Personal Experience With Jesus

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A Christian may tell you, “I had/have a personal experience with Jesus, so I know he is real.”  However if we apply this same logic to Muslim’s, millions of them will tell you they have had a personal experience with Allah; Does this mean that both Allah AND God are real, OR the same entity?  Digging deeper we find that millions of people have had personal experiences with ghosts and talking with dead relatives…does this mean that ghosts are real?  Hundreds of thousands or millions of people say they have seen UFO’s, and many say they have been abducted by aliens and experimented on or whisked away to a foreign planet. 

Should we view all these cases as fake or real…or just the Jesus ones?  Who, or how, can anyone tell the truth of these claims?

Personal experiences with invisible “beings” are not a real good source of truth, and I believe every Christian knows this…except when we’re talking about his own religion.  –Anonymous

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7 Responses to Personal Experience With Jesus

  1. Thomas says:

    Haha, yeah just like a bunch of people with lab coats and blazers say they are descended from fish and amino acids!

  2. thewordofme says:

    Hi Thomas, thanks for writing.

    What does lab coats and amino acids have to do with a personal experience with God/Jesus??

  3. Thomas says:

    Sorry, I meant that they “have come into contact with” proof that they are descended from fish. The point I was trying to make was that the same amount of proof exists for each one, it’s just that the people in the lab coats are usually tenured and they tend to grab your attention better then, say, a priest.

  4. thewordofme says:

    Well the priests had over a thousand years of running much of society the way they wanted to.

    They screwed things up pretty good. If it hadn’t been so much in power we probably would have made it to the moon in the 1700’s or sooner. The Dark Ages wiped out almost all of our greater knowledge and accomplishments (think of the Alexandrian library and more), much of what we had already learned had to be rediscovered hundreds of years later.

  5. Plankton says:

    Evolution by natural selection is supported by tangible evidence, observations, fulfilled predictions, repeated experiments. How could you possibly claim that personal experience has the same type of proof?

  6. Christi says:


    What do you have to say about the Cambrian Explosion which puts to rest natural selection and Darwin’s theories?

  7. Plankton says:

    No one but creationists would say that Cambrian explosion puts to rest natural selection and Darwin’s theories. The Cambrian Explosion was not rapid like an “explosion” but occurred over approximately 30 million years. Life was definitely flourishing Precambrian. There are some of excellent theories as to why this “explosion” occurred but it definitely does not debunk evolution by natural selection. I suggest you read about it from a source that’s based on science and not creationism to get an unbiased view what it really is.

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