Women…Religion Wants To Control YOUR Body

The Religious right (most of whom are Republicans) are out to take away women’s right to their own body. In states around the country they are trying to get ‘personhood’ laws passed. This is a law that says that as soon as an human egg is fertilized it is a human and therefore has the same rights as you and I.  Following this line of reasoning if a pregnant woman somehow endangers her unborn baby…maybe having a few alcoholic drinks or smokes a cigarette  she is liable to be arrested for child abuse.

Following this malevolent line of reasoning to it’s evil and barbarous end we find that a women can be arrested for murder if she exhibits the above behavior and then miscarries.  Don’t laugh…just watch the video and maybe go to rhrealitycheck and read the full expose of religions evil plan to control  the bodies of all fertile women in the country.

And you thought the Dark Ages were long gone…


Behind all this is the ‘Lying for Jesus’ people and this is only a small sample of their deceptive agenda.


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4 Responses to Women…Religion Wants To Control YOUR Body

  1. Hello, I am English. That’s- insane. That’s just ridiculous. Horrible. I would not have thought it possible.

  2. the word of me says:

    Hello Clare Flourish, thanks for writing.

    Yes it is insane and very evil…this is what religion is doing to our country.

  3. anthony says:

    Religion is at best causing the destruction of humanity as we know it
    Religious Right are fanatics – a bit like Hitler
    Religion and politics should never mix
    Especially the American Religious Right – they are paranoid fanatics with some terrifying views

    Even though some of them should know better and are well educated they behave in a very primitive tribal manner to the detriment of anyone else that does not belong

    As a humanist – religion is certainly not the way to go – and should have nothing to do with the law, politicians and governing a country – this must be purely secular

    You can be a politician with whatever religious or non-religious beliefs – as long as your political endeavors are based on logic, science and the well being of society as a whole – and not influenced by religious beliefs that are not shared in the wider society

    No one has any rights over a woman and her body – especially a pregnant woman.

    Where does a fetus become an INDIVIDUAL should be based on common sense, education, science, the well being of mother & unborn – not stupid blind religious beliefs that are out date and out of line with what we as an intelligence human race have learnt over the years.

  4. the word of me says:


    O.K. why aren’t you writing my blog??? 🙂

    I pretty much agree with everything you wrote.

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