Proof of God

People of the Christian religion have been trying for 2000 years to prove that their god exists…they have failed…miserably.

They have not been able to provide one single shred of objective, irrefutable, or verifiable evidence in support of their claim.  When science and the Bible tangle on facts, it is science who invariably wins.

The Bible has been used to support the Devine Rights of Kings; it has also been used to support slavery, segregation, and apartheid, and throughout Christian history has been used to keep women from voting, going to college, owning property, from fully participating in the church as ministers or other high offices.

The Southern Baptist Church recently decided that the “clear teaching of the Bible” is that women should be “obedient” to their husbands and they are not allowed to hold senior pastor positions.  It seems kind of silly that here in the US women can be Senators, Congresswomen, Attorneys General, Secretary of State, Supreme Court Justices, Governors, CEO’s of major companies, and All…most…candidate for President of the United States, and yet they cannot become the equal of a religious leader or pastor in your corner church.

Does your God not talk to women?  Does he really feel that women are not to be trusted with His word?

There is evidence that misogynist views were inserted later in some religious writing. The “Mother Church” has always been against women as any kind of leaders in their bailiwick.  Some denominations are trying to break the mold and bring women into the fold and that is causing some big problems for a few of congregations doing this.

Another thing to think about…Many of the old Biblical laws and injunctions are not followed or not even allowed in today’s society; they are recognized as artifacts of a long ago time that no longer have any relevance to our life and times.

Science has disproven a very large part of Biblical claims.  Statistical studies have proven that prayer never works. Most of Genesis and Exodus is proven wrong, both the Catholic Church and many Jewish scholars agree that they are allegorical…just old goat herders trying to explain a world they didn’t yet understand and trying to give meaning to their lives.

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