God and Creation…the early years

Science is nothing more than organized common sense.  Kenneth R. Miller

So God is just having a normal day telling all the Angels and Satan and Archangels, Michael and Gabriel what to do, and suddenly thinks, “I’m going to make a Universe and some planets and maybe some live things to play around with.”

So he gets in his creation mode and conjures up (Ex-Nihilo) gasses, rocks, metals, water, fire, space, time, and any other thing that goes into making up this Universe we happen to live in.  He probably lets it cook for a few billion years and things start to happen as the Universe makes stars and planets and blows up and re-condenses and expands and contracts and generally does it thing, as it has for over 14 billion years now.

Now God apparently decides to make our world personally and he makes the firmament about 4.5 billion years ago, and he hovers to and fro over the waters and divides the land from the water and makes light and then the sun and moon and stars in the sky and animals and grasses and finally after about 4.499999 billion years or so he makes poor ol’ Adam, then pulls a rib from him to make Eve. Now all the while he is doing this creating and starting things in motion, he’s thinking to himself. “How can I make this creating stuff more interesting?”

After thinking for awhile he calls Satan and Michael over and whispers into their ears for about an hour.  Every now and then either Satan or Michael pull back and look at God like he’s crazy, but they go back to the huddle and whisper some more. The other Angels just stand around wondering what’s up with the bosses and why they’re whispering back and forth.

Now we cut to earth, and Adam and Eve, in this perfect garden that God has set up for them. They’re running around naked and all, pruning and watering the garden for a few (8?) years. Then out of nowhere comes Satan and does the apple/fruit of some kind…thing with eve, and then slithers out of sight before God comes.

We all know what happens next…God kicks them out of the garden, gives them pain, etc., etc. Just remember that it wasn’t till a few (4 or so) thousand years later that Paul decided they were part of his theology.

Now they are kicked out of their home with nothing but the God provided skins of some animals on their backs. They have nothing…they finally find a cave to live in and after some further wrangling with God and the Devil they start their family. The family thing didn’t turn out so well…they birthed and raised the first killer and they were left alone, until at the age of 130, they had another son, and then more sons and daughters.  Some say as many as 35 or more children…I really feel sympathy for Eve on this.

Now all this was supposed to have happened 6000 years ago.  God makes these hapless souls and promptly kicks them out of safety and into a world where they were clueless. The world was teeming with deadly diseases, poisonous plants, and killer animals.  They didn’t know a thing about making shelters, finding safe water, finding or making food, when to plant, what to plant, how to plant, how to kill and skin animals for clothing and shelter, how to make the necessary tools an ancient human would need for survival.

They had nothing in the way of knowledge about the ways of natures, how to make things they needed to raise up from the level of animals, how to live safely and comfortably and plan for a future they could not comprehend. They had no medicines, no knowledge of the possibility of medicine and how to treat any of the human ailments that we are all prone to. All they knew was the ‘Garden’ and the care of God.

Somehow they managed to survive and give birth to a race of people that numbered in the 10’s of millions about 1500 to 1600 years later ???

Then the Bible says that God gets really mad at these humans he had created, so he decides to kill them all…well, except for Noah and his family.  God reasons that this will rid the world forever of all these people that dis-respect Him. So somewhere around 2300 or 2400 BCE he floods the world and kills millions and millions of people, but He saves Noah and his sons and all the wives, and then he remakes the whole world to make it look like there was never a flood…just to confuse us later.

A couple hundred years after the flood was over the world was once again covered with humanity…millions and millions of people were spread everywhere on the face of the earth.  God looks down at Babylon and sees the people are now building a city and making really really tall buildings.  For some reason this kinda’ pisses God off, so he lowers himself from the sky, and with magic, he makes them stop speaking Akkadian and start speaking Hebrew, German, Chinese, Ojibwa, Spanish, English, French, Japanese, Korean, Canadian, Egyptian, and Esperanto.

This is when He really starts to mess with modern people’s minds…you see Babylon had already been built, and the towers were there, before He caused the ‘Flood.’  And of course the people then living in those faraway places (Spain, China, Japan, Canada, America, etc., etc.) were speaking their own early versions of their countries language…before the ‘Flood’ even.

So somewhere God kind of messed up when He plotted, and passed on to Moses, this great adventure us humans are part of…He hasn’t keep the lines of evidence in proper order, but possibly this is part of the plot…keep us on our toes, so to speak.

I can’t seem to get out of Genesis.  There are just so many things wrong with that story

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8 Responses to God and Creation…the early years

  1. Deacon Blue says:

    Suspend disbelief at least on least one thing for me: The notion that the writings of Genesis are, while written by men, inspired by God’s spirit speaking to them.

    Now, imagine God having someone write an account of events that uses scientific jargon that would be gibberish, numbers that would be too huge for ancient folks to imagine, etc. etc.

    Genesis is “Creation for Dummies.”

    Simplified greatly. The confusion is not caused by God trying to trip us up but by insanely fundamentalist Christians who take it all SOOOOO damn literally and not in context.

    When I decided to read the Bible from to back, what struck me was the coherence of the overall theme of man separating from God and God working through his creation in subtle ways to fix it in a way that would matter.

  2. thewordofme says:

    Hi Deacon, nice to hear from you.

    Suspending disbelief brings up a whole new set of problems for the Bible, but I will go along with what you are trying illustrate.

    It’s kind of late for me right now so my creativity is low (some would say it always is…but that’s another story.:-)) I’m sure an all knowing God could tell a story (I can’t come up with one at the moment) that would not only resonate with those he was speaking to at the time…but also future truth seekers.

    In fact the Bible is, throughout it Scriptures, nothing more than writers of the times writing what they knew of, in the times they lived in…there is no evidence of supernatural knowledge of anything that a God would be expected to know. Reading Genesis and comparing it to what we now *know* about the world, and how it works, we can finally see how wrong it is.

    If one studies the sciences that somehow have a connection to the Bible and its history of humanity; which most sciences do in some way or another, you will find that most all of the things the Bible says is somehow wrong. Our time on this earth is tremendously different than the Bible admits…and this is a BIG deal because it is sooo wrong, and impacts the believability of the book.

    The Flood never happened, The Tower of Babel never happened. Did Moses actually lead over a million people through the desert for 40 years and then have God deny him admittance? Did Joshua really destroy the walls of Jericho, or were they already down 2 or 3 hundred years before he got there. Was Ai already a ruin when Joshua was supposed to have killed the king and bury him by the gate? Did God promise the ‘Promised Land’ or did the Hebrews just make that up to justify their stealing others property and land?

    I think the Hebrew writers were just making it up as they went along. After humans started to colonize the whole world starting about 100,000 (+-) years ago, God finally decides to show himself to a band of wandering Jews in Abrams time???

    One can look at the words of Moses and interpret them simply as an ancient story teller or tribal leader relating the tribe’s creation story. One of the strongly held beliefs of modern biblical scholars is that Moses did not himself write the Pentateuch…they were actually written about 700-400 BCE, but from verbal stories passed from generation to generation.

    “Archaeologist Piotr Bienkowski argues that much of the Old Testament was passed on orally
    until put in writing between the eighth and fifth centuries B.C., with earlier events being either invented or distorted for political purposes by the document’s writers….” [Science News]

    We know the early Catholic Church was changing, burning, and hiding early Christian writings. Why would a God trust the Catholic Church of all organizations to bring Scripture through a thousand years of turbulent human history…unchanged? They early ‘Mother Church’ was startlingly evil and misguided, and proved to be criminal and vile and genocidal.

    The whole history of the Bible is enveloped in darkness and mistruths and pure myth, but of course modern religionists don’t let this get around. The Christian scheme of evil and original sin and redemption through Jesus that Christians attribute to Gods plan is illogical and nonsensical.

    I’m sorry I don’t see what you do when I read the Book, and I have and do read it. Of course you think I am misguided and reading with a preconceived notion of things, and I probably am to a certain extent, but I’m really trying to find the key…the epiphany as it were, but so far having no luck.

    If any good comes out of my quest, it is the people I ‘talk’ to on the net as they are generally good and kind humans…and I like the journey.


  3. ldugan says:

    “So he gets in his creation mode and conjures up (Ex-Nihilo) gasses, rocks, metals, water, fire, space, time, and any other thing that goes into making up this Universe we happen to live in. He probably lets it cook for a few billion years and things start to happen as the Universe makes stars and planets and blows up and re-condenses and expands and contracts and generally does it thing, as it has for over 14 billion years now. Now God apparently decides to make our world personally…”

    How can you use both the creation story and the ‘evolution’ (idk the correct term..) in your story? they do not coincide at all.

  4. thewordofme says:

    Hi again Idugan thanks for writing.

    I think its called Deism…a god creates all the stuff necessary…stands back and sets it in motion.

    He waits around a few centuries to make sure its running correctly and then moves on (checking back occasionally to make sure all is well) to other things.

    In a universe of unimaginable size and content do you really think a Real God would stay around for 6000 years playing around with a few humans and interfering with a wandering tribe of Hebrews? To me that smacks of a God made in our image…not vice- versa.

    Hope you are well and enjoying college.


  5. ldugan says:

    Oh you’re right I forgot about that belief (Deism).

    To me the idea of God caring about me is beyond my imagination…It really makes no sense to me why a God would care about me but I know He does. It’s something you have to take on faith.

  6. thewordofme says:

    Hi Idugan,

    Think hard about it…how would you ever know if a god cared about you? Some people have estimated that there has been over 30 billion ‘people’ living on this rock over the last million years or so.

    Of course you would have to take it on faith as there is no evidence of God. You are taking on faith what you have been told and had drilled into you as a youngster.

    I remember I had faith until I was about 13…then I started to read of life and reality…faith and belief went away as I was confronted with the harshness of the actual world.

    Religion has been set up in such a way as to make escape hard. The elders tell you that anything you read that contradicts belief in the one true God is heresy, and the devil is behind it trying to trick you. The very religious people I know take pride in their rejection of science, or they pick and choose what they want to believe in.

  7. ldugan says:

    I KNOW that God cares for me. What I’m saying is that I do not expect to be able to show you that b/c you do not believe the Bible is the Word of God…

    What about those who have not been ‘drilled’ about the Bible and yet believe what I believe? What if I myself used to not believe any of this but recently came to believe it?

    Now that I’m at a secular university and learning about the ‘actual world’ more than ever…I am so thankful for my faith. Without it I know I would never be able to make it through this harsh world. So I guess you would categorize me with those same ppl you talked about in that last paragraph…and that’s fine with me.

  8. thewordofme says:

    Hi again Idugan

    It’s good to have something to believe in and hold onto while going to school away from home..

    Hang in there and have a good time. Approach the world correctly and it’s not so rough. Pick your friends carefully. 🙂


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