Why are there still Christians?

The birth of the Christian religion is filled with secrecy, intrigue, deaths, torture, outright lies, and misdirection. There was no (and still isn’t) easy path to what we now know as the Christian faith. It took hundreds of years and the death of many innocents. There have been innumerable additions and falsehoods to Scripture. Many mistranslations…or at least many sects say so…they all want their own “world view” or “brand” of theology to be the dominant one.

Modern Christians fight as much nowadays as they did in 1 to 500 AD. The controversy never ends, it seems. They metaphorically stab each other in the back on a daily basis. They may not speak out on the pulpit against Jehovah’s Witnesses, Baptists, Pentecostal, or whatever they’re not. But, boy do they ever when like-minded ones gather informally. The Trinitarian clique badmouths the non-trinitarians and vice-versa. Catholics look down on JW’s, Baptists look down on Unitarians. The cacophony is deafening; there is no ending in sight.

They all claim to be “The Way” to everlasting, eternal life. They witness that “their” interpretation is the only true path. If disagreed with, they spit and sputter. If you try to reason with them their brains shut down and they deny common facts and truths. Walk up to a reader and believer in the Left Behind series of books and tell them you think the Rapture is bogus, and the idea that millions of people will suddenly fly up into Heaven is absurd, and you’d better stand back and prepare to defend yourself.

I’ve known religious people all my life and you wouldn’t believe how many will hardly sit still for a fictional show or documentary depiction of religion that crosses their faith.

They all seem to be worshipping a different God. They follow different paths to get to the same place….they think. Trouble is your path is wrong and you’ll never make it. One wonders, because of all this confusion, if the whole thing isn’t wrong…a misdirection of the intellect as it were.

How can anyone seriously defend something that has had two thousand years to settle in with the human psyche and is still in an internal uproar, and is not accepted by two thirds of the world population? Why, if all of this is the God’s honest truth, 🙂 is there so much dissent out there…so much unbelief and cynicism?

If, it’s all true, why do today’s science discoveries throw sooo much doubt on sooo many of the stories? Why do so many of the biblical scholars have so many doubts about things that Christians swear by?

I’m really confused and I doubt that I’ll be unconfused anytime soon.

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