Muslims…Learn “Christian Values” or Get Out of Germany

Immigrants without Christian values have no place in Germany,” says Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Multikulti”, the concept that we are now living side by side and are happy about it, does not work.”

She said that the attempt to create a multi-cultural society has failed completely and she called for the countries immigrants to learn the German language and adopt Christian values.

“We feel tied to Christian values. Those who don’t accept them don’t have a place here,” said the chancellor.

“Subsidizing immigrants isn’t sufficient, and Germany has the right to make demands on them,” she added, “such as mastering the German language and abandoning practices such as forced marriages.”

Integrating Muslims has been a hot button issue since this past August when Thilo Sarrazin a member of Germany’s central bank touched off outrage by saying the country was being made “more stupid” by poorly educated and unproductive Muslim migrants with headscarves.

In a recent study by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation nearly 60 percent of the over 2400 people polled, thought that the four million Muslims in Germany should have their religious practices “significantly curbed.”

I couldn’t agree more. If the Muslim immigrants to America can’t integrate into our culture then they need to go back to their original home.  Islamic values as relates to women and how to treat them is totally unacceptable in our society.  That little Islamic practice of allowing the religious leaders to declare Jihad and encourage Muslims to go out and kill and bomb and totally disrupt order is not acceptable here.  The law of the land applies to Everyone, without exception.

I think that most Muslims here in America are here because they wanted to escape the oppressive theocratic regimes of the country they came from, and that is great…now you have to integrate and leave that religious inbreeding crap behind you.  You can practice your religion…in a modified form.  You have to realize, and accept, that some of your religious and cultural practices have to stop.

There are no freebie’s or excuses.
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3 Responses to Muslims…Learn “Christian Values” or Get Out of Germany

  1. monado says:

    I saw that. Pretty stupid of them as the world gets smaller.

    P.S. I’m adding you to my blog roll… you should show up in a couple of days.

  2. Hi B,
    I don’t have much hope left for us. I may be cynical, but I’m realistic, and who really has the nut in America to lay down any rules? Nope, rules are just for us. There’s a new breed of immigrant—demanding, hostile, and always “outraged” at some perceived slight. Ugh. I want to love them. We’re told we must. Why must they be so damn unlovable?

    Take care,

  3. thewordofme says:

    Hello D,

    You write:
    “There’s a new breed of immigrant—demanding, hostile, and always “outraged” at some perceived slight. Ugh. I want to love them. We’re told we must. Why must they be so damn unlovable?”

    Of course the Mexican immigrant, probably illegal, is pretty quiet and easy to get along with, but we know why that is. Other immigrants I have come into contact with are usually polite and easy going…but the Muslims not so much. They seem to want to change the American society they find themselves in to a more comfortable Middle Eastern type culture. They want their own laws that are separate from ours. They want us to look away when they treat their women and young girls very badly.

    I think it will be very interesting to watch as some cities such as Detroit get a majority of Muslim population and start electing their own people to positions of power in the community. What will they advocate? They already broadcast the call to prayer over loudspeakers in some communities.

    I remember reading a short-story awhile back where this guy in New York was confiding personal stuff to his friend at work over a fairly long period of time. The personal tidbits included some relatively mild breaking of a few of the 10 commandments. The end of the story was when his friend passes on the stories to those in power and the “Moral Police” come to arrest the story teller and we find out that Islam is now running our country…under Islamic religious law.

    The people of Islam may be good people, but under the spell of their religion I don’t trust them, because one of the main precepts of Islam is that they are to proselytize and try to convert the world. Christianity has the same duty, but they don’t seem to bomb and kill as much to achieve their goals. 🙂

    Good day to you,

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