Fox News Sucks

My father-in-law still thinks Obama is a secret Muslim, and will not watch any other news broadcast.

I don’t know what Fox News market share is, but whatever percentage it happens to be–that same percentage of our population
is mentally handicapped and should not be allowed to vote.


About the word of me
Interested in family and friends,grandchildren, photography, darkrooms, history, archaeology, scuba diving, computers, software, fast cars, journalism, writing, travel, ecology, news, science, and probably most other subjects you could think of. Did I mention family and friends?? I require iced tea or cold brewed coffee and a internet connection to be fully functional. Sometimes there are just so many words in my head they spill out.

One Response to Fox News Sucks

  1. omegetymon says:

    Thank YOU!
    (A friend was talking about some “poor”mechanical choices a friend of my Daughter made, called it ” N_-_-R rigging”. He thought that I’d wince since I’ve a “natural” tan. On that I pointed out that the PYRAMIDS had been built by “THEM”, and when Napoleon tried to “wipe” the flared nostrils from the SPHYNX with a cannon the nuber of rounds he’d have had to use would have put his forces in danger.
    What you’ve revealed is just the culmination of more “bad” births being allowed to go to ‘term’.

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