The Myth of Religion

“The entire biological sciences field from biochemistry to ecology is predicated on the fact of evolution. In over 100 years of intensive research no facts inconsistent with evolutionary theory have ever been found. On the contrary, as we have obtained more and more detailed information, especially at the molecular and genomic levels, both the fact that evolution has occurred, creating the species currently existing on earth (including man), and the various mechanisms by which this occurs have become more and more clear. The question is not whether evolution has occurred, but which mechanisms have been most important. There is no need to invoke the supernatural or any higher power to explain life on earth. There is no controversy whatsoever among the many thousands of scientists in the field about the fact of evolution.”
Tom BlumenthalUC Boulder

What would we expect to find if the Christian God and religion were actually true? We would find ourselves living in a world with only one religion spread throughout the globe.  We would find that when we first contacted isolated native tribes, their religion and their God would be the one that already existed, the same one everyone worshipped, rather than being entirely different from anything known.

We would find religion that had no resemblance to the culture of the time and place of origin, it would be in possession of advanced scientific knowledge and advanced ethical principles totally unlike what was believed at the time it was written. These are reasonable things to expect if there really was a God truly interested in revealing Itself to us and being worshipped and recognized by us.

But, we find none of these things. What we really find is very contradictory and conflicting religions, and fighting and killing over minute details.   Some religions have specific “chosen” races or ethnic groups, and the more separated they are in time and space in their beginnings, the more their beliefs are at odds. When we encounter previously isolated tribes, their religions are always new and uniquely their own.

When we examine the scientific knowledge, value systems and writings of all world religions, they always have very strong and undeniable resemblances to the times and places where those religions were founded.  In other words the scope and breadth and value-systems of the religion are tied with inexorable certainty to its own time and own people and own place.  There is never any special knowledge written of, no sign that whatever God is behind the written words is imparting a supernatural knowledge of the times, or of times to come, that a God would be expected to have.

Is any religion real??

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