Church And State Must Be Separate…Ronald Reagan

To all of those people out there who are following the current ‘Republican Dream’ of establishing America as a ‘Christian Nation’   Perhaps you might want to emulate your ‘Hero’ instead.

“We in the United States, above all, must remember that lesson [of the Holocaust], for we were founded as a nation of openness to people of all beliefs. And so we must remain. Our very unity has been strengthened by our pluralism. We establish no religion in this country, we command no worship, we mandate no belief, nor will we ever. Church and state are, and must remain, separate. All are free to believe or not believe, all are free to practice a faith or not, and those who believe are free, and should be free, to speak of and act on their belief.”  Ronald Reagan, 1984  My bolding and underline.


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3 Responses to Church And State Must Be Separate…Ronald Reagan

  1. The issue is indeed separation of church & state. The state (in this case the executive branch through the HHS) has determined what is & isn’t a religious function (in this case caring for the sick,education[primary,secondary and universities], caring for the poor, adoption & employing those who carry out those tasks) does not fall under the function of religion.

    It ignores the fact that the church invented hospitals, colleges and caring for the homeless for well over 1,500 before the USA ever existed.

    You can claim (and have) about many of my churches faults but I had hoped that you would view this as a clear violation of the 1st admendment.

  2. jamesmalik says:

    The church also condoned and supported slavery, holy jihad wars (crusades that wound up sending children in to fight for it in foreign lands), Hitler and mass murders in Europe, insane dictatorships run by ruling wealthy families in Latin America, witch hunts and burning people at the stake, torture Inquisition-style (enhanced interrogation), child labour in gold and silver mines. It has not made reparations for any of what they did in the sureness God wanted them to.
    The fact the “THE” church did some good things as well as horrific acts of terror, child abuse, and aggression does not mean it deserves a free pass to ignore laws and be a law unto itself. When all of the churches spend a thousand years doing nothing but practicing the love and compassion and peace and sharing generosity that they preach, they will rule the world if the meek really do inherit the earth. Meantime, they are mere mortals. They are tax-free, and if that doesn’t make “The” church special enough for itself, too bad.
    Faith means “I don’t care what the government does, it can’t affect my blind beliefs”. When people demand boosts and supports and certifications and special priveleges to carry out their religion, they are faddists without faith, sheep with no Jesus but the plaster ones without which they are apparently unable to carry out their faith, which in that case is false idol worship.
    People with faith don’t need government back-up. Don’t believe in abortion, greed, vanity, birth control? It’s a free country. Get pregnant, don’t have abortions, don’t kill, don’t covet, don’t wear makeup and fancy clothes, But don’t expect the government to ban cosmetics or throw adulterers in jail for you.

  3. The church also condoned and supported slavery

    QB: “slavery” is the condition of involuntary servitude in which a human being is regarded as no more than the property of another, as being without basic human rights; in other words, as a thing rather than a person. Early Christians liberated their slaves, while some churches redeemed slaves using the congregation’s common means. Other Christians even sacrificially sold themselves into slavery to emancipate others. Heck Popes Pius I and Callistus were slaves, the latter issued in the 3rd century that Roman citizen should be permitted to marry slaves, which the Pagan Emperors chose to martyr numerous Catholics over.
    I recommend Fr. Joel Panzer in his book, The Popes and Slavery if you aren’t enslaved (Pun intended) to the enlightenment & Protestant reformer propaganda. The papal documents Sicut Dudum (1435) rebuked European enslavers & Pope Paul III condemned it in Sublimis Deus (1537) dealing with the West Indies. The Inquisition Response of the Congregation of the Holy Office, 230, March 20, 1686) rejected the selling of slaves.

    holy jihad wars

    Do you realize that North Africa was all Catholic from the 4th until 7th century when Islam destroyed over 3,200 church and enslaved millions of Christians? Islam holds to their doctrine that there are two houses one of Allah (Islam believers) & the house of war. If the Popes had not called for the Crusades its likely you, WOM & myself would all be Islamic today. An interesting read of that era was done by a Baptist professor (so he isn’t bias in favor of Catholics)

    Hitler and mass murders in Europe

    Ok, no sense going any further on this one. Hitler was baptized in the church as an infant. He didn’t attend church as an adult. If I had to select a religious believe for Hitler it would be the Occult.

    child abuse

    Well we finally agree on something that was a manifest evil.

    If we could get back to the issue is the state does not have the authority to determine what are religious practices (care for the sick, homeless, adoption, education etc.). So if you’d like to address that issue fine. If you just want to rant that’s ok too, but its not worth my time to deprogram you.

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