Muslims Kill Christians

Well its happened again…those super friendly, religion of peace, and non-violent Muslims in Nigeria have killed some more Christians in their ongoing effort to rid the country of a competing religion.   Boy those Muslims, what a crack-up they are.  HERE
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5 Responses to Muslims Kill Christians

  1. Blue Django says:

    Your last post was a challenge to the sacred texts of the three biggest religions on our planet and now this. Don’t you think this sort of post might inflame people’s anger instead of achieving peace?

  2. Blue Django says:

    Please will you read your 1st post to your blog:
    Don’t Mess With Muslims?

    ‘You know I could go through all your articles and I’m sure I’m going to find this sort of argument is on repeat cycle. It’s probably part of the reason why no-one bothers to leave comments. You’re just not getting it. The problem is not religion. This is the superficial brush. You’re going to have to look deeper at the reasons for problems in our world and even deeper to provide some genuine solutions. I’m going to leave you to do that and come back in a year or so, to see if you’ve figured this out.’ (repeat post, by me)

    Peace, Eric.

  3. the word of me says:

    Hi Eric,

    What kind of solution do you think would be appropriate for Muslims that go around killing Christians?? Or any religion that is not theirs?

    What would your solution be to the Muslims evil and horrible treatment of women and female children??

    Do you really think they should be accorded the same treatment that civilized people are given, or should we just look the other way and ignore the screams and blood??

    Should we ignore the poor women who are stoned to death for something that isn’t even a crime in a civilized country.

    Should we ignore/look away when women and children are raped in Muslim controlled countries and the law either does nothing, or they put the VICTIM on trial??

    Should we shut up and look the other way when a religion shows itself to be life threatening to the world at large…one that sucks up people and spits out automatons who will be killed if they waver in their total support of this evil blight on humanity.

    I know what the best solution is…but people will fiddle around drag their heels and meanwhile hundreds or thousands more souls will be murdered and thousands more will suffer horrible pain.

    Christianity is marginally better only because it has been around longer and is practiced in civilized countries where if you kill or hurt somebody there are REAL consequences.

    Islams stated goal is world domination of their religion, and they don’t seem to care how they arrive at that destination…Am I wrong in this perception??

  4. the word of me says:


    Just a few days ago a Muslim man chopped off all the fingers of one hand of his poor wife who was going to school trying to get an education. So far the husband has not been arrested.

    Or how about the young Muslim couple last year who were shot to death by order of the town council because they ran away and married contrary to the girls fathers wishes.

    Civilized countries and religions do not allow such evil things to happen. As children they are taught to respect life and honor women.

  5. the word of me says:


    Why should I have respect for a people/religion/world-view that does not respect mine??

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