Did God Help the Hebrews?

“I’ve often thought that the Bible should have a disclaimer in front saying this is fiction” Ian McKellen

The Jewish people claim that Yahweh, Elohim, or God, pick whichever name you like, was the creator of the world …and humanity…and made himself known to Abraham as a God and protector of the Hebrew race. Not the human race, which was flourishing at the time, but the Jewish race.

Taking the numbers from the Bible, describing Huge battles involving thousands or hundreds of thousands of warriors, the population of earth had to be tremendous…in the millions and millions. ‘God’ picks Hebrews as ‘His’ people???

Now if you know anything about the history of the Middle East, Hebrews, Jews, Persia, Syria, Egypt, Israel, Judea, or any of the various tribal groups roaming around the Holy Land area, you know that the Hebrew tribes never were very successful as a country, or military power, or race for that matter.

They had three kings, all of three of which were hugely flawed. They were constantly revising their theology and beliefs. Many of them converted to other religions when they were dispersed at different times during their history. Now if you KNEW that your God was the only true one…how could you change your religion?

Time after time they go into battle and lose. They are conquered time and again, they are dispersed and exiled many times and finally the Romans conquer and destroy Jerusalem and what’s left of the Jews spread all over the world.

There is no real evidence of a ‘God’ helping them or being advantageous to their existence.

Do any of you ‘out there’ see some evidence of an omnipotent, omniscient being helping the Jews? I sure don’t.

Why would anybody want to carry on the worship of a God that so obviouly had no power over our world? Who would want to be associated with a ‘God’ that never helped it’s subjects? Why would you want to buy into that whole guilt and sin fantasy?

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5 Responses to Did God Help the Hebrews?

  1. Aleksey says:

    I do not think guilt and sin are “the selling points” of the Judaism, I believe you are mixing it with some Fundamental Protestant ideas. Also, The Old Testament is not all about how God helped or did not help Hebrews, some of it is the story of a journey of the people form past to the future. Finally, God was not just revealed to Hebrews, other people knew Him, think of Ruth’s story. The Hebrews are chosen, for example, from a Christian perspective, to pave the way to Jesus.

    Your points about leaving the True God for something else are erroneous – people leave and come back to Abrahamic faiths all the time, even though one of the main point of those religions is to worship the One True God. The Bible clearly documents it that in the story of king Solomon’s idolatry, even though the king was obviously faithful to God before. Lapses in faith happen all the time.

  2. thewordofme says:

    Hi Aleksey/Alexei/Alexsod, thanks for writing.

    Imagine the people traveling with Moses out of Egypt and God displaying his power to part the Red Sea, make water flow from a rock, to display a column of smoke by day and a column of fire at night to lead the people to where they need to go, to make manna fall from the sky to feed the million plus travelers.

    All of this display of Godly power that just has to make certain that the people have absolutely no doubts that they are in the presence of a real and true God. And yet those idiots melt some gold and cast a golden calf to worship when Moses stays too long on the mountain.

    They KNOW there is a God, there is no problems like many people have today where all signs of God were 3000+- years ago…they have lived in his presence, yet they turn their back on him for a statue of a cow. That is insane behavior…or…it’s the behavior of people who actually never saw a god…or…Moses’ con wasn’t good enough to thoroughly convince the people he was leading.

    There is actually very good evidence that the Jewish people were wishy-washy about committing to the “One True God” up until about 600-500 BC and if you accept that Abram started the Jewish line about 2000-1800 BC that’s a lot of time to convince this tribe of a million+- people, especially since God was apparently not a stranger then, as he is now.

    Guilt is a attribute of Jewishness…I have that on the authority of a Jewish pal. 🙂

    All of the above is moot anyway since the Exodus (and many other Biblical stories) almost certainly never happened…it all seems to be Jewish myth, as the evidence is showing now

  3. Aleksey says:

    There is also such thing called doubt, and it can cause questions like “what if Moses worshiped something else and called it by the name of One True God?” or “if it truly was One True God, how come we are suffering now? Has He forgotten us? I better start worshiping something that will hear our prayers for sure.”, etc. etc. etc. I do not know whether you used to be a theist or not, but there are moments in believer’s life when he/she absolutely know of God’s existence because he/she has seen His works right in front of him/her, and then there are moments of discouragement and despair that can obliterate one’s faith if it does not have strong roots. I can totally imagine Jews straying from the True Worship.

    If there is indeed a guilt tactics in Judaism, Christians can also argue that that was one of the reasons for God’s Incarnation as Jesus: He came to fix this human relationship with God, to show that God is closer than you think, that He knows what you are going through, He is on your side, He loves you, even though you are a sinner.

  4. thewordofme says:

    Hi Aleksey, thanks for your reply.

    You write:
    “…I can totally imagine Jews straying from the True Worship.”

    Yeah, like that cow worship really worked for them. 🙂

  5. aleksod says:

    Like I said, doubt can take you to some dark places.

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