Should Catholic Church Be Shutdown??

Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland…these are the countries that are now embroiled in priestly sexual, physical, and verbal abuse cases, and more are expected in the months to come.

Physical, verbal and sexual abuse seems to go hand in hand with anything that involves children and the Catholic Church. I have said for years that it was endemic in the church and it was world-wide.

It never would have been as bad if only the church had handled it properly in the beginning.  But no, they had to try to protect their image by moving the priest around to a new diocese, thereby leaving them free to start over with a new group of kids, and stay in denial to the outsiders.  This of course proved disastrous to the poor children, which the church never really seems to care about…it’s all about their image.

With all we now know about the Catholic Church do you think we should allow it to continue to exist.  Should we make them sell all their assets and make reparations to the victims of their evil abuses?  Remember not just the last few years, but down through time this has undoubtedly gone on in diocese after diocese in country after country…always kept secret, but always going on. How many children do you suppose have been raped and battered by these evil people since the beginning of their cult?

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“We all remember how many religious wars were fought for a religion of love and gentleness; how many bodies were burned alive with the genuinely kind intention of saving souls from the eternal fire of hell.”
–Karl Popper

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6 Responses to Should Catholic Church Be Shutdown??

  1. thewordofme says:

    That’s …1 🙂

  2. mark says:

    Yes the Roman Catholic church should be shutdown permenantly

  3. mark says:

    This child abuse is no doubt continuing while the pope protects pedophiles who call themselves men of God while our governments are happy to protect the pedophile protector i.e the pope which makes them complicit in the worst crimes known to Humanity, Meanwhile, most are happy to forget it is happening but what would they do if it happened to their child? This is a good enough reason to turn against this manmade institution in order to protect not the guilty but the most innocent members of society, our children. Some would say they are not responsible for other peoples kids, but as “responsible adults” we are all responsible for the safety of all children no matter what position the guilty hold

  4. the word of me says:

    Can I get an AMEN??

    Yes, the Catholic Church has no moral authority anymore…they are evil and should be shut down.

  5. Butterfly Flower says:

    Growing up, I attended a Catholic school [I’m only half-Catholic & my family isn’t particularly devout. I was sent there because we lived in a bad school district and it was the only private school option].

    Long story short, I absolutely traumatized. Just teaching a small child Catholicism should qualify as some-form of child abuse.

    Unlike other Christians, Catholics believe in Transubstantiation i.e. during Holy Communion the bread and wine literally transforms the flesh and blood of Christ. Not symbolically, not spiritually – Catholics are taught they’re physically consuming Jesus’ body.

    “Jesus loves you, drink his blood!”

    Like a normal seven year old, my fragile psyche had trouble grasping the concept of, well… ritualistic cannibalism. & like an intelligent seven year old, I quickly realized the priests were just lying about the whole Transubstantiation thing.

    For awhile [until a few months ago, actually] I just assumed all Catholics knew their religion was false, but went along with it anyway. I followed all the rituals, I prayed to the Saints, I was a good Catholic on paper; but I never in my heart legitimately believed the Church. I thought most Catholics practiced their religion the same way Shriners practice their mystical fraternity rituals.

    …then I encountered devout [Orthodox?] Catholics online who legitimately believed the Church’s doctrine. I know most Catholics aren’t feverishly devout [or even attend Church for that matter] – but my interaction with devout Catholics showed me how awful Catholicism truly is. Devout Catholics believe in demonic possession, they believe women who use Birth Control will burn Hell, they believe women who experience domestic violence should not be allowed to divorce their husbands, they ignore the Bible and the words of Jesus – instead they follow the Vatican and the Pope.

    Anyway, I believe Catholicism will slowly get discredited to the point where everyone will acknowledge it’s not even a real form of Christianity.

    & I’m personally hoping archeologists will discover some of the gnostic gospels the early Church burned. For example the gospel of Eve permitted recreational sex [Catholics believe sex is for procreative purposes only].

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