All Religions Blaspheme Each Other


“. . .because all the major religions in fact blaspheme one another, and ought by their principles to engage in crusade or jihad each against the others – a profoundly disturbing thought. They blaspheme each other in numerous ways. All non-Christians blaspheme Christianity by their refusal to accept the divinity of Christ, because in so doing they reject the Holy Ghost, doing which is described as the most serious of all blasphemies. The New Testament has Christ say “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but by me”.

This places members of other faiths beyond redemption; they are damned if they know this claim but do not heed it. By an unlucky twist of theology, Protestants have to regard Catholics as blasphemers too, because the latter regard Mary as co-redemptorix with Christ, in violation of the utterance just quoted. All non-Muslims blaspheme Islam because they insult Mohammed by not accepting him as the true Prophet, and by ignoring the teachings of the Koran.

Jews seem the least philosophically troubled by what people of other faiths think about their own – but Orthodox Jews regard themselves as religiously superior to others because others fail in the proper observances, for example by not respecting kosher constraints. All the religions blaspheme each other by regarding the others’ teachings, metaphysics and much of their ethics as false, and their own religion as the only true one.”—A C Grayling



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2 Responses to All Religions Blaspheme Each Other

  1. beautyintheeyesofbeholder says:

    To think that your religion/faith/disbelief is the only true is not a problem. what causing the chaos is the failure in the social interaction. Does it have to do with the religious dogma? the truth is NO!. but one can easily put that label into the conflict of two social groups with different background.

    It is not about the diversity of religion at all, but the very nature of human to see differences as their limit to understand/accept others. We had been fighting each other far before major religions exist.

  2. Kevin says:


    This is a good point, but I think it is the Abrahamic faiths that blaspheme each other. The Pagans and the atheists.agnostics.deists don’t blaspheme each other. They know religion is a matter of personal choice and they believe in live and let live.

    It is the Abrahamic faiths (especially Judaism and Islam) that hate each other and even mankind as a whole.

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