The Book of Genesis is a Fraud

The Book of Genesis is a Fraud

The further I investigate the Christian religion and survey the timelines and civilizations that were flourishing around the Levant and Mesopotamian areas, in the supposed time of Adam and Eve, the more I realize that the creationist people at ‘Answers in Genesis’ (AiG) are right in their most loudly proclaimed message.  The whole truth or lie of the Bible and the Christian religion is depended on that single chapter of Genesis. The information given in this seminal work of Christianity absolutely has to be true or the whole house of cards falls apart.

AiG and their brethren, the hundreds of evangelical fundamentalist sects out there, have to have this key grounding to their beliefs or the whole theological mess makes no sense.

The earth and the universe have to be only 6,000 to 10,000 years old; otherwise their Noah’s Flood and ‘Flood Geology’ story falls apart because it is dependent on the figuring of generations since Adam.  The Tower of Babel explanation is connected to the timing of the spread of language and the 6 procreating passengers of the Ark. The story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden play the most important part of all.

All of these stories intertwine and depend on each other to shore up the modern day exegesis of the Christian faith as expressed by evangelical fundamentalism.  The drama that is to follow Genesis has to have the elements of this first chapter in it to make sense, for Jesus mentions both Adam and Eve and Noah in the New Testament scriptures.

Matthew 24:37-39: (Jesus speaking) “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

Matthew 10:4: (Jesus Speaking) “And he said unto them, ‘Have ye not read, that He which made them at the beginning made them male and female?”

It needs to be mentioned that of course Jesus had the Hebrew ‘Bible’ (Tanakh) to read in his time on earth, as all the old stories, including Genesis, had been recorded and saved by Hebrew scribes around 500 to 600 BC, probably during or just after the exile. So if Jesus were not the Son of God or God Himself (that Trinity myth gets me so confused) and have firsthand knowledge of these happenings, at least He would know the story and know it was part of His heritage

After the flood subsided and the sons and daughters-in-law of Noah (Noah had no other children according to the Bible) spread over the earth they of course were to multiply and subdue the earth again, and they all spoke one language, as they came from the same land and family.  This ties the Tower of Babel story inextricably to the Noachian Flood.  If a normal person were to hear or read the stories of Genesis (and who hasn’t?) and our beginnings without applying any basic reasoning skills or knowledge of what’s going on in the world now, I think the normal response is to believe they are reporting actual historical happenings.

These stories in Genesis and the other Biblical writings of the Hebrews of the Old Testament and the later scribbling of Paul and other writers of the New Testament have been pushed upon the Western world as an absolutely-totally-accurate description of how our world and humanity began.  Well they have to do this because we’re talking about ‘The God of Everything’ and it’s not possible that He could be wrong, if He is found to be wrong then He has no real authority or potency…in fact He would not be a God.

For two thousand years they have pretty much got away with it.  In the Dark Ages after the downfall of Rome and in the Middle Ages up till around the 1800’s there was little-to-no resistance to the Christian world-view and in fact you could get into serious trouble by actually speaking out about and denying the truth of God, Jehovah, Yahweh and Jesus. Actually, in some places you could get into serious trouble up into the 1900’s for sins against God.

The church and its leaders were quick to protect their turf and muzzle any dissent or opposition to their perceived “Truth.” It is factual recorded history that many many thousands, maybe millions of human were killed in the establishing and early continuation of Christianity.  Many Popes and early leaders of the ‘Mother Church’ were totally depraved and preyed on their flocks, much wealth was stolen and put into church vaults and Cathedrals and buildings and to supporting extravagant lifestyles of the elite.  All in all, the rise of the Christian faith has been a bloody non-Godly event in our human history.

Now, the Christian faith and its sourcebook, the Bible, is facing increasing pressure to prove itself to be a religion of truth or actual relevance as more and more evidence of our earth’s history and the history of mans beginnings is coming into focus. When this Bible was written I doubt there was much thought given to us humans eventually being able to figure out what actually-really happened in our past.  The Hebrews were writing in a time of mythical constructs and beliefs, they had already been through a number of gods before and none of them proved to be strong enough or able to bring the people together. A synthesis was needed.  The Egyptians and Sumerians were next door so to speak and they had pretty well developed theories of godship…Hmmm.

There are many methods to date old artifact, and dating only as far back as 4,000 or 5,000 BC is totally easy and totally doable by a plethora of dating methods that can be easily cross referenced, and for a lot of the times, there are written records.  Egypt and the Mesopotamian area of this planet are arguably the most studied, measured, and scrutinized places on earth. Archaeology has been going on in the Holy Land and surrounds forever, it seems. Scholarly men and women have been digging up and analyzing every sign of ancient habitation for over 200 years there.  We have a tremendous store of factual data on the real history and goings on in this area of the earth.

The Bible says that the earth was created in 6 days and that Adam and Eve were created on the last day…or maybe the first day…depends on your interpretation.  The religious right says this was 6,000 years ago, plus or minus a few years

It is an easily checked fact that Egypt in the Nile valley and Sumeria in Mesopotamia were functioning city states/civilizations at this time.  A little harder to find, but the facts are out there, is that the Indus Valley Civilization in parts of what is modern day Pakistan and India and the Chinese civilization in Asia were flourishing at the Biblical time in which God was supposedly creating the earth, our solar system, the whole universe, and Adam and Eve. You have to wonder what these people were thinking… 🙂

The Sumerian civilization lasted from the first settlement in Eridu in the Ubaid period in the late 6th. millennium BC through the Uruk period in the 4th. millennium BC and the Dynastic period of the 3rd. millennium BC until the rise of Babylon in the early 2nd. millennium BC.  These dates are not disputed by archaeologists who work in the field, and are fully supported by many different methods of dating…in short, these are facts.  The Sumerians already had a pantheon of gods as evidenced by their artifacts and ruins, but that did not include Jehovah or Yahweh.  The plains of Shinar and the Tigris and Euphrates fall into this real estate, and some say the Garden of Eden was in this area.  So why didn’t the Sumerians know of our God?   (Hint: he wasn’t invented yet)

In Egypt, by about 5500 BC, small tribes that were living in the Nile valley developed into a series of unique cultures that demonstrated a firm understanding and control of agriculture and animal husbandry. They can be identified by their unique pottery and personal items they produced, such as combs, bracelets, and beads. The largest of these early cultures in Upper Egypt, the Badari, was known for its high quality ceramics, stone tools, and its use of copper.

In southern Egypt, the Naqada culture, similar to the Badari, began to expand along the Nile by about 4000 BC. Over a period of about 1000 years, the Naqada culture developed from a few small farming communities into a powerful civilization whose leaders were in complete control of the people and resources of the Nile valley.  By 3100 BC Upper and Lower Egypt were unified under Narmer and he became the first king or pharaoh of the First Dynasty.  For nearly 3,000 +- years after this event Egypt was the center of civilization

Again, as in Mesopotamian ages, the Egyptian ages are easily found and cross checkable by different methods and held to be true by working archaeologists and other scientists all over the world.  These ages are known facts as opposed to the myths written by a tribe of wandering Hebrew sheep/goat herders.

So what do you think the reaction of the average ancient Egyptians would be to God/Yahweh/Jehovah moving to and fro across the earth while they were trying to farm it and build monuments and such? Those Egyptians were around then, of that there is no doubt at all.  What were the Sumerians thinking as this God/Jehovah/Yahweh was flying around setting up the Garden and making the “first” humans in the middle of their farm fields and interfering with their building of the first true cities.

Something seems to be incompatible and out of place here.  The actual-real-physical evidence says there was no “Garden of Eden” here and that humans had been around for many thousands of years before.

So there was no actual-real-physical creation of Adam and Eve anywhere near 4,000 BC in or around the Middle Eastern area. If in fact there is a God who created the first Humans he did not make them there, and he did not make them in or about 4,000 BC…and we can prove it.  Christians have a book written by a tribe of sheep/goat herders that has many-many errors of dating and impossible goings on.  This book has no more reality attached to it than the works of Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, or any other religion. It has no more claim to be true than any other.  Actually less if you factor in how much scholarship has been expended on it and come up with no factual proofs of its beginnings

What happens if the story of Adam and Eve is proven wrong? Do we just say ho-hum and go about our business, but still believe in Christianity, still believe in the divinity of Jesus? Do we still believe in Angels and magic?

What do we do with the story of Jesus?  If Adam and Eve are not true…they weren’t created in a garden somewhere in Northern Africa or around Mesopotamia about 6,000 years ago, and all the real evidence points to this; what do we do with Jesus?  There is no need for him to redeem original sin that never happened, in fact we can break free of this 6,000 lb. elephant that we have carrying around on our back since Paul invented this lie.  To carry this even further, we can break out of this creepy drama that God supposedly set up for his creations to go through and maybe set up a rational version of SkyGod worship.  🙂

The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming that the creation of Adam and Eve is not a real historical event and that the Bible timeline in relation to the beginnings of humanity and the earth is just wrong in ALL ways…it is all made up by our human ancestors…there is no truth there.

As for the other crap that the people at ‘Answers in Genesis’  believe such as; Ice Age after the flood, Neanderthals being offspring of one of Noah’s sons and living after the flood, etc,….well, I won’t even go there…yet

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24 Responses to The Book of Genesis is a Fraud

  1. Brian Barker says:

    I agree with the Tower of Babel comment.

    In today’s World. the language problem is still relevant and I believe that the World, now, needs a common, non-national, neutral language!

    Why not teach such a language, in all countries, in all schools, worldwide?

    The contest between English and Esperanto seems to be a David & Goliath situation. But don’t forget who won in the end

    If you have time, please check as well as the Esperanto website,

  2. Jim Strickling says:

    Not all of Genesis can be taken literally. But many Old Testament records are rejected only because they do not conform to modern experience or (useless) theories and philosophies. The Tower of Babel and the Confusion of Tongues is one of the most misunderstood accounts in the Old Testament. This misunderstanding leads to claims that the account is purely mythical. But this is not true. It was a real event. However, it does not state that God changed the languages of man. An objective reading of the biblical text and modern clinical experiments explain what really happened. For more on this, the Flood, the “Burning Bush” (a natural electrical corona), and other biblical mysteries check out

  3. Excellent article. I agrre with you that there is no way that Enlil/Yhaweh could be God.
    About mind control exercised by Yahweh, Christianity and Islam, about the early human history, about secret societies and much more, I take the opportunity to mention my book, “Planet of Gold – White Powder of Gold and the Christian Forgery”. Read all about “God” and the early human history.
    More information is available at
    If you have any questions, I am most willing to offer my views. You could also visit the
    The author’s web site at

  4. thewordofme says:

    Hello Mr. Barker,

    A few years ago I purchased a Esperanto book and for a few days played around with the Language. Very interesting but I could not readily learn it. Would be nice to be around many people speaking it…could probably learn it then.

    Thanks for writing. twom

  5. thewordofme says:

    Hi Mr. Strickling, thanks for writing.

    My gut feeling is that you cannot take any of Genesis literally. We know Moses didn’t write it, we know that there was never a world-wide flood; we know that different languages were spread all over the world at the time.

    At the supposed time (2,000+-BC) of the Tower of Babel there was Akkadian, Sumerian, Egyptian, Ge’ez, Semitic, Cushitic and who knows how many other languages floating around. And that’s just in the Middle East area.

    Then of course there are the anachronisms about Abraham and Lot.

    And finally we know that there was never an Adam and Eve in the area around that time. Humans had been wide-spread all over the world by then.

    So there’s really not too much left of the chapter. Since all the main information in it is false…should we keep it?

  6. Bill Chapman says:

    I was interested to see the references to Esperanto. Do learn it, and just as important, use it. There are on-line resources and a worldwide network of Esperanto speakers.

  7. thewordofme says:

    Hi Andreas A Paris, thank you for your reply.

    I think what I am saying here is that there is no God. The book of Genesis is so fraught with error and lies and plain old myths that I don’t think it bespeaks of a God, but merely mans making up a god-myth. Paul just latched on to some old writings and ran with them. He adjusts the old myths so that a church organization could be built on them.

    I don’t see any evidence of otherworldly machinations…just plain old con men.

    Do you really think that there is any evidence of some kind of gods running things or behind the scenes manipulation of our history?


  8. Jim Strickling says:

    To thewordofme:
    I would make sure that we understood Genesis before we threw it all out. For one thing, we should be careful with universal terms. “Back then” “all theworld” surely meant “all the world known to the author.” Hence, all the world spoke the same language. It was the same before, during, and after the “confusion of tongues.” This was probably noted because that was the reason for the consternation: Even though there was (locally) a common language, for awhile the people could not communicate with one another.
    There are other geographically separated records of this event. Genesis contains the most coherent account. It is a record worth analyzing, as I have done in my book (Man and His Planet). The same is true of the Flood. Probably not totally global, nevertheless it was HUGE, destroying much of earth’s life. A statistical analysis of the MANY accounts shows the Genesis record to be the most accurate. (See my book.) Other “far-fetched” accounts extending into Exodus include Moses’ “burning bush” and the “Shekanah Glory” over the Tabernacle during the Israelite desert wandering. These were natural electrical coronas – the latter gigantic compared to today’s observations. (Again, see my book.) The Old Testament, including even the most incredible phenomena, is a gold mine of history. And even though it is not literal, the story of Adam and Eve gives hints of planetary conditions early in man’s existence. (Please check out the book.)

    • el buitre says:

      the idea that man man could build a tower to heaven is insane.the idea that God confused them so they could not do this makes as much sense as a square earth.god feared that they might reach heaven?how high up is heaven?

  9. thewordofme says:

    Hi again Jim Strickly, thanks for your reply.

    You write:
    “There are other geographically separated records of this event. Genesis contains the most coherent account. It is a record worth analyzing, as I have done in my book (Man and His Planet). The same is true of the Flood. Probably not totally global, nevertheless it was HUGE, destroying much of earth’s life.”

    Yes there are a hundred or so stories of a great flood from around the world, in many cultures, but they are different sizes and at different times and quite a few don’t involve a god or gods.

    You write:
    “A statistical analysis of the MANY accounts shows the Genesis record to be the most accurate.”

    That sentence above makes absolutely no sense. In order for Genesis to be recorded as most accurate you have to have a real life set of events for comparison. Of all the flood stories out there the ‘Gilgamesh’ story is the most comparable with over 20 points of similarity, and it is 500 to 1000 years older than Noah’s story, so if you’re trying to compare, then the Gilgamesh story is the grandfather which all others are judged against, and Genesis is probably plagiarized from Gilgamesh

    I’m pretty sure that the Genesis chapter has been discussed by many thousands of scholars for over two thousand years now. There are many-many references in the Biblical flood story of ‘the earth’ and ‘the whole earth,’ so one could debate on this subject forever. Since no evidence ever been found of anything larger than the Black Sea Deluge (debatable now) which when you consider the size of the earth…is still pretty puny. I think I’ll stay on the side of no real flood unless better evidence comes in.

    You write:
    “I would make sure that we understood Genesis before we threw it all out. For one thing, we should be careful with universal terms. “Back then” “all the world” surely meant “all the world known to the author.” Hence, all the world spoke the same language.”

    To listen to the religious right, God was telling the actual story to Moses much later, and surely he knew of the other peoples of the world. 🙂 I posit to you that at the supposed time of the Tower of Babel there were already many languages in the Levant/Mesopotamian area.** Then you have to factor in the languages in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia, the Pacific Rim Islands, which of course includes Japan, which we know was producing pottery 11,000 years ago and no doubt had a very old language. Also, at that time the people of Australia had been separated from Southeast Asia and the world for maybe 40,000 years…I don’t think they were just grunting at each other.

    From all the evidence out there I really don’t think there is any doubt that the Tower of Babel never happened…it’s just like the Noachian Flood and Adam and Eve, a Hebrew myth.

    The electrical phenomena I have no reply for as I have not read your book. I haven’t as yet found it around where I am.

    ** From one of my replies above: “At the supposed time (2,000+-BC) of the Tower of Babel there was Akkadian, Sumerian, Egyptian, Ge’ez, Semitic, Cushitic and who knows how many other languages floating around. And that’s just in the Middle East area.”

    **Added later: Remember this was a time of literacy in the area and the different cultures were writing. Many linguists think that Israel/Judea/Hebrews became literate around 700 BC

  10. Jim Strickling says:

    We know, we know. But we don’t know as much as we think. There’s no reason to off-handedly reject the Tower of Babel account for at least two reasons. There are numerous other similar but unrelated accounts. In my book, I have provided a rational explanation that doesn’t defy any kind of science. My book was just recently issued. Since outside of my journal publications I’m “unknown,” being noticed will be a struggle. There is a link I provided earlier:

  11. thewordofme says:

    Hi Jim Strickling, thanks for your reply.

    I don’t just off-handedly reject Genesis. I have been following a long path of contrary evidence that has led to only one conclusion.
    This path started in the early 1700’s. The scientific evidence overwhelmingly shows that the stories are wrong.
    In a book that is supposed to be inerrant, stories from it that are proven wrong do not bode well for that book, especially creation of the earth and all of humankind stories.

    The Bible states:
    Humans were created 6000 years ago. False
    The universe was created 6000 years ago. False
    The whole earth underwent a catastrophic flood some 4300 years ago. False
    All but one language on this earth was created 4000 years ago. False

    This reduces the “inerrant” Bible to just a collection of man-made stories…myths as it were.

  12. Jim Strickling says:

    With all due respect, you’re the mirror image of the fundamentalist. It is one thing to reject PARTS of Genesis based on objective study, which I do myself. To reject every (separate) “piece” just because it’s in Genesis makes no sense whatever; it’s illogical. Since you again insist that the Tower of Babel account is myth, I’ll repeat my earlier statement: The biblical account does NOT SAY ONE WORD about the creation of new languages. There are other accounts whose distribution is spotty enough to preclude their having come from Genesis or any other common source. And there is modern clinical evidence that attests to the “reasonableness” (truthfulness) of the Genesis record.
    The Bible makes no statement about the age of earth or mankind. The figures you cite come from the patriarchial genealogies which admittedly have problems. At the same time, you cannot rely on radiometric dating techniques to produce accurate results. (I have provided considerable evidence for this in my book; it’s not just my opinion.)
    The literary accounts of near-global flooding in the ancient past is too widespread and too similar for one to casually remark “the Flood is a falsehood.” The main reason for rejecting it is because modern “mainstream” science is hamstrung by the myth of uniformitarian dogma (totally bogus).
    Try to get outside of the “orthodox science mode” and expand your horizons. (I have to add, my book might be a pretty good start. I can’t cite any reviews yet, but I do have some respectable testimonials.)

  13. thewordofme says:

    Hi Jim Strickling,

    Just a short question…will write more later.

    What kind if Science is there except orthodox?

  14. Jim Strickling says:

    I guess I would have to say “unorthodox.” All of our “accepted science” is not science–esp. uniformitarianism “orthodoxy” and Darwinism, which at one time was considered to be unorthodox (should still be viewed in that light). I should hasten to add that with the refutation of Darwinist evolution, Biblical Creationism is NOT the default winner.

  15. thewordofme says:

    Hi Jim,

    All the world’s Scientific organizations back Darwin’s evolutionary thesis.

  16. Jim Strickling says:

    This is not correct. First though, Darwinism and evolution are not the same thing. Darwinism acts to preserve the species, not change it. Many scientists have recognized this.
    There are scientific organizations/societies in the U.S., in England and elsewhere that reject the premise underlying Darwinism; that is, uniformitarianism. They have produced volumes and volumes of evidence that demand a new paradigm. “Mainstream science” has successfully prevented this information from being aired in the “standard” journals. Moreover, nothing is allowed to disprove evolution by natural selection–no fact, no evidence, no logic. And here’s why:
    The Darwinist-to-Be —

    When the Darwinist-to-be begins his advanced education, he goes inside an intellectual wall that has no doors or windows. Inside are his teachers, professors, mentors, etc. Once inside, short of an epiphany, he never goes outside the wall again. And either he doesn’t know what’s happening outside the wall or else he considers it to be “crap not worth considering” (words of one Darwinist to me). Nothing from the outside can penetrate that wall, because inside the wall is unalterable “Truth”: The biological world has evolved over millions of years by natural selection, and no observed fact or logic is allowed to refute this belief.
    Surprisingly, from inside that wall, well-known evolutionary scientists Stephen J. Gould and Richard Lewontin have given convincing support that conventional evolutionary “science” ignores evidence not in accord with its fundamental precepts. In their discussion of biological adaptation, they provide the following rules underlying Darwinist methodology:

    (1) If one adaptive argument fails, try another.
    (2) If one adaptive argument fails, assume that another, as yet undiscovered one, exists.
    (3) In the absence of a good adaptive argument in the first place, attribute failure to the imperfect understanding of where an organism lives and what it does.
    Adaptationalists appear to ignore opposed explanations even when these seem to be more interesting and fruitful than the preferred untestable speculations. The rejection of one adaptive story always leads to its replacement by another, rather than to a suspicion that a different kind of explanation might be required. Since the range of adaptive stories is as wide as our minds are fertile, new stories can always be postulated.
    Also, the criteria for acceptance of a story are so loose that many pass without proper confirmation. Often evolutionists use consistency with natural selection as the sole criterion and consider their work done when they concoct a plausible story. (Gould and Lewontin, 1979:586-8).

    Unlike many Darwinists, they recognize a serious problem with their philosophy. But like most of their Darwinist colleagues, they can’t turn away from it. Apparently, Darwinists are trained [brainwashed?] to “think outside the facts.”
    You, too, are obviously not familiar with all that’s going on “outside the wall.” Try doing a Google search for “global catastrophism,” and see what turns up. Or check out the myriad of references in my book.

  17. thewordofme says:

    Hi Jim, thanks for writing

    How old do you believe the earth to be?

  18. thewordofme says:

    Hi Jim, thanks for writing back.

    I find that like most people who do not hold a higher degree in the matters of science that I define Darwinism and evolution as pretty much the same. In my eyes to believe in Darwin is to accept that the world is a purely natural creation of purely natural processes. There was no supernatural magician “speaking” things into existence some 6,000 years ago. Life has evolved on earth over a period of millions and millions of years.

    Of course I don’t know ALL of what’s going on “outside the wall”, but I probably know a little bit more than the average person on the internet about archaeology, geology, paleontology and related fields as I do follow most of the orthodox sciences that happen to impact Biblical matters and also, because of this following, I often find and read some of the evidence that Creationists both Old and Young Earth varieties use to justify their beliefs. I have not been impressed with what I have read so far.

    I remember particularly the story of Michael Behe and his irreducible complexity argument that was pretty much destroyed by later orthodox scientific findings by people in his own field. And then there was the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial where he was a witness for the creationist/intelligent design side and his position was thoroughly discredited.

    From Wikipedia:
    “Within the scientific community and academia the level of support for evolution is essentially universal,[1] while support for biblically-literal accounts or other creationist alternatives is very small among scientists, and virtually nonexistent among those in the relevant fields.[2]

    1. Myers 2006; NSTA 2007; IAP 2006; AAAS 2006; and Pinholster 2006; Ruling, Kitzmiller v. Dover page 83

    2. Larson 2004, p. 258 “Virtually no secular scientists accepted the doctrines of creation science; but that did not deter creation scientists from advancing scientific arguments for their position.” See also Martz & McDaniel 1987, p. 23, a Newsweek article which states “By one count there are some 700 scientists (out of a total of 480,000 U.S. earth and life scientists) who give credence to creation-science, the general theory that complex life forms did not evolve but appeared ‘abruptly’.”

    “Paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould wrote:
    “Evolution is a theory. It is also a fact. And facts and theories are different things, not rungs in a hierarchy of increasing certainty. Facts are the world’s data. Theories are structures of ideas that explain and interpret facts. Facts do not go away when scientists debate rival theories to explain them. Einstein’s theory of gravitation replaced Newton’s, but apples did not suspend themselves in mid-air, pending the outcome. And humans evolved from ape-like ancestors whether they did so by Darwin’s proposed mechanism or by some other yet to be discovered.”

    “In science, explanations are limited to those based on observations and experiments that can be substantiated by other scientists. Explanations that cannot be based on empirical evidence are not a part of science.” National Academy of Science

    This pretty much defines my understanding of orthodox science and I interpret the world that I see around me in these terms. Mythology, Demons, Angels, and Supernatural beings do not fit.

  19. Jim Strickling says:

    To thewordofme:

    I keep feeling that you’re trying to put me into a box that doesn’t fit..
    Evolution is one thing; Darwinism is something else. There is no objective support for speciation by natural selection, only meaningless extrapolations. There is another mechanism of change – from one generation to the next. At least one example of this has been documented.
    Nobody knows how old the earth is – certainly more than 6000 years. It may be billions of years old (which I doubt), but radiometric dating is no proof of it.
    You seem to be unaware of the myriads of arguments (other than creationism) that counter uniformitarianism and Darwinism.

  20. thewordofme says:

    Hi Jim, thanks for writing.

    Perhaps I have found one below that you may feel comfortable with?

    “the fundamental principle or doctrine that geologic processes and natural laws now operating to modify the Earth’s crust have acted in the same regular manner and with essentially the same intensity throughout geologic time, and that past geologic events can be explained by phenomena and forces observable today; the classical concept that ‘the present is the key to the past’.” (Robert Bates and Julia Jackson, Glossary of Geology, 2nd edition, American Geological Institute, 1980, pg. 677).

    Theory of the evolutionary mechanism proposed by Charles Darwin as an explanation of organic change. It denotes Darwin’s specific view of how evolution works. Darwin developed the concept that evolution is brought about by the interplay of three principles: variation (present in all forms of life), heredity (the force that transmits similar organic form from one generation to another), and the struggle for existence (which determines the variations that will be advantageous in a given environment, thus altering the species through selective reproduction). Present knowledge of the genetic basis of inheritance has contributed to scientists’ understanding of the mechanisms behind Darwin’s ideas, in a theory known as neo-Darwinism.–
    Encyclopedia Britannica

    • Flat Earthers
    • Geocentrists
    • Young Earth Creationists
    o (Omphalos)
    • Old Earth Creationists
    o (Gap Creationism)
    o (Day-Age Creationism)
    o (Progressive Creationism)
    o (Intelligent Design Creationism)
    • Evolutionary Creationists
    • Theistic Evolutionists
    • Methodological Materialistic Evolutionists
    • Philosophical Materialistic Evolutionists
    • Deist

    catastrophism: in geology, the doctrine that at intervals in the earth’s history all living things have been destroyed by cataclysms (e.g., floods or earthquakes) and replaced by an entirely different population. During these cataclysms the features of the earth’s surface, such as mountains and valleys, were formed. The theory, popularly accepted from the earliest times, was attacked in the late 18th cent., notably by James Hutton, who may be regarded as the precursor of the opposite doctrine of uniformitarianism. From:Infoplease@

    Not trying to fit you in a box that you’re uncomfortable with. I am simply trying to figure out where you are, and where you’re coming from…philosophically wise.

  21. Completely true! The book of Genesis as well as all the other books assembled together to create the Old Testament are all questionable, written by rude scribes at different times. Those scribes did follow instructions given to them by the alien gods, Yahweh and the so/called angels.
    The purpose was not to handle some help to us but to create conflicts and put man under mental bondage.
    As for the story about the Tower of Babylon it is completely ridiculous. That action was probably the first an greatest revolution against Enlil/Yahweh and his alien administration.
    Why do millions of people believe in those books?
    I can figure up two reasons. 1. The alien gods used advanced brain washing that is continuing to affect people as children use to imitate their parents. 2. Most people have no idea what is written in the Christian Bible. They don’t want to know either.

    Andreas Paris

  22. thewordofme says:

    Hi Andreas Paris, thanks for writing.

    O.K. I’ll bite…tell me about “Alien Gods”

    It’s a good thing that most people don’t know whats in the Bible…Just wasting their time learning it.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I was a Christian and I have studied at a Catholic School for the rest of my education. We were made aware that the Book of Genesis did not actually happen. A teacher in our Religion subject once told us that the verses of the Creation story itself were written by at least two people – one of humble origins and one scholar or at least a learned person.

    Besides you can easily tell that the Book of Genesis was more or less a myth and not an account of real events. It is much like every creation myths you hear from other religions too.

    Also, remember that Christianity is now heavily influenced by Roman and Greek elements (perhaps other cultures and traditions too). Who is to say that the Bible is not altered in part or in whole. Who is to say that the basis of the accounts is accurate to the real events. Remember history can easily be changed by people. No one can verify the truth in its entirety. Just think of the Bible as not accounts of real events but an inspiration to morals and spirituality. Do not take it literally and peel the layers much like a poem or poetry.

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