Texas Looses Sanity..Votes for Creationism

I knew it, I just knew it would happen. The Texas state school board has voted for promoting Young Earth Creationism in their public (tax supported) school system. This shows how much power the Christian Right (Evangelical, fundamentalist,* Pentecostals) have in this country…not only do they control the whole Republican Party, they now are taking over the education system of one of the biggest states in the Union.

Think about this. The State of Texas is going to be teaching in their public schools (tax supported) that God created the earth 6,000 years ago, there was a Universal Flood that God sent to kill all mankind, that God is responsible for all the languages in the world, that God will create a “Rapture” and all believers will float away to Heaven thus bypassing the ‘troubling times’ on earth.

Go Here.

Go Here.

People we are witnessing history here.  This is a new chapter in the religious wars we are fighting. Theocracy is fighting secular government in this country.  They want to control your life and the life of everyone around you.

This is really scary…American don’t seem to have any idea what can happen from just this one incident.  Remember your learning about the Catholic and Spanish inquisition in school?  Do you seriously want the evangelical fundamentalist* religions running your life? If we allow steps like this to continue it will happen.

I wonder what would happen if a student stood up in class and said he/she didn’t believe the religious interpretations that were being taught in science class.  Would the whole weight of school bureaucracy fall on him/her?  Would the principle be called in and the student sent home for disciplinary reasons?

“Sorry your son/daughter won’t believe what we are teaching and is disrupting our school.  If he/she continues this behavior, we will have to flunk him/her.

Hmmm.. Could a legitimate case be made to sue the schools for teaching Christian Dogma instead of real science.

From the Houston Chronicle:

“The board’s effort to undermine “universal common descent” in public schools will make the state’s science standards “an object of ridicule,” said Steve Schafersman, president of Texas Citizens for Science.

“It’s really unscientific. It promotes creationism. It says that students will be required to learn arguments against common descent or ancestral connections,” Schafersman said. “The only alternative to common descent is creationism in their minds.”

“…There are many, many gaps that don’t link species changing and evolving into another species, so we want our students to get all of the science, and we want them to have great, open discussions and learning to respect each other’s opinions,” said Barbara Cargill, R-The Woodlands, a former science teacher.

She scoffed at claims that social conservatives on the 15-member board were just trying to find another way to expose students to creationism — the belief that life, Earth and the universe were created by a supreme being.

“This isn’t about religion. I don’t know how many times we have to say it before people accept it,” she said. “It’s about science. We want to stick to the science.”

A comment on the above quote: The last I heard science wasn’t about opinion, it was about empirical facts.

Now the above statement by Barbara Cargill is just a flat out LIE.  You do not see any scientists in Texas, or the United States, or the world,  calling for the teaching of creationism in schools…only politicians and school board members;  in mostly Southern States, and with large populations of evangelical fundamentalists*. The only thing they want to do is teach their religion in secular schools and they LIE to cover it up…real Christian that.

*Fundamentalist Christians (such as Baptists, especially the Southern Baptists, Pentecostalists, such as the Assemblies of God, Foursquare Churches, Full Gospel Churches, and all other denominations of the so-called “born-again”, “Evangelical” beliefs) believe that the generation that witnessed the re-establishment of Israel (like anyone born before 1948 did) will also be the generation that will witness the Second Coming of Jesus and the consequent establishment of His Millennial Reign on earth…from Israel. Some others, such as Jehovah’s witnesses, also believe parts of this.


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2 Responses to Texas Looses Sanity..Votes for Creationism

  1. billy says:

    So the truth Scares you? Why should all the other theroys be taught they are all theroys none are proven, “bigbang” and alge turned into complex life ok lets say your right then why in all of recorded history has alge not turned into any thing other than alge?
    answer because it never happened in the first place
    you people just crack me up

  2. thewordofme says:

    Hi Billy, thanks for writing.

    No sir, the truth does not scare me. I am actively looking for the truth.

    You write:
    “Why should all the other theroys be taught they are all theroys none are proven, “bigbang” and alge turned into complex life ok lets say your right then why in all of recorded history has alge not turned into any thing other than alge?”

    Well those other theories out there (evolution and such) actually have repeatable empirical science behind them. Actually if the ‘Big Bang’ happened and God caused it, it would be the same. Algae was one of the very first things to evolve on this planet…we were one of the last…but we all came,ultimately, from the same slime.

    There’s a big world out there Billy, many many things are going on in every field of endeavor you could imagine. I have a hard time keeping up with the science.

    Strange thing is that every time science and religion get into an argument, science is eventually proven right.

    I don’t mean to necessarily upset your world view, but science is really right about this stuff, and the Creationist Texas school board is really lying about their position.

    Already the University system in California is rejecting some applicants from religious fundamentalist schools because they don’t have the necessary skills to compete in the education the university provides.

    I can’t say you people crack me up. I truly worry about you guys and gals, and I worry about a world ruled by ‘you people.’


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