No God?…No Problem!

“No god? … No problem!” reads the advertisement featuring the smiling faces of people wearing Santa Claus hats. “Be good for goodness’ sake.”

Over the next two weeks, 270 of the ads will go up on city buses and trains in the Washington area as part of the holiday kickoff to campaigns sponsored by secular groups in cities around the country and abroad. If last year was any indication, the signs are likely to spark a theological war of words.”  From a New York Times article, go HERE for full story.

I can just hear all the bitching and moaning that going to come from this campaign.  It will run in New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho, as well as in London; Barcelona, Spain; Genoa, Italy; and Toronto, Montreal and Calgary, Canada.

Of course the theist wimps will proclaim that atheists are targeting them and being hateful to them, and I say that the religious folks have done the same thing to atheists for many centuries….see how it feels

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