ALL Non-Africans Are Part Neanderthals


The Neanderthal genome is not the same as Homo-sapiens…they were non-humans.

Mankind was able to mate and produce viable fertile off-spring with them.

This very strongly implies that we humans could most likely mate with as least one, or more, of the older Homo/hominid species we know have existed on earth.

This pretty much eliminates the need to search any further for the ‘missing link’.

This also completely and totally backs up the truth of evolution.

Christians  0
Atheists  1,000,000



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5 Responses to ALL Non-Africans Are Part Neanderthals

  1. Blue Django says:

    You say:

    Christians 0
    Atheists 1,000,000

    > This statistic does not reflect the beliefs of all Christians and ignores the years of happy co-existence that scientists, biologists and those who study (I’m not including you) be they believers or unbelievers. I see you are still posting your anti-this anti-that posts. How about something that celebrates the positive and unifying goal of life.


  2. the word of me says:

    Christians 0 They have been unable in 2,000 + years to present one scintilla of evidence for their God, or Dogma, or any of the characters from the Bible. They talk a good game, but they have nothing.

    What positives in religion would you suggest I write about?? How about the Catholics and their legal and moral problems with child rapists?? How about the Christian Right that is pulling the strings of the Republican Party and trying to get hard-line fundamentalists in offices so they can initiate Biblical law over our land (look up Dominionists and Republicans). The history of Christianity is filled with mayhem and murder by the millions

    Or how about those funny old rascally Muslims who just keep killing people for trying to get the truth out about their own religion, blasphemy, Heresy, apostasy, they kill or chop off body parts of women for trying to get an education or get ahead in the world, If their women are raped they punish the woman not the perpetrator…the Muslims are insane.

    Or how about the Jews in Israel who want to segregate women in the workplace, the streets, the public transportation?

    How about those billion strong Hindus, who, like the Muslims, kill for stupid reasons and treat their women just like the Muslims…extremely bad.

    All the religions mentioned here are not what religion should be…they are false religion, they are evil.


    • Blue Django says:

      Try doing a little research from resources other than the Internet and you might one day actually write something that is not equal to drivel. Your blog is a waste of my time.

      • religion is death says:

        Still you seem to find the time… You’re a troll and so is your god! Neither your religion nor you deserve any respect – what you need is to be in a sanatorium. Why should I respect someone who worships an entity that wants to torture most of humanity – forever – and that calls this shit love? Fuck you, Blue Shit, and fuck your religion too!

  3. the word of me says:

    Would you care to write a rebuttal? You say I write of things I know nothing about…where is your sparkling repartee ?

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