The Jesus Myth

.Christopher Hitchens on Jesus and the Exodus

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8 Responses to The Jesus Myth

  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s these “cool little stories” He told called parables.Look ’em up sometime.


  2. the word of me says:

    Did you know that we aren’t really sure we have the words of Jesus

    • Anonymous says:

      You have another theory?I would be happy to hear it.

      • the word of me says:

        Then there is the theory that Jesus didn’t even exist. Reason being that we KNOW Adam and Eve never existed…therefore there was no ‘Original Sin’…therefore there was no need for Jesus to expiate out nonexistent sins.

        Paul pretty much invented ‘Christianity.’ And he never even meet the man.

  3. Anonymous says:

    And you know Adam and Eve didn’t exist how?Also Paul didn’t write the Bible and or invent Christianity since there were more then seventy two people involved in the foundation of Christianity.

  4. the word of me says:

    Archaeological, paleoanthropological, and DNA/genome evidence that shows modern man (Homo-sapiens) was walking the earth around 200,000 years ago. The DNA evidence showing that there was never just two progenitors. Or 6/8 if you believe the flood story.

    Oh yeah, Noah’s flood and certain other stories from the Bible are just not happenin’ in real life. There is SO much wrong with the Bible.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This DNA evidence you have must be second hand because you can’t take a modern human’s DNA and use it to explain what happened 200,000 years ago.The Flood is a proven fact.There is evidence that the world had experienced a mass flood that occurred about 4,300 years ago.

    • the word of me says:

      Below are listed several pages of scientific evidence about the flood and evolution. You should note the extensive list of scientific references in those pages. You should also note that the Catholic Encyclopedia of 1908 says that Catholics are no longer required to believe the Noachian flood happened. It has been thoroughly disproven…there are no mainstream geologists or archaeologists who believe in a global flood…at any time.

      From your Catholic Encyclopedia
      “Two hundred years of theological and scientific study devoted to the question have thrown so much light on it that we may now defend the following conclusions:

      The geographical universality of the Deluge may be safely abandoned
      Neither Sacred Scripture nor universal ecclesiastical tradition, nor again scientific considerations, render it advisable to adhere to the opinion that the Flood covered the whole surface of the earth.”
      Maas, A. (1908). Deluge. In The Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company. Retrieved September 24, 2012 from New Advent:

      There is NO real evidence of a world-wide flood. You references to AiG and ICR are not good sources for FACTS at all. They are ‘liars for Jesus’ and their ‘science’ has been refuted time and time again.

      Perhaps the best read about the flood is from a Davis A. Young, an evangelical Christian geologist from Calvin College. It’s rather long, but well worth the time:

      Regarding the myth of Adam and Eve; we know they are myth in a kind of roundabout way. Archaeologists/paleoanthropologists have found many skeletons of Homo-sapiens that can be placed at near 200,000 years ago. They have also found evidence of tool making, hunting kills, human residences going back that far.

      Below is a link to a well respected scientist who has written a book about evolution and is here writing about Adam and Eve and DNA. He can explain the matter far better than I can.

      We humans are the last in the line of ‘Homo’ species. Those ‘Homos’ that have died out are: Homo-heidelbergensis, Homo-neanderthalensis, Homo-erectus, Homo-habilis, etc., and they are known and understood to be our antecessors. There is a clear progression from early hominids that stood upright to more intelligent and prolific bigger brained ‘Homos’

      Another place you can explore is the Smithsonian Institutes display: “Hall of Human Origins” at: , and in person, as I believe that is a permanent installation.

      So now we have Noah’s Flood and Adam and Eve disproven. There is more. The Tower of Babel never happened, and the Exodus never happened…this can be proven by circumstantial evidence. Oh, and Joshua’s conquests can be disproven the same way.

      Of course The Flood, Tower, Exodus, and Joshua all pale in comparison to the Adam and Eve story. Paul should never have tied ‘Original Sin’ to the mythical first couple when he made up Christianity. Adam and Eve is going to break the camels back.

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