The Republican Religious Party is Winning Control…

…Of Women’s Bodies.  The Republican War on Women is alive and well

The Republican Religious Party is winning the war to gain control of women’s bodies, and therefore their reproductive lives.  I am thankful that my daughters are grown now and do not plan any more children.  I am terribly sorry that my 4 years old granddaughter will now have the state control her choices as a reproducing female in America.  Evil religion is behind all this.

  • ARIZONA now has the earliest surgical abortion ban  in the nation at 20 weeks, and the earliest medical abortion ban at 7 weeks.   Arizona sucks; it is controlled by a Republican religious junta.
  • ALABAMA wants to make it nearly impossible to receive RU-486.  All women move awayquickly…the state of Alabama does not have your best interest at heart
  • GEORGIA’S horrendous “women as livestock” bill forces women to carry non-viable fetuses to term.  Women as Livestock…aka women are not allowed to control their own bodies.  Horrendous doesn’t even begin to describe the evilness of this law.  The South Sucks
  • TENNESSEE is criminalizing harm to embryos.  Just try drinking a glass of wine, or walking into a smoke filled room there.
  • TEXAS women are forced to look at the image of their most likely “trans-vaginal” ultrasound and listen to the fetal heartbeat.  This is actually State Rape…you will not be allowed to opt out of this travesty.  Thank your local Republican politicians for this.  Another failed state.
  • MISSISSIPPI will become the first abortion-clinic-free state in July. (Just picture the license plate slogan!)  Everyone with any sense will leave this failed state soon.  Mississippi stands at the bottom of all indicators of a happy place to live
  • SOUTH CAROLINA seeks to eliminate abortions in the case of rape from their health plans.  Also planned is to eliminate abortion in case of Incest…this is the grossest form of state control ever.
  • WISCONSIN Planned Parenthood clinics have halted all medical abortions.  Quick leave the state.  Republican Religious Party governor Scott Walker is being recalled for being a asshats.

America is rapidly approaching being a State controlled fascist country…and it is the Republican Religious Party and their doublespeak tactics that is leading us there.  They and their church buddies are Evil.


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10 Responses to The Republican Religious Party is Winning Control…

  1. Hello WOM,

    I enjoy reading your take on this topic, since it is representative of many in this country. Yet it is totally opposite of what I think is occurring today.

    Two people view the same facts and come to two opposite opinions.

    Today this presidency has essentially taken the Kaiser’s route of suppression of the church and total control of education, social services.

    The issue of HHS Sebelius to determine that the 1st amendment only applies to those worshiping within a house of worship.

    All other religious functions are deemed secular, without even an hint of approval from the elected representatives. So now religious hospitals, (primary, secondary, and university schools), soup kitchens, social services are all areas the state places their jack boot on.

    It is the state that has declared war on the rights of the church and of religious conscience. This always happens when a country throws of religious believe. It requires that the state becomes god. It’s just a matter of time.

    As the archbishop of Chicago stated: “I will died in my bed, my successor will die in prison, & his successor will die a martyr”.

    Welcome to to atheist China(I mean USA).

  2. Anonymous says:

    “TENNESSEE is criminalizing harm to embryos

    They’re doing WHAT??!! OMG they’re crimnalizing HARM to embryos??!! UNTHINKABLE!!!!!

    • the word of me says:

      Try following the provided link and actually read the article. It is nothing but religious evangelical fundamentalists trying to interfere with women’s bodies. It is setting up the state as THE controller of women’s sexuality and bodies..

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you so much for the tip.So refresh my memory where’s all those “religious evangelical fundamentalists” at? Oh and I read further and it said that “allows doctors and private institutions the right to refuse not only abortion care but also reproductive health services, such as dispensing birth control.” It kinda sounds like the government was controlling them doesn’t it? And I also believe this law may have been made to protect embryos from stem cell research where when their done with them they crush them.Oh sorry I forgot you guys don’t like to use those words like “abort” instead of kill so I’ll just say “disposed of”. Better?


  3. the word of me says:

    Hello again anonymous,

    There is another person replying to me on another of my posts using the pseudonym anonymous. If that’s not you, I will try to keep you separated.

    You write:
    “So refresh my memory where’s all those “religious evangelical fundamentalists” at?”

    They are in the Republican Party. The Party is controlled by evangelical fundamentalists.

    Point of information…I am not one of those ‘guys’ you are referring to. I truly don’t like abortion, except in special circumstances, but I am adamantly opposed to churches and government having that kind of control over women’s bodies. We all know that the religious right/Republican Party is trying very hard to regain the control they once had over women and their sexuality. They ultimately want to end birth control and the women’s right to control whether they birth children.

    The religious right, in their stupidity, even wants to outlaw abortion in cases of rape, incest, and medical danger to the women’s life…that’s just cruel.

    Are you Catholic?? Did you know that in the United States our population would be well over 400 million (300 million now) if abortion were not allowed? The entire world is fast approaching (most claim it already has) the breaking point in its ability to handle the human load, and the Catholics still want birth control outlawed internationally.

    You can use any terms you want to describe abortion, it doesn’t bother me at all.

    You suppose any person in favor of abortion is evil somehow…well they aren’t.

    We suppose that you people are evil. Well we both know most of you are not, but it is you people who have killed doctors, it is you that have deceived many women with your Pregnancy centers’

    “The city law that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed in March 2011 would require pregnancy resource centers to post signs saying the centers are not licensed medical facilities and whether they provide abortions or abortion referrals. For violations, the centers would face fines ranging from $200 to $2,000 and closure for three or more separate violations in one year. The city justified passing the law by saying some centers had engaged in deceptive practices on what services they offered.”

    So basically what these centers are doing is ‘lying for Jesus.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello WOM,

    Sorry I still don’t understand who these “religious evangelical fundamentalists” are.Are you talking about Romney? Because as far as I understand Obama is also Christian and he’s all for abortion.And I don’t think you people are evil I believe that your actions are evil.I am not the judge of you so I will judge your actions and when I say judge I don’t mean I look at your actions and deem you evil or have the urge to stone you to death.I voice my opinion toward your ACTIONS not the person.And if your against abortion then why do you disapprove of the laws that limit it. and most of the time the woman is not being raped, incested or anything else.These crimes are rare cases.most of the time the get pregnent on their own time. so everytime they get pregnent they can just go to a clinic or hospital and have an abortion.instead of taking the responsibility for their actions and not having intercourse every Saturday night. and I still fail to see these “centers” that are “lying for Jesus”

  5. As a man who prides himself in following science do you agree:
    Science says:
    1) The baby/embryo has different DNA than that of the biological mother & father.
    2) Heartbeat begins 18 days after conception.
    3) viability outside the womb is 24-26 weeks gestation.

    Given that, I don’t see any reasonable explaination for any abortions from 27 weeks or later. If the woman doesn’t want to carry it than she can have it delivered and give up legal rights to the child.

    That IMO should be the starting point.

    As far as contraception goes if a woman wants it they can have it, but at their own expense. Those that claim they want everyone out of their bedroom, well I don’t want to be in there and yet I’m required to pay for their pills? Nope.

    On population growth, if we had 400 million people we won’t have the problems we do today. Those aborted would need food, shelter, education and they would be paying into the system and Social security would be viable. On a global scale I know we discussed the worlds implosion in population.

    The projected annual rate of world population growth in 2025 is just under 0.8 percent, considerably slower than the current projected rate of 1.3 percent, and far below the estimated 2.0 percent annual growth rate of the late 1960s. By 2025 there will be more people living in Africa than all the developed world combined.

    As a species we will top out at about 9,3 billion in late 2030’s to 2040. At that point the population will drop 50% over the next 60 years. And there has never been a country where you have economic prosperity while you have population decline. Fewer people paying taxes, fewer people buying homes, fewer people consuming goods & services. And add to that an increasing ageing population which requires more gov’t support.

    Note Japan which is facing the situation now. They are currently on QE8 because they don’t have the replacement population to support the growing old people. We have to allow over 10 million people/year to immigrate every year until 2050 to support replacement value.

    Be very careful what you support my friend, the trend is not your friend nor our kids or grand kids who wll have to live through the well intended nightmare we are brewing for them.

    • the word of me says:

      Hello again my friend, I hope you are well.

      I am really short on time right now and don’t have time to do a full reply to your answer to my post.

      One thing caught my eye though and I am rushing off this quick reply to what caught my attention and will answer further as soon as I can.

      Qboa, you write:
      “Note Japan which is facing the situation now. They are currently on QE8 because they don’t have the replacement population to support the growing old people. We have to allow over 10 million people/year to immigrate every year until 2050 to support replacement value.

      It seems to me that you are saying because of downward population pressure the Japanese are launching QE8 and weakening their currency.

      Below is a quote and a link to the UK paper ‘The Telegraph’ financial page.

      Jun Azumi, Japan’s finance minister, praised the bank’s “bold” efforts to hold down the yen, lending credence to suspicions that the real motive is to counter “beggar-thy-neighbour” currency devaluations by other powers and prevent the strong yen choking Japan’s export industry.

      Now this article is saying to me that the Japanese are weakening their currency because it is too strong and this is hurting their competiveness in the world markets.

      What’s going on here??

      • “A crisis in Japan would most likely manifest as a collapse of confidence in the yen: At some point, Japanese citizens will decide that saving in any yen-­denominated asset is not worth the risk. Then interest rates will rise; the capital position of banks, insurance companies, and pension funds will worsen (because they all hold long-maturing bonds, which fall in value when rates rise); and fears of insolvency will surface.”

        The current reason that the yen is strong is because the FED has placed a unended TAX (yes I said it) of buying mortgage securities with money we don’t have (read Treasury printing 42 billion/month) in hopes to spark inflation. The dollar has dropped 8%(hence the tax buying power of all of us holding green backs) against everyone else. That’s why the yen is strong among other issues. It’s a good article and supports my view on demographics and its by the Atlantic Monthly (a far left mag).

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