Evolution vs Creationism…Again

After almost losing out to public opinion where 54% of those polled thought Intelligent Design (ID) should be taught in British schools, the officials in charge of such stuff decided to teach evolution only.

Contrary to many school boards here in the US, it seems they actually listen to and believe their scientists in the UK.  The Guardian.UK reports:

“It’s a great birthday present for Darwin in his 200th anniversary year. For the first time, evolution will be on the national curriculum for primary schools when the new version is published later this year. It was initially excluded from the draft curriculum when it was published for public consultation but sometimes, if not always, it seems government will listen to scientists and experts, many of whom were signatories to an open letter (pdf) to Ed Balls organised by the British Humanist Association in July which called for evolution to be included.”

The scientists rightly argued that teaching such a travesty of true scientific thought would totally confuse young children and seriously hamper England’s future.

“The new primary curriculum, together with the 2007 government guidance that prohibits the teaching of creationism and intelligent design in science lessons, should put English schools in the forefront of education about evolution. Coming in the month which marks the 150th anniversary of On the Origin of Species and at a point when good science education is a matter of urgency, it could not be more timely.”

Those evangelical fundamentalist creationists here in America and abroad should be ashamed of their efforts to screw over our school children and cripple their education and development in our modern world.  I just can’t fathom what they want of the rest of the world.  Do they really want all of us to go back to how the world was at the time of Jesus, 2000 years ago?

Some religions discourage their children from going on to higher education so that they will not learn the truth of how our world works.  Do they seriously want everyone on earth to think and act like they do?  Do they want to overthrow our secular government and install a theocracy?  We know they want to burn Darwin’s books (and many others) and totally blot out any reference to them and him.  Would we want to live in a world controlled by their kind?  I know I wouldn’t, and I wouldn’t want my children and grandchildren living in it either.

And just who the hell do they think they are… trying to decide how I and my family and friends live our lives and educate our children?

Smack em’  down I say. 🙂

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