Biblical Inerrancy?

No book of ancient times has come down to us exactly as it left the hands of its author- all have been in some way altered. ”

So what does this say about Bible inerrancy for today’s evangelical fundamentalists?  We know that the Catholic Church had unhindered and exclusive access to early Christian writings after about c315-325 CE.  They absolutely controlled what was canonized and passed on, and what was considered heresy (didn’t agree with them) so they could burn or suppress (and they did both) anything they wanted.  They also controlled the scribes and approved copies.

We also know that Eusebius was heavily involved with the picking and choosing of what was included, and was commissioned by Emperor Constantine, sometime after 325 CE, to produce 50 copies of a Bible to send to churches. It is believed that the Codex Sinaiticus and the Codex Vaticanus are surviving examples. This also marked the first time the Old Testament and New Testament were produced together.

Most real Biblical scholars agree that Scripture has been edited to agree with the Catholic dogma, or the scribes particular bent, and there can be found alterations made by later Protestants. We can go online to Bible Gateway at: and find 20 different English versions of The Book, and there can be found very subtle differences that can totally alter the thought or meaning.

We have no existing-original writings of the early Biblical authors. Many of the writers whose name appears in the headings today did not actually write them. Nothing original left to compare modern versions to.  So all of the modern interpretations have to be taken on ‘faith’ 🙂  We also know from extensive histories, that interpretations have varied…in *very large ways…from the time of Jesus to modern days. There is no continuity or consistency to this so-called ‘God’s Word’ or consistency of dogma or worship.  Would this be the hallmark of a real God? Is this a Godly enterprise?  Or could it be made-up by man?  Maybe the real god is ‘out there’ or ‘in there’, waiting to be discovered.

I find it hard to muster up that much faith and enthusiasm for what appears to be a major scam.

*Polygamy, slavery, rights of kings, second class feminine, right of ‘The Church’ to torture and kill in the name of God, etc.   Human slavery is the worst thing a God could have ever sanctioned. There can be no excuse for that little mistake…when this was included as a Godly thing; the Hebrew scribes at that point proved there is no God…in my humble opinion.

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6 Responses to Biblical Inerrancy?

  1. Justin says:

    Today I wrote an article on this topic. It was geared towards Christians, but check it out if you’d like.

  2. Rev. K.B.Kelly says:

    Greetings All,

    Noticing this article was posted on June 27th , and to have only one response is downright criminal. Where are God’s people? Surely the Creator doesnt need any assistance in defending His good name, but we think He does,( which makes Him laugh).
    We do have the mandate to PREACH the word in season and out of season. This word can be broken down in many ways, Im sure. Heres the way I see it: To preach is to reach all outside of the faith
    allowing the Holy Spirit to bring em into the fold. And to preach secondly, is to reach all those outside of the faith, giving them “each” the chance of making their own decision as the Holy Spirit urges them.
    The heart of God is that all men come to repentance and that none perish. But not all will.

    Briefly touching on the topic of “Biblical Inerrancy” :
    As I stated once prior that Christianity is not based on religion but “a” man (if your going to quote me, at least do it without leaving anything out, : )
    The Creator has given Earth over to a fallen angel, Lucifer ( or Lou Cifer whichever you;d prefer to use is fine). Therefore this world belongs not to God any longer but to satan or the devil. Even though He still can intercede in the affairs of His people and still does, Earth has a new owner. (see Joab, Jobe, Job ch.1).
    God was not the cause of slavery, nor did He partake in polygamy, nor the rough and so-called unfair treatment of woman, nor the rise of feminism for that matter. All the wars that have been fought on Earth’s soil, the Jewish extermination in the 40’s at the hands of Adolf Hitler, to the assassinations of leaders of state such as : Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Lincoln, and India’s Mahatma Ghandi just to name a few. (MLK exempt from ‘leaders of state’) were not accomplished by the hand of God–but by the hand of man.
    Just as our employer deserves and gets respect and allegiance and obedience in the workplace– so does God. The scriptures teach that just as we submit ourselves to our earthly masters in work, so should we obey in slavery as in obedience to our God. In other words, when we obey our earthly masters, we’re obeying God. Period! This can be taken further but i believe Ive covered the basics. If not ………let me know.
    : )
    In closing, I leave you with a thought to ponder:

    Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me”. St. John

  3. thewordofme says:

    Welcome back Rev. Kelly.

    Sorry bout’ that Rev.
    Yes, Paul did base his religion on that one man, Jesus. Of course Paul never met him…just had a beam of light come down from the heavens and indoctrinate him in Jesus’ word. Hmmm.

    There is no more evidence today, then there has ever been, that Satan is loose on the earth. Mankind has been thoroughly screwing up every thing since the beginning of *our* times (about 50,000 years ago). Think of all the wars and genocides that the Bible has recorded in the name of God. As soon as humankind started organizing itself into social groups and city states, they have been killing each other in wholesale numbers. “Satan” in that sense, has always been running amok on earth.

    Apparently God was speaking to the Hebrew people and interacting with them when all of the slavery, polygamy (God was even on friendly terms with many of the polygamists…and murderers and slave holders) and misogynists of the time. He never (in roughly 3500+ years) spoke out against the practices, so they went on and on, till *humans* finally realized that these things were wrong. This little oversight by Christianity is pretty good proof that it’s a fake—made up by men—religion.

    People of religion can blather on endlessly about excuses, but there is none, and there never was one, for slavery, or the subjugation of women.

    People that get my respect are those that do their job in an efficient and intelligent manner. It doesn’t matter if the job is the presidency of the country, or a Taco Bell manager. If they do their job badly then they do not deserve any respect.

    You said:
    “Just as our employer deserves and gets respect and allegiance and obedience in the workplace– so does God. The scriptures teach that just as we submit ourselves to our earthly masters in work, so should we obey in slavery as in obedience to our God.”

    I really take exception to that statement. That essentially says that mankind should just obey “the master”, stay in-line, do not make waves…don’t think for yourself. Big problem in the world today, people are too obedient to obviously wicked/psycho leaders. Are taught (or sometimes beaten into submission) to just conform and not ask questions. Humans will not be free so long as they follow bad–or false leaders, religious or otherwise.

    I’ll leave you with this thought:
    John 21: There is general agreement among liberal and mainline Biblical scholars that the original version of the Gospel of John ended at the end of John 20. John 21 appears to either be an afterthought of the author(s) of John, or a later addition by a forger. Most scholars believe the latter. Bible Inerrancy?

    Thanks again for your reply,

  4. Rev. K.B.Kelly says:


    Alot of the swaps between foriengn leaders during the OT times were in trade for other things. Slaves werent treated as slaves per se, but as members of an extended family. King Soloman, King David just a few accumulated most of their wealth and concubines with trades from countries who were doing business. Consequently, this really didnt do Soloman justice because when he allowed all those woman to bring in there foriegn gods, it eventually turned his heart away from the living God. So the word “slave”, is maybe a bit deceptive.
    It is a truth you speak pertaining to false preachers, cults and demons masquerading as “preachers of righteousness”. We are taught to search and study the scriptures for ourselves in depth (not just a reading now and then). We can stay clear from deception by earnest prayer, and study , memorizing the Word of God, of course this depends grealty on your outlook on faith.
    The Jim Jones cult could have been avoided, Waco and many others all by looking to God and not man. The Creator is a Spirit manifested in a man – being Yeshua. When we communicate to him it is to a Spirit that we speak to not a man. This eliminates : the pope, bishops, apostles, evangelists, yes even Billy Graham , Muhammad etc. These types of peoples only lead us toward truth. The question for many is ……….what truth are you leading me to and or what is truth.
    And John 21. you may have something there. Along with the gnostic gopsels. Im sure some of it maybe true. I believe personally the Lord gives us just what we need to make it through this life when it pertains to the kingdom. Man is the element of confusion in the world.
    In closing, I leave you with a thought to ponder:
    Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”.
    St. John.

  5. thewordofme says:

    Hi Rev. Kelly, thanks for reply.

    Most of the land and goods that the Hebrews collected during these times was ‘because God told them’ to do this. God also usually told them to kill every living thing, men, women, children, babies, goats, etc.

    In Exodus 21 the guidelines for the buying, selling and treatment of slaves is given. God says in verse 4 that if a male slave marries, his wife and children shall remain with the master when the slave departs because technically speaking they belong to the master. Now if the slave is imprudent enough to protests because he loves his wife and children and wants to stay on, the consequences can be pretty drastic. In verse 6 the master is directed to “Bring him unto the judges; he shall also bring him to the door, or unto the door post; and his master shall bore his ear (ouch!) through with an awl; and he shall serve him for ever”.

    Deuteronomy15:16-17. Here the master is told to “Do likewise to your maid slaves.”
    In Exodus 21:7-9 God even instructs men how to go about selling their own daughters into slavery. It is worth noting that many church officials including popes have owned slaves.
    Joel 3:8 God warns that, “I will sell your sons and your daughters to the Judeans, and they shall in turn sell them to the Sabeans, to a people far off.”
    1 Tim. 6:1-2; “Let slaves regard their masters as worthy of all honor.”
    Matthew 10:24 and John 13:16 remind us that slaves are never better than their masters. Women take note that in Titus 2:9-10 slaves are ordered to, “Be submissive to your master and give satisfaction in every respect.”
    Ephesians 6:5 and Colossians 3:22 which say, “Slaves obey your master.” Of the venerated Ten Commandments, numbers four and ten recognize and therefore give tacit approval to slavery. Neither the Old nor New Testament contains an outright condemnation of slavery.
    Matthew 8:5-13 Jesus heals the Roman centurion’s slave while praising the centurion for his exemplary faithfulness. In Luke 12:47, the parable of the faithful and unfaithful slave, Jesus recommends the beating of slaves. T

    The most astounding pro-slavery statement in the Bible is made by Jesus himself in Matthew 10:24-25. Here Jesus not only reminds slaves that they are never above their master, he recommends that they strive to be like him.

    Minister, Pastors, Rabbi’s, Pope’s, God, and Jesus had all given tacit approval to slavery in the past. For more than a thousand years no one of a religious bent thought to try to stop this practice, and in fact religious leaders in the colonial times in our county said that the Bible approved slavery.

    My thoughts on this matter are that all the people who were involved in the inventing of the Christian religion, and Muslim for that matter were born into societies that utilized and normalized slavery long before they themselves were born. As a consequence they had no concept that slavery was evil and not a thing to be supported, as our Bible certainly does.

    This is a major thing that the Christians hope will just go away. A real God most certainly would not have tolerated this aberration.

    “If in actual fact Caesar Augustus did not really order a census while Quirinius was governor of Syria – if it turns out there really was only one Gadarene demonaic rather than two – then the entire Bible becomes worthless and every tenet of Christian faith falls flat. If one single discrepancy emerges, it’s all over. This makes Christian faith an easy target for skeptics, and drives believers to unimaginable lengths to ‘defend’ the Bible.”
    Mark Mattison, “Is the Bible inerrant?,” at:

  6. Religious discourse requires subjectivity acknowledging itself as such, rather than as something more. I recommend the following post:

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