How Incredibly Wrong Flood Theory Is

Pat Condell with his biting wit discusses the myth of Noah’s flood

I am constantly surprised by the creationists inability to let go of the debunked crap they are using as proof that a world-wide flood happened.

They just won’t accept that ALL the relevant sciences agrees, there was no flood. Get over it folks…come into the 21st. century

Truth Saves

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Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has


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6 Responses to How Incredibly Wrong Flood Theory Is

  1. thewordofme says:

    Hi qboa,

    Thanks for the recommendation. I went there and read a few posts and put them on my bookmarks.
    Hope you are well–twom

  2. Sundjata says:

    I’m FAR from a Christian, but I would like to submit that “science” as we know it is also a religion. We ought to bear in mind that both religion and science are attempting to lay a cosmological and ontological foundation for humanity to stand on. These two are not mutually exclusive, and we would do well to remember that much of science is “theory”–unexplained, best-educated guesses. What we think we “know” now, may be turned on its head in the next decade.

    I’m not suggesting that science is fundamentally flawed, but there is no reason to assume that we can sense is most real. For science, it all boils down to the “Big Bang,” and in order to move forward from that, we must accept on faith that there first was something there to explode.

  3. thewordofme says:

    Hi Sunjata, thanks for writing

    Science is what we use to explain the physical, natural world around us. It has no place at all in the spiritual world where magic and the supernatural is used to explain things.

    You write:
    “much of science is “theory”–unexplained, best-educated guesses.

    Well the theory of evolution has stood up to examination for 150 years now…and it keeps getting stronger, not weaker.

    Biologists say that nothing in their science makes any sense except in the light of the theory of evolution.

    The theory of nuclear weak and strong forces is just accepted by all scientists whose work involves it.

    Last I heard the theory of gravity was pretty well established and accepted by all.

    The ‘Big Bang’ well that’s another story. Too early to say.

    One of the nice things about science is that as new evidence is found the theory is changed or abandoned altogether…whereas religion just ignores any new evidence.

  4. Sundjata,

    I agree with you that natural science is a religion.

    A)If the impetus to man’s action is self-preservation and self-pleasure it’s a reduction of the dignity of man to a state no higher than a beast’s.

    A1)Random chaos in the universe is simply a matter of opinion based on their own faith.

    A2) Others acknowledge order in the universe but accept on faith alone that its not by design.

    Whatever way the atheist or agnostic chooses it leads back to a reduction in the dignity of man and is expressed in deconstructionism.

    TWOM strikes me as more of a Modernism then a Postmodernism. He is still to optimistic that science will solve all the worlds problems given time.

    How science at least in this country is becoming as infected as the other fields of human study. And what science doesn’t realize is that social sciences drive political thought much, much more then natural sciences.

    If interested I’d recommend this book:

  5. shamgar50 says:

    People who claim science is a religion, are idiots.

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