Muslim Hysteria

“In our hysteria, we are mistaking loyal Muslim Americans and at least a billion peaceful Muslims overseas for a few thousand ruthless thugs who constitute the fascist wing of Islam.”
Clay Farris Naff, 08.26.2010 on HuffPo

Well my comment about this statement would be: how come these billion good Muslims don’t take down/out those few thousand thugs?  And how come those billion peace loving, family centered Muslims don’t get together and get rid of the totally misogynist and archaic 7th century laws and attitudes of the males in the Muslim culture.  One cannot seem to separate the religion from the existing governments that are controlled by Islam.

Their stated aim is to convert all people to the Muslim faith, by any means necessary.  The convert all doesn’t bother me, after all the Christians are trying to do this.  What does bother me is the; by any means necessary.  And different religions are generally not allowed to exist in Muslim controlled countries.  At least Christianity tolerates other faiths; however this may have to change for their own survival.  Really silly when you consider they are both supposedly praying to the same God.

The Christian “Thou shalt not bear false witness” has become “Thou shalt not bear false witness, unless it makes a non-believer look bad.”


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4 Responses to Muslim Hysteria

  1. You are apparently unaware of the attempted uprising in Iran. Leaving that aside, you are confusing traditional Islam (which has drawbacks that I pointed out in my article), with radical Islam, which our Muslim allies in Afghanistan and Pakistan are combating side by side with our troops. Or had you forgotten that?


    Clay Farris Naff

    • thewordofme says:

      Hello Mr. Naff,

      It is a pleasure to hear from you.

      First I want to say that I am writing from a atheist view and I am not a tea-bagger or right wing conservative…nor a left wing liberal. I am concerned about the spread of Muslims all over the world and their starting to ask for Sharia law in the countries they occupy.

      The whole history of the Islamic religion is one of conflict and take-over of secular government and insertion of radical religious rulership. They view free speech from their perspective only, wanting to establish blasphemy laws world-wide, and they view blasphemy as a justification for killing and violence on a large scale. Witness Theo Van Gogh’s murder, and the terrible violence regarding the Danish cartoon depiction of Muhammad.

      I like to tell religions just how wrong they are…and they are really wrong, and really a dark stain on freedom of the individual and all countries. I would be on their death list if my voice were bigger than this blog and were closer. The Islamic religion is the most deadly, evil, and threatening religion in the world today, and allowed to grow uninhibited by free-world values is a direct threat to me and my family’s future survival.

      Islam as it is understood and interpreted today is antithetical to almost all of the freedoms and rights we enjoy today. I have a wife and five children, four of which are daughters. Would I want them to live under Sharia law…absolutely not. Would I fight to stop this…you bet I would. I realize this is not an immediate issue, but you must start the fight before evil is established.

      A Quote from fellow blogger Atheist Camel Here:
      “…if you look at history, which hopefully we all see as prologue to the future, in any country where Islam takes root it becomes a standalone and ultimately predominant force even where it is a minority within the native population. The Quran is very specific about how they are to interact with “people of the book” (i.e. Xtians, and Jews…never mind atheists), and it isn’t grounded in tolerance. Thus, I don’t think assuming their degree of radicalism is no more prevalent than that of radical Xtians or Jews is valid.”

      The only hope for Islam, in my eyes, is that they totally discard all their present beliefs that are in conflict with a free and democratic way of life.

      Will that happen? No, I don’t think it will. Islam is therefore a threat to life and happiness on this planet and should be outlawed. Of course that is just my opinion. 🙂

      Thanks for your response,

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Their stated aim is to convert all people to the Muslim faith, by any means necessary.”

    “And different religions are generally not allowed to exist in Muslim controlled countries.”

    Sir, I believe you’ve been gravely misinformed about the Core Philosophy of Islam. 🙂

    May I ask what your references were, while formulating your theories on what Islam is all about?

  3. thewordofme says:

    Hello Anonymous, thanks for your reply.

    I do not formulate theories of Islam, I simply observe and collect and analyze the news from around the world in countries where Islam rules or almost rules.

    Yes, I may be wrong about the “core philosophy” of Islam, but that is not what I am concerned about. I am concerned about the thousands of religious leaders in your faith that seem to be laws unto themselves.

    One “over here” calls for the beheading of a political leader because he does not believe that Islam is harmless, while one leader “over there” calls for, and funds, the murder of an author who writes something the leader doesn’t like. One leader preaches that a movie depicting exactly how Islam works in the democratic west is defamatory and one or two of the flock kills that director. Another Mullah tells his followers that a Danish cartoonist is insulting Mohammad and people are killed in the resulting riot. And then some of the followers try to kill said cartoonist.

    Religion does NOT belong in any positions of power, in political parties or in governments, at all, at any time.

    Christianity has about 600 years up on Islam and it has matured and grown to the point where it does not seek to KILL everyone who disagrees with it. Also Christianity has grown and adapted to the times and does not seek to keep its followers in the dark ages as Islam does. Islam has a very inflexible and corrosive worldview and attitude, and in its present form is not fit to have any kind of power over enlightened people of the world.

    Suppose I want to open a Christian Baptist Church in Saudi Arabia or Iran…Who should I speak to about this??

    Many people in my country see Islam as a threat to them and their way of life. They see how many freedoms are not available in Muslim controlled countries and they worry about the cultural reproduction of their society. They recognize that Islam is anathema to freedoms that they hold dear.


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