It Will Be The Death Of Us All

“…yes, yes, they gibber and jabber, all of them, the three religions, yes, God awards land, it’s just you’ve got the wrong title. This is what I mean when I say religion is a real danger to the survival of civilisation, and it makes this banal regional and national dispute … a nothingness, if it makes that, not just lethally insoluble, but is drawing in other contending parties, who really wish, openly wish, for an apocalyptic conclusion to it, as also bodied forth in the same scriptural texts, in other words that it will be the death of us all, the death of humanity, the end of the world, end of the whole suffering veil of tears, which is the … not something that happens because people misinterpret the texts, it is because they believe in them, that’s the problem, thank you.”  Christopher Hitchens  11-2010

The religion hypothesis has had 2,000 years to prove itself and has been tested over and over again and it has ALWAYS failed to prove itself. Naturalism / evolution has tremendous proofs behind it and achieves more and more every year...Every year more young people give up on religion.

Look to the past 2,000 year history of this world.  Every time humanity has come to a better understanding about how our  world works, that understanding has proven to be natural cause and effect.  ALL of the things talked about in the Bible as works of God have been proven to be natural…other then in some peoples minds God has no effect on the natural world…prayers are known to be useless.

“The world behaves exactly as you would expect it would, if there were no Supreme Being, no Supreme Consciousness, and no supernatural.”  Julia Sweeney, Letting go of God
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