Evolution Fact or Theory

Don’t know the didfference between a scientific fact or theory or hypothesis…watch this video.

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7 Responses to Evolution Fact or Theory

  1. Anonymous says:

    He said that when people say evolution is just a theory it doesn’t matter and goes on to give an example of gravity by dropping his keys.While gravity can be proven evolution cannot because you cannot create a simple experiment and prove it true no matter what people say which makes gravity a fact.He also points out that all life spawned from one inorganic source which is irrational because where did it’s source come from another inorganic source? So I think it’s pretty clear that macro-evolution is fiction.

  2. the word of me says:

    And I think God is fiction. However evolution is provable and has been proven.

    Creationist complain about the Big Bang making our world out of nothing, seeming to forget that the Christian God supposedly came from nothing and says that he ‘spoke’ our universe, and all in it, into existence ex-nihilo.

    • Anonymous says:

      And how do you prove evolution?And it’s true that God is an infinite being who has the power to create a finite universe.And if there was a finite source for all life then where did it come from? Answer: anything finite must have an infinite source.

      • the word of me says:

        I don’t prove evolution…that is left up to the hundreds of thousands of scientists who have considered it and tested it in the light of their life’s work and who overwhelmingly accept it as true. They have much much more knowledge about the subjects than I do, so I just accept and respect their knowledge.

        If it was just a few hundred scientists accepting and promoting the Theory of Evolution I would be very suspicious of them. However we have ALL the scientific organizations in the WORLD saying that evolution is true.

        Evolution is both a fact and a theory…you need to understand this basic fact of life. And you also need to recognize the fact that whether YOU believe it or not…it is true and it continues to operate as it has for billions of years.

        It is only evangelical fundamentalist religionists who doubt evolution.

  3. Anonymous says:

    One: not all scientists accept evolution.Two:to be fact or theory you have to be able to prove your hypothesis.Three: evangelical fundeamentalist religionists are not the only ones who doubt or have reason to doubt the THEORY of evolution.

  4. the word of me says:

    The overwhelming majority do accept evolution, and those who do recognize it as fact. Theory means an entirely different thing to science

    Evolution is fact whether you recognize it or not. Nothing to argue about there.

  5. Anonymous says:


    “About 46 percent of people say creationism explains the origin of humans. Just 15 percent say humans evolved without the assistance of God, a Gallup poll finds.”

    Widely accepted you say.

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