The Killers in Religion

Did Osama bin Laden invoke God when he planned and carried out the deadly attack on New York’s Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001?

Did George Bush also call on God when he unleashed the bombers and missiles on the countries of Afghanistan and Iraq?

Do the Palestinian suicide bombers call upon God when they explode themselves in crowded Israeli cities and busses and crowded restaurants?

Do the Jewish people call upon God when they retaliate against the Palestinians with tanks and missiles and bulldoze their buildings?

Did you know that just Christians (Catholics and Protestants) fighting among themselves in the last two thousand years have killed over 15 million believers, much much more than that when you count the collateral damages that all wars bring, such as diseases and starvation.

Catholics and Protestants have both called on God as they killed each other in England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, Bohemia, Netherlands and probably most other countries to some degree.

And then there are the Jews…Catholics and Protestants have, for two thousand years, been rooting for the death of Jews individually and as a race.  Jesus killers that they are.*  Hitler with the unspoken consent of the Catholic and Protestant population of Germany tried his best to wipe them out.

And then there are the ancient Hebrews fighting and killing those sinners that God pointed out to them and sanctioned the death of…including women, children, and babies.

Do any religious people stop and think that maybe a real God would not do-or-sanction this kind of behavior…ever?

Where is the God in all of this?

What are the ministers and priests who abuse children in the name of God thinking?

What are the Bishops, Archbishops, and Cardinals thinking when they try to hide evidence that their Godly religion is pure evil? Do you think that the pedophiles of the church are just a recent thing and restricted to just the USA?

What are the Religious leaders of the world (Muslims, Christians, and Jews) thinking when they tell us that people of different sexual persuasion should be killed? Well maybe the ones that prey on children.

What is keeping the people of this world believing in a sky spirit that is so obviously evil and anti-human?  This is not an argument about free will…this is an argument against a false God…a fake God…a God that can’t seem to make its followers God-like or humble or good, if it does exist.  Do you think you should support a God that gives you no advantage for following him, or that never answers prayers?

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8 Responses to The Killers in Religion

  1. Johanna says:


    I would just like to leave a stamp and say that I found it interesting reading this post and I tend to return to your blog now and then. There are so many things connected to religion that aren’t being considered.
    We all know they do it in the name of their god, but in the open they are “really just mad people, aren’t they?” least that is what the papers tell us.. Talk about neglecting yourself.


  2. thewordofme says:

    Hi Johanna, thank you for visiting and writing.

    Yes, after studying the subject for a few years now I find that there are thousands of things, both large and small, that point to the conclusion that religion is not true. Although the people that believe…at least in my circle of friends…are very likable and good people, they have that little quirk of believing in magic, demons, angels, ghosts, and the supernatural…and that *their* God is the only true one.
    Hard for me to fathom this anomaly in otherwise normal people, because for over two thousand years now there has been absolutely no evidence for any of those things.

  3. ldugan says:

    As for war…the only time God (Abraham’s God) would permit such killings would be to defend yourself. To defend your family, country, friends, etc. from being killed.
    People who call on “God” – which most of the people you mentioned are not calling on the true God of Abraham – are just doing so to make themselves feel “good” about their decision are to try to convince people that it is the right thing to do. A lot of people claim to call on God or be told by God to do a lot of things when in reality they aren’t. They just know that if they say they are then others will accept what they are about to do.

  4. thewordofme says:

    Hi Idugan, nice to hear from you again.

    How is it that sooo many people kill and murder in the name of God? Does our lame duck president implying that we are on God’s side (or vice-versa) make it alright to invade Iraq on phony evidence, and kill and maim so many civilians as well as soldiers?

    Most religious sects, from time immemorial, have given the official okey-dokey for soldiers to go off and kill in the name of (insert your god here) and (insert secular leader here) The further you look into wars and aggression the more you find fakery in motives and gross misrepresentation of evidence for reasons to wage war…so I would guess that most wars aren’t sanctioned by any real god. Or do you think Abrahams God would bless going to war for anyone no matter what sneaky reasons they come up with? I’m thinking Iraq and Viet-Nam here…as those particular wars were using manufactured evidence and reasons.

    Isn’t Allah just the Arabic word for ‘God’? Isn’t it the same God that we might call on for help? Don’t the Muslim’s recognize that ‘our’ God and ‘theirs’ is the same? How did God get in this position of condoning murder most foul for both sides of the issue? How is it that God, down through time, has been on the side of torture and death so much…has sanctioned internecine warfare between Catholics and Protestants?

    You know, I think the answer to this conundrum is that there really isn’t a God ‘up there’ looking out for us, protecting the pious and meek. No one—NO ONE—can point to even one instance of Godly help for us earthlings in matters of war. There has never been a God on either side.

  5. ldugan says:

    “Or do you think Abrahams God would bless going to war for anyone no matter what sneaky reasons they come up with?” No I do not. Though I do think that in certain cases war is necessary. I don’t know about the wars you mentioned and everyone knows that our current President’s approval rating are at an all time low…so I’m not surprised at all to hear people bashing him and what he’s done with the war. Anyway…

    I would not say that my God is the same as Allah. Not in the least. I do not know what they say about ‘their’ god and ‘our’ God…maybe I will research that further. It would be interesting to understand their view on ‘god’.

    This is going to sound like a lame example but what about the Greek gods who picked sides in wars. Of course, it generally ended in a war between the gods…but they picked sides none the less. And what about when God helped his people take down Jericho with just marching and trumpets. Wouldn’t you say that was God helping in a matter of war?

  6. thewordofme says:

    Remember there is lots of scripture that says God ordered the Hebrews to go out and kill men, women, children and even all the animals. He ordered the bashing of babies against walls and running pregnant women thru with swords.

    The God of the Old Testament was very evil.

    The story of Jericho most likely did not happen. Walls were already down a few hundred years before they got there.

    On a related note most of the stuff you learned in Sunday School is not true.

  7. the word of me says:

    hello anonymous,

    There is no hell bucko…you have been terribly mislead and haven’t a clue about the real world.

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