The Old Testament Prescribes Death

The Old Testament prescribes death as the punishment for breaking any of the Ten Commandments, including heresy against God, adultery, premarital sex, worship of other Gods, and disobedience to your parents.  Also God is presented as giving a death sentence for homosexuality and harassing old bald men.  Keep in mind that Jesus and his followers never repudiated such teachings in the New Testament.

Several quotations in the New Testament attributed to Jesus himself that clearly do uphold adherence to the Old Testament prophets. Remember Jesus was a Jew and he was upholding his faith as derived from the Septuagint he knew.

Now many Christians have told me that the New Testament represents a new covenant between God and the people and the old laws are no longer (I think Paul was the architect of this little bit of chicanery) impressed upon us.  OK then, why are the fundamentalist Christians using the Old Testament injunctions against homosexuality today, and why do we still follow the 10 Commandments, and doesn’t the Bible and modern day preachers teach that God never changes.

Something I think of occasionally is the fact that Christianity picks and chooses what scripture they will follow and believe in and how they will often make up stuff that isn’t even in the Bible–Triune God/Jesus/Spirit—perpetual virginity—Mary immaculately conceived herself–you know, the usual human trait of making stuff up, and following only the rules they agree with.

While some feel that religion is necessary to give life meaning, and to instruct humanity on moral behavior I would counter that the Golden Rule (which was conceived of well before Christianity), works just as well, if not better, than Biblical injunctions, and has worked over a larger populace and longer time. I think humans innately understand that you have to treat others well if you expect the same from them, and this doesn’t come from some godly decree in a book of myths.

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