The Sins of Haiti

All the crazy Christians are out in force either defending ‘God’ for letting an earthquake kill so many innocent people in Haiti or telling us that the Haitians deserved it because they aligned with Satan a few hundred years ago.

I kind of like Richard Dawkin’s explanation because of it’s short and direct observation…which just happens to be true.

From the Washington Post.
We know what caused the catastrophe in Haiti. It was the bumping and grinding of the Caribbean Plate rubbing up against the North American Plate: a force of nature, sin-free and indifferent to sin, un-premeditated, unmotivated, supremely unconcerned with human affairs or human misery. Richard Dawkins 1-25-10

I think we will find that ALL  disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano’s, mudslides, floods, etc., etc. that humans have been subjected to in our long history here on earth are purely natural with no ‘God’ EVER having being involved.  Just like there were no witches when the Catholic church condemned and began killing them by the tens of thousands way back in the Dark Ages…there is NO ‘God’  ever involved in our natural or manmade disasters.

To read the Richard Dawkin’s piece in the WaPo go here:

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2 Responses to The Sins of Haiti

  1. Allah does exist and he is real as He alone control everything in heaven and earth. He(Allah) is the one who send calamities and disasters to people that disobey Him to curse them for their sins,many verses of the Quran testify this. Therefore,the so called freemasons together with their stupid ideology are not stronger than Allah,they are just like a drop of water from the ocean. Pharoh has come and go,therefore we pray Allah”oh Allah here are some ants(freemason) You can see them and here them,destroy them and bury them with their ideology before they deviate your servants,ameen”.

  2. the word of me says:

    Hi Abubaker nalado, thank for writing.

    I’m sorry sir, Allah is just like the Christian ‘God’ neither of them exist…they are man-made phantasms. The Bible and the Koran are just literary products of humans…there is no God or Allah.
    You are wasting your life.

    “Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.”–Victor Stenger

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