Obama and Secrecy and Human Rights

Obama’s support for the new Graham-Lieberman secrecy law

Sounds like a dry subject, but t really isn’t.
Follow this link if you believe in human rights and want to get really mad

I voted for this guy and believed in his platform…what a fool I was.

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2 Responses to Obama and Secrecy and Human Rights

  1. Yes well McCain wouldn’t have been any different on that score.

    Thankfully I’m a Ron Paul supporter.

    I can’t stand either of the major parties. It’s strictly about power and control.

    We are in dire straits for a viable third party.

  2. thewordofme says:

    Hi Qboa, nice to hear from you again.

    Sorry to take so long to get back to you, I have been under the weather for a few days.

    You are right about McCain, that’s why I voted for Obama…hoping for a change back to following the constitution and other minor things like Habeas corpus, and right to privacy.

    I don’t think the GOP and Dems and all those people in the background will allow a viable third party to exist anymore.

    We are so screwed.

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