The Internet and Religion

One man’s theology is another man’s belly laugh. -Robert A. Heinlein

I was thinking today (something I studiously try to avoid), and thought back to the mid 90’s when I would occasionally argue with some Christians about God, the Bible, and religion in general.

It was tough at that time, because although I knew what the Christians were pushing was phony and tremendously wrong, I had no ammunition, no information about the depths of the Christian deceit.  All my research on religious matters was tough as I was also trying to make a living and support a pretty big family.  Because of what the subject matter was about, I pretty much did it sporadically, as I didn’t want to cause any commotion at home.

All of that started to change in late 1996 or early1997 when we got Internet access, and I started to find so much relevant information online.  Argument I had never even thought about, information to give support to my position on the silliness of Noah’s flood and the Tower of Babel, and the age of the earth, Adam and Eve, and the beginnings of the Christian faith.  All was suddenly clear…these feelings I had about the wrongness of their concepts and beliefs…I intuitively knew they were wrong, but now I had access to real scientific papers and people that were doing actual research on matters I was interested in.  I could finally know the subjects with some confidence, I could argue from knowledge, not from some vague feeling that their theology was crazy.

I am thinking that the humongous amount of information now available to atheists, agnostics and wavering Christians is slowly turning the tide of religion. The evidence, available to all with a computer and Internet connection, is now so overwhelming that the Bible is wrong.  We can, if we want, disprove just about anything thrown at us by religious fanatics. The thick fog of myth and false magic is slowly dissipating, the more knowledge we accumulate about the ball and chain of religion, the more we know of its falseness.

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4 Responses to The Internet and Religion

  1. Rev. KB Kelly says:


    You speak about the Christian faith with such animosity and yet you are a religious person as well. Not in the traditional sense, but your belief system is of unbelief and that runs your life, making it your religion. A religion is a certain belief in ones way of life. Do good to others, feed the homeless, protect the innocent, you know stuff like that.
    Would this be a correct assumption or am I in left field somewhere?

    I think however, I maybe in the right ball park. Whether you choose to believe in something or not doesn’t nufflify its truthfulness. We all one day will stand before the Creator, Yahweh ( not just the Hebrew God but the Creator of us all). And kneel and admit that Jesus Is Lord of All.

    You can find any kind of literature you desire on the internet, this is true……..just keep scrolling down the pages until you find something you agree with. Thats a funny way of discovering truth. ? Pros and Cons everywhere.
    God is Spirit and deals with each man one on one. The Creator changes the inside of man’s heart , from being a murderer, a rapist, a drunkard…….now these everyone would consider to be bad. So why is it such a crime when such people are changed from a life of crime to a life of uprightness and morality?
    Im not religious, I dont speak about religion, in fact Jesus himself said, “If your righteousness doesnt exceed that of the Pharisees and scibes you will in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven”. (Mt.5:20).
    Everything in the inspired writings can be seen in everyday life , yes in your life as well. To deny the existence of an intelligent Creator is to deny common sense and logic.
    I leave you with a thought to ponder: Jesus said, ” I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” (Jn 14:6)
    Turn from your unbelif and live and experience the salvation of the Lord.

  2. Rev. KB Kelly says:

    An insert to my last transmission: I dont preach about religion or religious duties ; I preach about a man and the relationship which we can have with Him. To gain peace of mind, tranquility and the assuredness of our eternal destination. For this very reason Christians can be happy and joyful in stressful and trying times.

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