Atheist Clubs in High School

The Catholics are getting scared…seems that the young 18-25 year old crowd is rejecting religion in droves. The latest example is atheism clubs in some high schools.

The British internet newspaper the reports: Here
“A “triumphalistic, self-righteous atheism” inspired by the work of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris is winning a following among American young people, leading to “atheist clubs” in high schools, according to Cardinal Francis George of Chicago.”

“The cardinal, who is President of the US Catholic Bishops’ Conference, says that unbelief among young people is more than a question of stopping going to church, it is part of a fashionable “new atheism” which is every bit as intolerant as Christian fundamentalism. He told John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter.”

The Cardinal goes on to say that five years ago there was no such thing, but now by the time they’re sophomores in high school they say they are atheists.

I think the intolerance of the students is justified if you realize just how hard the evangelical fundamentalist have pushed the young folks in the past 10 years of so.  There have been religious clubs and organizations that operate in high schools and colleges for years.  There is tremendous peer pressure to conform to the Christian norm in many schools..especially in the South and the “Bible belt.”

Think of the clubs you hear about who gather “with no official school backing” to pray to start the day or before football games or other sporting events. In the majority of the Southern United States, school officials covertly “push” religion, of the Christian variety only, onto students as much as they think they can get away with.

According to recent polls atheism is growing in the US, but we still have a long way to go.  The Christian right controls the Republican Party, and the stated goal of some popular televangelist is to create a theist controlled government in America. Boy can’t you just picture the Religious Police swat team breaking into your house and arresting you for fornication because you are living with your girl/boy friend.

Religion needs to be kept in a harmless position over modern society; it cannot be allowed to ever again control our lives as it did for near 2000 years. Our morality does not depend on obeisance to some mythical god.  Secular society has proven to be as moral (maybe more) as religion controlled society.

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