I find that I cannot follow something that seems made up. (and leaves so many clues around to prove it)
    The Internet is such a good tool for research, and it is very easy to find out truths and fables.

    Aren’t Anglicans…Catholics that broke away from Rome in the 1500’s because Henry 8 wanted to divorce? Good for him, don’t want those theologians telling me how to live. 🙂

    Seriously, do you really think the Christian religion (or any other for that matter) has any reality to it? After so many years it is still chock full of people who will kill or deprive others of the right to choose how they live. There are more divisions than you can shake a stick at. Who’s right in this game? Logic tells me that only ONE or NONE is right…not all.


  9. irishanglican says:

    Hey Bill,
    My father was a physicist, but loved also Einstein’s theism and sort of mystical way.
    When say evidence, not sure what ya mean?
    As to biblical evidence, if ya mean the bible code stuff? No that is not my bag. But I do believe very deeply in sound and soild biblical theology, in fact Christianity can only be expressed by and in dogmatic theology.
    As to the REAL Christian faith, it is just that both real and sound faith. God never asks us to check our brains at the door. And for what it is worth I taught both philosophy and theology for several years in Jerusalem..(D. Phil.,Th.D.).

    Fr. Robert…Irish

  10. irishanglican says:

    God bless the Navy Corpsman…yes? We both have Navy for our Cropsman…they can walk on water, or so we thought! lol I owe my life to one!

  11. irishanglican says:


  12. thewordofme says:

    Hi again Fr. Robert, pleasure talking with you. Do you mind my using the Fr. Robert name?

    Well you certainly outrank me in the education level department. I hope I can keep up.

    I have great respect for those involved in research into Biblical matters. I have barely a year behind me and I am constantly amazed at the wealth of material available.

    There is no question that Christianity totally changed the western world. Of course it got started long before humans had the capability to check out and verify what was being spread as the “Word of God.”

    It seems to me that Christians, such as yourself, look at the state of religion today and see nothing wrong or incongruous with the wealth of sects that ALL believe they have the true path to salvation.

    Does it matter to you that evangelicals here in the states believe as they do? It matters to me because I see the subtle inroads it is making here…think G.W. Bush. As I have written before on this blog, their intention is nothing short of a revolution in how our government controls this country. We’re talking theistic rule…much as the Catholics did from 300’s CE. Of course you remember the early Catholics; Kill for God. Actually, didn’t George kinda follow that path? 🙂

    I firmly believe that if theism is mixed with government every body suffers. Witness today’s Middle Eastern countries and yesterday’s Middle Ages. Yes, I know that there are places like Burma and China et al. that are not religious, so they have no real excuse; they are just evil. 🙂

    The US evangelical, fundamentalist position on the Bible is that it is totally inerrant. I strongly disagree with that, and I find lots of evidence to back up that position.

    I don’t know how much you know of US religious practice, so I wouldn’t know where to begin with you…now that I know you are…what…English, Irish?

    Thanks for your input, and please feel free to continue.


  13. irishanglican says:

    Bill, just call me Robert mate. And I will be 59 this Oct., but still 150lbs at 5’ Just an old Royal Marine thing, Also since my little brother lives in S.Cal (he was an American Marine, but he is also Irish) I do know something of the so-called Christian aspects there.
    And I am Irish born, but my education is English, i.e. in England.

    I don’t feel that American evangelicals represent the reality of that experience, nor do the English or Brits for that matter. I am something of a High Church type, but with a true love and at least one foot in Eastern Orthodoxy. Which means I have a very mystical approach to the Christian faith. I was raised RC, but I don’t feel akin to that, save some of the very spiritual things, like The Mother of God, Christ as the Incarnate One of the Father, the Person of the Holy Spirit, etc. (as do with the E. Orthodox).
    But ask away mate, I will give ya what I have learned…and am still seeking to understand. No one has all the answers, but life is good, though evil is also real. But even evil, does not have a lasting ontology. It can but negate. But does not last in eternity in the Orthodox faith.


  14. thewordofme says:

    Hi Robert, nice to hear from you.

    Well, I have you beat by 10-12 lbs., and I’ll be 65 this November. 🙂

    I have an idea that the evangelical and fundamentalist types are the overwhelming religious sects here in the States. On a purely personal level I have no problem with most of them, they are as personable and friendly as anybody, but they lead a double life. They are actively wishing and hoping for the apocalypse to come in their lifetime.

    I have never researched the Eastern Orthodox, so at this point I can’t comment much on it. Isn’t it primarily Catholic…with differences of course? Can’t the same be said of Anglicanism? Did I spell that right?

    By rejecting religion when I was so young, and never paying attention to it for 50 years or so, I don’t have a strong grounding in it, but I am learning fast as I study the subject on the Internet.

    Regarding evil and ontology I have not studied St. Anselm or his ontological arguments so I can’t comment in this vein, but I would say that evil has existed forever and will exist forever…it is a human attribute that cannot be stamped out. Perhaps it is a genetic defect, or perhaps something that naturally flourishes when there is not some…or enough…‘good’ suppressing it. 🙂 Does that argue for or against God? 🙂

    What I am going through right now is finding that the evangelical fundamentalist position on the Bible, timelines, scriptural history, scriptural authorship, and accuracy are sadly lacking, or inaccurate. In the past, like I have said before, people could NOT check out the accuracy and truthfulness of what the church was saying…now we can…and organized religion does not like what it is hearing. I am finding that here in the States religious leaders and down the line to the flock…are denying or putting up false arguments against the proofs. This puts the churches in the undesirable position of lying for God. With respect…the churches have sadly been there many times.

    Now I’ve had some people try to argue with me that all the inaccuracies and other problems don’t matter as long as you believe in Jesus or God or both. That just doesn’t work for me…I can’t seem to work up much enthusiasm for something that, to me, seems so flawed.

    Anyway, let me say it is a pleasure corresponding with you, and I wish you well. Please continue to write, at your leisure.

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