Muslims and Human Evolution

For most Muslims, evolution and the fact that plant and animal life prospered without Allah intervening is largely compatible with their religion. However, many, if not most, find it unacceptable that humans evolved, and evolved from primitive primate forms. The Koran states that Allah created the first man, Adam, out of clay and that settles it for them.

Physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy lecturing at Quaid-e-Azam university in Pakistan said that when he talked about the large sweep of time from the Big-Bang to the evolution of life on Earth, his audience listened without dissent until he got to the part where the apes stand up…mentioning human evolution almost started riots and the professor had to be escorted out of the building.

“That’s one thing that will never be possible to bridge; your lineage is what determines your worth,” the professor said about human evolution and Muslims.

Places like Pakistan that teach biology and evolution will omit information and questions about where the human race came from…that is a theological question that science dare not try to answer.

Some Muslim academics are worried that rejection of some aspects of evolution will leave Islamic countries at a decided disadvantage in their scientific education and their ability to compete in a world economy.

Muslim controlled countries continue to be some of the most backward cultures on earth and their human rights record gives Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International workers constant grief.  Sadly, the religion controls most of their life and kills initiative to build a better life or culture, and as long as this is true they will continue to be 2½ (not quite 3rd) world countries.

I believe also that as long as these people let Islamic religion control their lives so completely the Jewish and Christian world will have to constantly watch their backs and plan to be under attack at any time. The leaders in the Islamic religion seem to be unable to control their followers or themselves as they often instigate trouble themselves.