Will We Ever Agree About Religion…Part 2

Hi again John Andrew, I hope all is well with you.

Continuing on from last post.

You write:
“Satan’s sin is the same, really, as the one portrayed by Adam and Eve – pride.  Pride says in effect ‘I exalt no one but myself, and will be subject to no one, because I do not submit to any higher authority.  In fact, my authority supersedes yours, so that when we disagree on moral issues, I’m right and you’re wrong.’  Yet even in a secular society, somebody makes up the rules.”

Well if Adam and eve did exist and the story went down as written in the bible then they did not suffer from the sin of pride. Their only “sin” was to be there.  They were newly hatched humans, they did not know sin or evil nor have any role models.  It was truly silly for a God to set up a situation like He did, especially since the guy is supposed to be omniscient.  A real god (if there is such a thing), would not set up such a trap knowing what the outcome would be. This is just another example of the childishness of this book and the religion…it is an obvious example of the thinking of humans 2700 or so years ago.

You write:
“Non-Christians all seem to make one common mistake.  They point to the bad behavior of other Christians, and say they want nothing to do with that kind of behavior.”

Non-Christians have less divorces, are fewer in prisons, and in general, are less threatening when their beliefs are challenged. Go down to Alabama or Georgia or South Carolina and start up a religious conversation with just about anybody in a crowd (do the atheist part) and see how safe you feel.

“(Jesus speaking)..“Do not think I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.” Matthew 10:34

You write:
“You also tend to make the mistake of lumping all religions together and being against them all.  Really, that’s just absurd.  There are significant differences, and many of them are mutually exclusive.”

All religions are pretty much the same when you look at the basics. Impossible superhuman powers, made the world, made humans (often in His image), we should bow down and worship, be kind to others-or kill-depending on the religion, etc..  All the stories are pretty silly and all show traces of being written by humans at their particular time in history…none show any real clairvoyance or understanding of what may come in human history. None of them show any evidence that they or their God knew anything about the whole world or the universe they were living in. They are mostly geographically insular in their outlook. None of them have any proofs of their reality…just myths.

You write:
“Jesus established a new order.  The things He taught did not counteract the teachings of our Old Testament, but they did give us new and fresh ways to understand the meaning of much it.  More importantly, Jesus showed us how God wants us to live.  He showed us that whenever we think we’re “good”, we’re deceiving ourselves.  We may be good compared to other people, but in the Kingdom of Heaven, all of our good works would be like filthy rags.”

Boy that sure builds up the confidence and good feelings, huh.  What is it with religion that it has to constantly nag and pick at us?  I live a perfectly good life as a human, I don’t drink, smoke, chase women, party, lie, I’m not a glutton, nor do I lust after things (well maybe computer and camera stuff) in short I pretty much follow what it would take to be a good god-fearing person…but, I do not fear a god or God and that makes me a sinner.  Bah-humbug.

I think the Gnostics had it right…the Catholic version which the Protestants copied truly sucks.


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