There Are NO Moderate Muslims

Salman Taseer, the Pakistani governor of the Punjab province who was killed by one of his own bodyguards for being too liberal and wanting to reduce the penalty for blasphemy from death to a lesser sentence, apparently was considered too liberal by mainstream Muslims in the country.

From The National Review by Jonathon Goldberg 1-7-11

“A group of more than 500 leading Muslim scholars, representing what the Associated Press describes as a “moderate school of Islam” and the British Guardian calls the “mainstream religious organizations” in Pakistan not only celebrated the murder, but warned that no Muslim should mourn Taseer’s murder or pray for him.

They even went so far as to warn government officials and journalists that the “supporter is as equally guilty as one who committed blasphemy,” and so therefore they should all take “a lesson from the exemplary death” of Salman Taseer.

If that’s what counts for religious moderation in Pakistan, I think it’s a little late to be talking about extremists hijacking the religion. The religion has long since been hijacked, and it’s now moving on to even bigger things.”  My emphasis

So now “moderate” Muslims, the ones who keep telling us that we shouldn’t judge Islam by what the “extremists” are doing are now backing the killing of those who want to “really” moderate Islamic craziness.

This just backs up what I have been feeling for a long time…there are NO moderate Muslims that just want to be left in peace to practice their religion. The majority wants pretty much what the “extremists” want; the expansion of Islam in all of its glory and insane excesses against human rights to everyone in the world, and woe is the person who gets in its way.

The people (after all they are the ones who actually make the religion come alive) of the Islamic religion are the most dangerous people on earth.  They are unrepentant killers, and squashers of human liberty and rights.  They will do anything necessary to disperse the Islamic virus to every person, in every corner of the earth.

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4 Responses to There Are NO Moderate Muslims

  1. Our beautiful planet is being systematically destroyed by religion and politics. How can we be so technologically advanced and yet so primitive? Stone-age people with bombs and computers and absolute power…WTF? Is our world’s best days behind us?

    If I had kids I would be afraid for their future, as I fear for all generations of free people to come. (I can’t bear to think of the poor dogs!) If I voice my opinion about this vile cancer, people think I’m a paranoid. So I shut up. One guy (a well-known performer who lives here) hates Christians so much—he rants and rants. OK fine. When I asked him why he doesn’t hold the same aggression toward Islam, he said “oh that’s for the redneck Fox News-watching assholes.” (It was right after this conversation that I went and bought the “Infidel” T-shirt, which I love wearing. Jimmy got the cap. Let ’em stare—I’m making a statement here without opening my mouth.)

    They just don’t see it, don’t get it, don’t want to. Blind, deaf, and really, really dumb. Ignorance truly is bliss.

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  3. Kapitano says:

    Compare and contrast:

    * There are no moderate muslims – they all want to impose a repressive theocratic state, in which no one has basic human rights.

    * There are no moderate atheists – they all want to impose socialism and outlaw anything christian.

    * There are no moderate christians – they’re all violent and ignorant creationist whackjobs with suspicious obsessions about gay sex.

  4. the word of me says:

    Hello Kapitano, thanks for writing.

    You need to adjust your little list somewhat.

    First off the Muslims want to KILL the gay people AND women who rebel against the misogynistic treatment they get from all Muslim men AND people who talk against or walk away from Islam. They want to kill for just about any violation against the religion.

    Second: There actually are moderate Christians and they have gay ministers and gay friends and they realize that evolution really happened and the earth is billions of years old instead of 6,000 years old. Do any moderate Muslims believe in an old earth?

    Third: I don’t know of any atheists who want to have a socialistic society. Socialism implies conformity and atheists are very wary of conformists. And the only thing I want the Christians to do is stay out of politics and observe the separation of church and state…which is the law.

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