Bush’s Record/Legacy


To those who think ol’ GW is the best president in history…or even that he was a pretty good pres.

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Interested in family and friends,grandchildren, photography, darkrooms, history, archaeology, scuba diving, computers, software, fast cars, journalism, writing, travel, ecology, news, science, and probably most other subjects you could think of. Did I mention family and friends?? I require iced tea or cold brewed coffee and a internet connection to be fully functional. Sometimes there are just so many words in my head they spill out.

4 Responses to Bush’s Record/Legacy

  1. thewordofme says:

    pacer 521,

    Great list that deserves much more exposure than I can give.
    I’d almost forgot how REALLY BAD ol’ GW is/was. 🙂

  2. Deacon Blue says:

    I can sort of understand how some people could be lulled into thinking he’s an OK president (though even that’s a big stretch)…but anyone who thinks he’s one of the best ever need some serious medical attention…right NOW.

    In any case, may Obama and Biden win the day and McCain go quietly into retirement and Palin back to hunting wolves and moose and waiting for the rapture to occur in her lifetime.

  3. thewordofme says:

    Hey Deacon. good to hear from you again.

    Yea, I know two people that think he’s the greatest…I treat them special 🙂

    You know I have been a life-long Republican; hell I even voted for Barry Goldwater in the 60’s and Nixon (really bad choice-that) in the 70’s, but never again.

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