REAL ID…Almost Here

The deadline for state compliance with the REAL ID Act will pass this May 11th, 2008 without a single state meeting its requirements. Last I heard 17 states have passed legislation rejecting or refusing to enact this National ID law.

A rebellion is underway about this matter and I am hoping the American people win this one.

Do we really want to hand this kind of power to the Feds? Yea sure, it sounds kinda benign now…but, if it passes…somewhere down the road this ID scheme has potential to destroy the last vestiges of freedom this country enjoys.

I have heard that those over 50 will not have to have this REAL ID, and I think I know why. We’ll make the biggest stink about it, because we remember a free America…Before all this orchestrated Bull Sh–.

I’ve already emailed my senators and congressman my feelings. I urge you to think this through, and consider telling your Fed Reps how you feel about having to carry ‘papers’ wherever you go.

There is still time if we make enough noise.

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One Response to REAL ID…Almost Here

  1. JustOrdinary says:

    Great post you should check out americanbadass at wordpress he’s on my blogroll- he’s done lots of post about the ID and RFID uses.

    Keep up the work!


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