Go To Seminary…Lose Your Faith

“…It’s true, here are these young people in seminary, they have come with the purest of hearts and the noblest of intentions and they’re going to devote their lives to God. And one of the first things they learn is textual criticism. They’re looking at all the existing papyruses and scrolls and so forth and learning about the recension of the texts — the tortuous and often controversial historical path from Hebrew, Greek, and Latin versions of the books of the Bible — and all the Apocryphal books that got rejected — to the King James Version and all the later English translations. And that’s not what they taught you in Sunday school.”

That’s the joke that we often provoke from people when we talk about this: Anybody who goes through seminary and comes out believing in God hasn’t been paying attention.”–  Daniel. Dennett  [my emphasis]

Bart Ehrman writes about this in his book “Jesus Interrupted”.  He says that he believed in God and that the Bible was inerrant and that he was a full blown fundamentalist.  Then he went to Princeton Seminary and learned the real story behind the Christian religion. He still teaches religion at UNC Chapel Hill, but he is no longer a believer.

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