Muslims Kill Even More Christians

Nigeria, Africa will probably end up being a Muslim controlled country before long.  They have a group of Muslims who call themselves Boko Haram, and they’re out to kill any and all opposition to their wants…they started with the Christians.

 “Nigeria has been hit by a fresh wave of violence apparently targeting the country’s Christian communities. At least 17 people were killed in Mubi in Adamawa state as gunmen opened fire in a town hall where members of the Christian Igbo group were meeting.

There were also reports of a deadly attack in Adamawa’s capital, Yola.”  BBC Africa Here

I guess they figure if they get rid of the Christians there won’t be anyone left to stop their power grab.  Notice because they are Muslim’s they just kill instead of trying a democratic solutions…trying to win the hearts and minds maybe…instead of terror.

“Gunmen who are, from all indications, members of Boko Haram came in large numbers and have encircled police headquarters. They chanted ‘Allahu Akbar’ [God is Great] and fired indiscriminately,” a resident told AFP.

Boko Haram, whose name means ‘Western education is forbidden’, is fighting to overthrow the government and create an Islamic state.”

You know if atheism ruled there wouldn’t be any of this crap going on….:-)


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13 Responses to Muslims Kill Even More Christians

  1. Blue Django says:

    You say:

    You know if atheism ruled there wouldn’t be any of this crap going on….:-)

    > I dare you to provide evidence (in a separate blog post) that proves that atheists have never been at the head of the most diabolical acts of violence in human history.

    Good luck.

    • BD – In order to prove “that atheists have never been at the head of the most diabolical acts of violence in human history” one would have to write a post on all of the “diabolical acts of violence in human history,” prove which one was the most diabolical and why it is so, then prove that those at the head “weren’t atheists” (difficult to ‘prove’ since even the ones who didn’t necessarily do it in the name of religion, still made references to religion and had religious upbringings).

      • Blue Django says:

        EiaF, the deal is that this blogger is anti-religion, identifying it as the cause of all evils in our world. It’s a pity that so many have this very narrow view, but it’s something I’m sure he/she can sort out with a little study. Peace, BD.

      • Blue Django says:

        EiaF, I just had a peep at your website and see that you have a link to Prof. Kenneth Miller, in the left hand column. I clicked on the link and it goes to Amazon, but here’s a better link to his website titled: Ken Miller’s Evolution Page Have you read his book, ‘Finding Darwin’s God’, or watched any of his videos on You Tube?

        Please check out my page: faith unravels –
        I used to be a Creationist of sorts (spurred along by the bad science of Kent Hovind), but time and study (esp. study) have aided me in gaining a broader and I hope deeper understanding of (a) nature, (b) philosophy and (c) theology.
        I was not raised on religion, though there was a definite emphasis on being kind and considerate, unselfish and whatever I gleaned from that I took into my life at the age of eleven. I discovered that it wasn’t enough to manage and began searching for something to strengthen my desire to live consistently. It took me some time before I discovered that there were very few people who seemed to overflow with the character traits that I ached for to bring the needed stability. I turned out that these people were the ones who believed in fairy tales and myths. You know the sort? Christians. I had always considered them to be the weak ones, the one’s who talked about love, peace, joy and would sit around in church singing songs to their made up belief. What a shock I got when I attended some of the meetings and experienced a quality of love that was different to anything I had ever experienced. I was still not convinced.
        I ended up getting snagged by a fanatical hybrid sect of Christianity and this nearly ended in suicide (that’s what I call bad religion! I’ve helped a few out of it, but it’s by far the most difficult sort of religion for it seems to connect itself to the base nature, rather than the religious center of the brain, and results in diabolical behaviour – I’m sure you’ve read of the numerous religious cults in America and the world at large.)
        Fortunately for me, my boss was the real deal and though my life was falling apart as I went deeper into ‘bad religion’ he must have predicted my crash and when I did he was there to show understanding, kindness and respect. In short, I recovered and blossomed and though I spent a few years diving in and out of other ‘bad religions’ (I just didn’t know how to wake up) and also a decade as an atheist (I thought it might help me rid myself of ‘bad religion’) the release only came in my 40s when I made a concerted effort to learn disciplined prayer (the way Jesus taught it) and my life began to gain the solidity that I’d first tasted among those Christians who I’d first considered the weaker sort. It seems that Jesus’s spirit has evolved well to make the transition into the 21st century. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

        If you want a study on the most evil men who ever lived, you might enjoy reading this, for a start.

        Peace on yer.

      • Blue Django says:


        Just something for you to consider along the way.

        ‘Evolution is not just a theory, it’s triumphantly a theory!’ –


      • Blue Django says:

        I notice that you don’t allow comments on some (all?) of your posts to your blog.
        I’ve been slowly reading through your blog and noticed that your very first entry was to do with Glenn Morton. – Morton’s Demon – – Posted on December 27, 2011 by admin , referring to an article – Morton’s Demon – dated February 2, 2002 and thought you might like to catch up on Glenn’s progress since then.
        I’m a non-card-carrying member of Theology Web Campus and have been since October 2006 and so I’ve read but never engaged in direct conversation with Glenn, though I’ve certainly posted to the Natural Science forum, though primarily on a question answers basis.
        So, here are a few posts that might help you to catch up.
        I’ll start with one you might never have seen from a later date and then bring you up-to-date:
        1. Why I Left Young Earth Creationism by Glenn Morton – Copyright 2000 by Glenn R. Morton
        2. Hugh Ross vs. Glenn Morton – – November 16th 2003
        3. Operations science, Origins science and Morton’s Demon. – December 10th 2007
        4. Oil Problems comin’ round the mountain (by Glenn Morton) – – May 18th 2009
        5. Global Warming w/o Tiggy (Glenn’s post) – – April 2nd 2010
        6. Glenn’s Blog has articles that he’s written dating from Feb. 2009 to Mar. 2011, the last being – Global warming linked to earthquake – – MARCH 11, 2011

        Obviously, there are more posts by Glenn on Theology Web Campus and I’d be interested to see where you have engaged in direct conversations with him.
        I’d also be interested to read conversation between yourself and another regular to Theology Web Campus – rogue06.
        Until then, you are welcome to write to me at my email

        Peace and keep on truckin’

        The Word of Me,
        I’ve made a copy of this, so if you wanna delete be my guest. I’m sure that I’ll be able to find an email address for EaiF eventually, but for now I wanted to make the connection.

        Peace, to you.

  2. Indeed! When will we learn to call a spade a space? While there are peaceful Muslims, I do think the language of the Koran makes it more difficult to square its teachings with peaceful coexistence with people of different faiths and world views. I don’t think it’s impossible, just much harder to do so than with Christianity and Judaism.

    By the way, thanks for the link to my evolution myspace page. I’ve taken the page down and posted the content here:

  3. Blue Django says:

    Hi TWoMe,
    If you could keep the above comment up, I’d appreciate it as there doesn’t seem to be an email address for EiaF.

  4. Hi BD, you certainly have a lot to say! I have read Finding Darwin’s God. That’s why I link to the book on my page. Let’s just say I was unconvinced but certainly find Ken Miller’s argument more likely than the creationist nonsense out there. My site used to be on MySpace and I used to allow comments and so forth but it became too time consuming. Once MS went to $hit I decided to move my content onto my own site. Sadly, I don’t have time like I used to.

    Thanks for the links, I will check them out. I do have great respect for Glenn Morton.

  5. BD – I should clarify what I mean by “unconvinced” regarding Ken Miller. I remain unconvinced regarding the existence of God. I wasn’t referring to his unparalleled ability to explain evolution without coming off as condescending to creationists (something I sometimes have trouble doing).

  6. Katoikei says:

    ‘I remain unconvinced regarding the existence of God.’ Oops, I did get rather carried away. 🙂 You don’t do half bad yourself. hehehe!

    I spent most of my adult life, pushing my doubts about God somewhere deep inside. In part, I was afraid that there might be no-one there, and in part too lazy to take time out from “my” life. Eventually, I threw caution to the wind and began searching with all of my being. The song from C.S Lewis’ book ‘Surprised by Joy’ sums up my “own” experience. Just like the story Jesus told about the prodigal son, the minute I made up my mind to seek God, I found that God was ready to prove himself to me.
    I’m not a big fan of the 20 arguments for the existence of God routine which some employ to convert people from unbelievers to believers, for these arguments are meant for “believers”.
    The closest I got to formulating a good argument for the existence of God, is something similar to what I believe is presented in Prof. Alvin Plantinga’s book ‘Warranted Christian Belief’. If you’ve read Lin Yutang’s book ‘From Pagan to Christian’, there’s a rumour of my own argument in there somewhere and another book I can’t wait to read is ‘Recovery of Belief’ by Prof. CEM Joad.
    I’m sure that in time, when God is ready he will open your eyes and ears (your understanding) to hear and see whatever you need to change you into a believer. It’s a miracle and therefore not something one can cook up in a frying pan.
    Take care and if you want to chat, write me at email.


  7. Katoikei says:

    ‘Thanks for the links, I will check them out.’

    > My pleasure. There are a few Christian teachers who I find I enjoy among those are Tim Keller and Tom Wright. (Bishop NT Wright) I feel sorry for Christians who’ve grown up in heavy fundamentalist homes and then had to face the mocking and jeering in university. Often the end up being very “angry” at all Christians and fail to see that we aren’t all like the monsters referred to in the books of certain popular anti-God-pro-Evolutionist writers. It was the reverse for me. I was told that unbelievers are all monsters etc.
    I think what changed me most, was firstly discovering that what I’d been told about unbelievers was not all true. I think the Internet Generation is dwarfed due to the fact that they just don’t get out enough and meet people from all walks of life. You know it’s computer this, cellphone that and in the end they have terrible preconceptions about the species ‘human’ and especially when they start paying notice of the name calling that abounds on the Internet.
    I’m sad about the way this has gone, for I have some mighty excellent friends who are unbelievers and our friendships have benefited each other. It’s going to take a long time for people to change and I don’t expect to see it in my lifetime, but if you’re still a young person you might get to share in what’s up for the future.
    Trying to stamp our religion (without realizing that there are people, families and not everyone is that stupid, to think that their religion means do bad stuff to people) It’s always been the nutters and fanatics, and often people who have really not tenderness like the one whom they say they are carrying the flag for.

    Well, take care and I hope you find that time to search for the illusive Big Foot. 😉


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